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Monday, September 16, 2019 


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WPP Foundation Gains Several Praises at Asia Best CSR Practices Awards, Singapore 2019

Mumbai: WPP Foundation, the CSR wing of WPP India acquired several acknowledgements at the Asia's Best CSR Practices Awards in Singapore. The tiles consitute– “Best CSR Practices Award” and “Innovative CSR Practices Awards”. Additionally, Rama Iyer, Director General, WPP Foundation, was conferred with “CSR Leadership Award”. The honours acknowledge WPP Foundation’s contribution towards the Indian society through its Education to Livelihood (E2L) Program and the winners were selected based on a number of vital criteria, which consisted of the quality of their CSR projects, their attitude influence on society. On getting the award, Rama Iyer, Director General, WPP Foundation, noted, “We are proud to be recognised at Asia’s Best CSR Practices Awards, which honours some of the finest organisations within this region. This recognition reaffirms our efforts and the role played in the lives of our children and their journeys from their education to livelihood. A big thank you to several salient players within my team at the WPP India Foundation, and the continuous support from WPP. As we open many more doors of opportunities for our children. I also thank our true winners – our children, who make us stronger and bring much joy to us through it all.” WPP India CSR Foundation’s Education to Livelihood programme (E2L) undertakes an evidence-based attitude in creating frameworks to augment result oriented executions. The Foundation’s vital efforts consist of augmenting educational results in literacy and numeracy, with a concentration on unlocking young minds to the zone of digital novelty. The Foundation also imbibe in youth a feeling of self assurance and gender equality as well as prepare their mental set up and behaviour for future livelihoods, through counselling, sport, dance and music. About the WPP India CSR Foundation WPP is a creative transformation organisation that creates superior futures for its customers by means of the combined services of communications, experience, commerce and expertise. WPP India commenced India CSR Foundation in 2015. The aim is to assist 20,000+ underprivileged children and youth in obtaining their real competence in their education and careers. WPP Foundation is dedicated to a general CSR goal of opening doors for every child and youth from susceptible and marginalised communities via its comprehensive child advancement programmes that concentrates on education, life skills and job-readiness training. Established 2015, the WPP India CSR Foundation attempts to bring about a social transformation via its flagship Education to Livelihood programme (E2L). Trying to deal with essential focus areas—retention in school, poor learning results, work skilling and deep-rooted social rules, the E2L programme has been furnishing interventions and resources to 20,000 first-generation learners from 11- 18 years. Presently, the programme is functioning effectively in 10 underserved schools across the Mumbai and Delhi-NCR region. Through strategic collaboration with best-of-breed social organizations, the E2L programme takes an evidence-based attitude in deve frameworks to facilitate successful In a considerably brief period, the E2L program has been able to: Assist in excess of 70% children safeguard their future by means of employment or higher education. Diminish dropout rates to less than 3%. Commence better health standards. Double the competence of coding.Lessen gender bias.Enhance literacy & numeracy.Augment self assurance levels. As proof of its continued effort to drive positive social impact, WPP Foundation has been conferred with awards including Special Category Award for Livelihood at India International CSR Awards, 2018, Award for Best Business Campaign and Communication in CSR at the National Excellence in CSR Congress and Awards, 2018, Award for the Best CSR Impact Initiative at the National Excellence in CSR Congress and Awards, 2018 and National Recognition for Excellence in CSR at the 5th NHRDN-BIMTECH CSR Summit, 2018. They also won a Special Commendation at the Golden Peacock Awards for CSR in January 2019. The WPP Foundation has also won regional awards like Golden Globe Tigers Awards, Malaysia, 2019 for Best CSR Practices and Innovative CSR Practices. The Foundation was recognised globally with the International CSR Excellence Awards, London, 2019 for its CSR Initiatives and Socio-Economic Activities. Anjishnu Biswas


