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Friday, August 07, 2020 


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Vendekin Collaborates with Instor India to Manufacture Hand Sanitizer Vending Machine

Pune, India, March 18, 2020: Vendekin Technologies, a Pune-based organisation has unveiled its smart vending technology to dispense hand sanitizers and other hygiene products via vending machines with least contact. Vendekin stalwarts in intelligent vending expertise and has collaborated with Instor India, top retail fixtures producer and exporter, to manufacture a novel automated smart vending machines for dispensing hand sanitizer. totally automated machine could prove to be an important step in endeavors to check the spread of contagious ailments, as it furnishes an effortless method to maintain fundamental personal hygiene and safeguard against infections. The sanitizer dispensing machine is perfect for utilisation in crowded public locations for example schools, colleges, malls, offices, IT & Business Parks, Airports, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Hospitals, etc. Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Manu Sharma, President, Instor by Kider India Pvt. Ltd., commented, "We could see the need to contribute as a socially responsible corporate and our manufacturing capabilities along with Vendekin's deep domain technology enabled us to develop an intelligent sanitizer vending machine equipped with digital payment and touch-free dispensation. We are extremely thankful to Vendekin, as quick and swift actions like these can have huge impact and can safeguard health and safety of our country's citizens." Instor India is India's most loyal brand for display, storage and movement solutions and is the biggest producer and exporter of retail fixtures in India. In the spiralling competitive market, the brand has earned its foothold with its exclusive customer-centric approach and presence in a number of segments. Commenting about the most recent introduction, Mr. Aroon Khatter, Founder & CEO, Vendekin Technologies, noted, "To enable citizens to have 'just in time' seamless 24/7 access for personal hygiene products is the need of the hour. We view this challenge as an opportunity for us to use our technology for the greater good and this drives our entire team at Vendekin to work overtime to deliver this at the earliest. We are grateful to have a committed partner like Instor, driven by Mr. Sudhir Mehta and Mr. Manu Sharma who have given this project a high priority considering the situation." Vendekin Technologies, in 2016, has been a leader of the digitisation and democratisation of vending with its patented disruptive expertise for unmanned automated vending machines, micro markets and self-service kiosks. With existence in 4 nations - India, UAE, UK and the US, Vendekin is a digital platform that permits a smart vending ecosystem for buyers as well as sellers. Instor and Vendekin have been functioning closely since 2017 on developing unmanned retail solutions and vending machines. Their objective is to first furnish self-service unmanned retail solutions to expand the V-Commerce ecosystem in India and worldwide, and then diversify and furnish unmanned retail solutions to all industries with 'vendable' products. V-Commerce is a term labelled by Aroon to signify 'vending machine commerce'. Vending machines now as well known as V-Commerce with $22 billion has been a fair contributor to worldwide FMCG sales. In India, V-Commerce has been expanding by 35%+ CAGR for the previous 5 years as against a 14% CAGR worldwide. About Vendekin Technologies: Vendekin was established in 2016 by Mr. Aroon Khatter. A start-up supported by industry pioneers, provides a broad array of intelligent unmanned retail solutions with digital payments, touch-free dispensation and an end to end AI/ML based platform to manage the supply chain. Vendekin has made vending less complex, smarter and swifter, thereby guiding and leading the V-Commerce revolution. Vendekin provides its expertise via a broad variety of vending machines/kiosks disrupting the unattended retail sector and also offers solutions to change prevailing equipment into unmanned digital retail micro stores. About Instor India: Founded in November 2011, Instor by Kider India Pvt. Ltd. is the biggest producer and exporter of retail fixtures in India and owns a big library of more than 80,000 standard designs. In the spiralling competitive market, the brand has earned its foothold with its exclusive client experience providing across a number of segments. Based in Koregaon Bhima, Pune, Instor has established the advanced manufacturing facility, procedures and services to provide highest quality solutions for continuously evolving customer requirements. The brand has conceptualized, designed and covered over 5.5 million square foot space with their fixtures serving in excess of 8,000 stores. By ANJISHNU BISWAS


Bengal boy from London tests positive for covid 19, roams freely before being detected with the virus

The bizarre way in which a student, the son of a bureaucrat of the state secretariat of West Bengal and a doctor, who returned from London and threw caution to the wind ignoring the directives of airport officials to undergo a test for covid 19 following routine screening, is alarming. The bureaucrat a woman of considerable influence instead of exhibiting the wisdom desired of her took her son along with her flaunting her official arrogance. She alongwith her husband and their freshly returned son from London moved freely in the city, visiting malls and restaurants thereby putting the lives of innocent people at risk. This only goes on to show the gross regard by the bureaucrat for prevailing laws that common people need to follow. This incident brings to the fore the tendency of person in power to act on their own sweet will knowing fully well that their might and money power would thwart any attempt to penalise them.The boy who tested positive for covid 19 and is presently quarantined at a state run health facility specially equipped to tackle such cases comes against the backdrop of a general sense of fear and uncertainty among the public at large.If such so called elite section of the society act irresponsibly then it is foolish to expect that the public at large would adhere to the instructions proclaimed by the government to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Such acts should be condemned in the most stringent way and stern action taken against the people responsible for this vicious action so that the right message is sent to the society as a whole whole. By ANJISHNU BISWAS


Bangalore no longer safe for women, assaults on women on the rise

The vicious attack on a thirty two year Bangalore resident by a number of waiters at a bar in the city is shocking indeed, considering the fact that the brutal assault was orchestrated by the waiters of a bar in the BTM locality of Bangalore as the lady protested when the goons tried to peep inside the washroom where she had gone to relieve herself. The heinous attack on the hapless lady bears testimony to the fact that Bangalore is no longer a safe place for women since those who venture at night are often regarded by the miscreants as soft targets for sexual abuse. The spiralling incidents of crimes against women in Bangalore is a matter of great concern and needs to be condemned in the most strongest of terms.Until a few years ago Bangalore was considered as a secure and safe place for women where they could roam about freely without any hindrance although a few stray cases of attacks on women were reported. The city cops too played a vital role in ensuring the safety of women on the roads. But a spate of violent incidents against hapless women by rogue elements in the city has raised serious doubts about the ability of the city police force to safeguard the interests of women. The thirty two year old Bangalore resident who was severely beaten up by the waiters of the bar at BTM locality received serious injuries on her eyes and the thrashing by the goons resulted in a hairline fracture in her cheek bone. Her male companion was also not spared and the force with which miscreants targetted him left him with a broken thumb. If such violent actions against women and the public at large continue unabated Bangalore is likely to be labelled as city of great notoriety. It is high time that the city police take firm action against the perpetrators of such horrific crimes so that such actions against vulnerable sections of the society are prevented in future.Unless and until the police are firm in dealing with such issues, violence against women will continue to rise and put more such women at risk of being assaulted and abused by elements whose social presence can endanger public life. ANJISHNU BISWAS


Woman brutally assaulted at a pub in Bangalore for protesting against waiters peeping while she was in the washroom

Bangalore, March 7: In a brutal incident of unparalleled magnitude, a thirty two year old woman resident of Bangalore was severely assaulted by a gang of unruly waiters. The savage incident took place at BTM bar in Bangalore at around 10.30 pm on Saturday. The woman resident along with some of her friends had gone to the BTM bar today and when she had gone to the wash room to relieve herself around five waiters tried to peep into the washroom to see what the lady was doing. When the lady protested they pounced on her and severely beat her up resulting in grievous injuries to the young woman. They also assaulted a male companion who accompanied her.At the time of filing this report blood was still oozing out of the woman resident's eyes which they had inhumanely targeted. The waiters then abused her and threatened her with dire consequences. The woman somehow managed to escape from the BTM bar . She is now in a state of trauma and visibly shaken.She told exoticecho.com that she had never imagined that such a ghastly incident could happen to her in a city like Bangalore.After coming out of BTM bar she narrated her ordeal to a police team which in turn advised her to register her complaint to a police station. It is indeed reprehensible and disgusting that such a horrific incident could take place in Bangalore once again bringing to the fore the vulnerability of young woman at night. The police needs to take a tough stance against the perpetrators of the act so that such undesirable actions can be prevented in the future. Stringent action should be taken against the waiters of the BTM bar so that unsuspecting women do not fall victims to their despicable acts. By ANJISHNU BISWAS


LeapLearner, the Biggest Coding Education Company of the Globe Launches in India

GURGAON, India, Feb. 5: -- LeapLearner India joins the company's worldwide network of more than 1,000,000 students situated across 20 nations, consisting of China, Israel, and the US. 2020 got underway with the commencement of LeapLearner India, the EdTech giant's most recent worldwide growth into a new and promising market. The company will be based out of Gurugram and managed by Indian EdTech entrepreneur, Rahul Ranjan. LeapLearner International's Co-Founder and CEO, Ami Dror, will also act as Chair of the worldwide corporation's Indian enterprise. Dror, an Israeli serial entrepreneur, shifted to Shanghai in 2016 to unveil LeapLearner in China together with well known mathematics education specialist, Aaron Tian. The company has since reached over a million students via their online and offline presentations for the acquisition of 21st century skills. In the wake of the immense popularity of their advanced computational thinking courses in China, LeapLearner India will presently offer this curriculum for students ages 5-14 across India. Via LeapLearner's exclusively designed platform and learning equipments, children will learn coding languages for example Scratch and Python, as well as App Development, AI, Robotics & Machine-Learning. The company's pedagogical attitude and intuitive learning platform have been tailor made for Indian teaching-learning techniques. In less than two months previous to the company's launch, LeapLearner India already registered over 1,500 students. The company plans to onboard in excess of 10,000 students in its first year of operations. Apart from one-on-one online lessons, courses will be obtainable at more than 40 learning centers and ten K-12 Schools. As LeapLearner India expands and widens its activities, the company will permit top-rated teachers to offer home tutoring and small-group offline classes as well. As an impact-focused company, LeapLearner has combined with ICode, a US-based non-profit concentrated on creating scopes for computational thinking education via local, national and worldwide junior coding contests. LeapLearner students will be certified by ICode and will also be invited to take part in ICode's forthcoming India Junior Coding Competition in October 2020. Via this contest, LeapLearner students in India will join the over 80,000 students that have taken part in ICode contests all over the globe. Leading achievers may even find themselves invited to attend ICode's Global Coding Olympiad in Shanghai in the Summer of 2021. About LeapLearner LeapLearner is Globe's Biggest Coding Education Company with more than 5,00,000 Students across 20 Nations. In India the organisation offers Computational Thinking Program through Courses in Coding, Robotics, App Development, IoT & Logic for aged 5-14 years. By ANJISHNU BISWAS



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