DBS Labelled ‘World’s Best Bank’ by Euromoney Magazine

Mumbai In a major feat unmatched by other banks worldwide, DBS has become the first bank to simultaneously boast of three international best bank acknowledgem. This was obtained after DBS was named “World’s Best Bank” by top worldwide financial publication Euromoney in its 2019 Awards for Excellence. In a feat unmatched by other banks globally, DBS has become the first bank to concurrently hold three global best bank awards. It comes against the backdrop of the bank’s wins of Global Finance’s “Best Bank in the World” in August 2018 and The Banker’s “Bank of the Year – Global” in November 2018. This is the first time an Asian-headquartered bank has been labelled “World’s Best Bank” by Euromoney since the award was commenced in 1993. Past winners consisted of Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Citi and UBS. DBS was as well acknowledged as Asia’s Best Bank and Singapore’s Best Bank in this year’s Awards for Excellence. Clive Horwood, Editor of Euromoney stated, “DBS was chosen for our awards because it represents what we believe a bank should look like today. No other institution has worked so hard to embrace and lead digital disruption, and while some banks demonstrate their technological prowess with impressive apps, DBS does so by embedding digital innovation into everything it does – with a tangible positive impact on the bottom line. It has achieved this with a clear-sighted focus on sustainability that positions it well for the years ahead.” Piyush Gupta, DBS CEO, observed, “We are honoured to be recognised by Euromoney as the World's Best Bank. With this award, we are now the first bank ever to concurrently hold three of the most prestigious global best bank honours. This achievement underlines widespread recognition for our leadership in defining the future of banking, and our commitment to deliver a purpose beyond banking to create a more sustainable future.” DBS’ digital alteration endeavors – broadly acknowledged as one of the most thorough for a bank – continue to produce results. At end-2018, return on equity, at 12.1%, was among the topmost for a developed market bank. Above 80% of DBS’ open systems were cloud-ready; its API platform had over 350 APIs, business and tech groups were co-drivers in 33 platforms and over 10,000 workers were guided on a data-propelled curriculum. The bank has also balanced its power in digital to advance the sustainability plan, with novelties aimed at advancing financial inclusion and multiplying its social influence. It inveiled HeveaConnect, a digital trading marketplace for sustainable rubber, and persisted to enhance its mobile-only offering, digibank, in India and Indonesia, permitting right of entry to banking services for more clients in these markets. In the area of sustainable finance, DBS furnished green loans, sustainability performance-oriented loans and renewable energy financing amounting to over SGD 2.4 billion in 2018. This year, the bank signed Singapore’s first sustainability-linked loan for an SME with Chew’s Agriculture, a top egg producer in Singapore, slong with Taiwan’s first sustainability-connected loan, with electronics manufacturer AU Optronics. DBS was the first bank in Southeast Asia to be incorporated in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Asia-Pacific, and the first Singapore bank to be labelled as a component of the FTSE4Good Global Index. It has also been incorporated in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index since 2018. DBS is a top financial services conglomerate in Asia with a presence in 18 markets. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, DBS is in the three vital Asian axes of expansion: Greater China, Southeast Asia as well as South Asia. The bank's "AA-" and "Aa1" credit ratings are among the topmost globally. Acknowledged for its worldwide guidance, DBS has been labelled “World’s Best Bank” by Euromoney, “Global Bank of the Year” by The Banker and “Best Bank in the World” by Global Finance. The bank is a pioneer in balancing digital expertise to form the future of banking, having been labelled “World’s Best Digital Bank” by Euromoney. Apart from this, DBS has been conferred with the “Safest Bank in Asia” award by Global Finance for ten straight years from 2009 to 2018. By Anjishnu Biswas


Wipro Unveils Edge Artificial Intelligence Solutions Propelled by Intel

East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States & Bangalore, Karnataka, India Wipro Limited, a top worldwide information technology, consulting and business procedure services company, revealed that it has unveiled edge artificial intelligence (AI) starter solutions propelled by Intel Xeon® Scalable processors. These starter solutions will assist businesses in the Energy & Utilities and Healthcare markets jump start their AI adoption. Wipro will balance AI technology to optimise performance of the Wipro AI solutions when functioning on Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The three Wipro edge AI starter solutions are: Pipe Sleuth, an automated flaw detection solution aimed to remove the requirement for manual evaluation coding of video scans of utilities pipeline infrastructure. It utilizes AI to automatically process video scans and recognize, grade and score the overall pipe section, utilizing the NASSCO PACP standard. The consequence of the procedure consists of a thorough inspection report. Surface Crack Detection, which utilizes AI to spot and label cracks in infrastructure like buildings, roads, pavement, and bridges. Medical Imaging, which utilises to acknowledge areas of interest and label anomalies in medical X-Rays and CT scans. For example, showcasing anomalies in the lungs and labeling the disease conditions in these images. These solutions are aimed to be customizable as per each client's particular requirements and then combined into their wide technology conditions, thereby speeding time-to-market and decrease in R&D expenditures. “We are using Pipe Sleuth to inspect our sewer network,” observed Tom Kuczynski, Vice President, Information Technology, DC Water, which offers retail water and wastewater (sewer) services to the District of Columbia as well as adjoining regions. “It is a very innovative solution that dramatically increases inspection productivity and significantly reduces costs while at the same time improves the overall defect detection rate. Having the option to run Pipe Sleuth on our existing Intel-based platforms was an added benefit.” “Customers find compelling benefits by using the Intel Xeon processors they already know and trust to start their AI journey,” observed Julie Choi, VP and GM of AI Products & Research Marketing, AI Product Group, Intel. “With Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, Wipro's edge solutions will enable customers to take advantage of reduced power consumption and performance improvement.” “Over the past four decades, Wipro’s engineering services offerings have created immense value for various global enterprises by creating innovative customer experiences, personalizing products, platforms and technologies for new markets, integrating next-generation technologies, facilitating faster time to market and ensuring global product compliance,” noted Harmeet Chauhan, Senior Vice President & Global Head, Industrial and Engineering Services, Wipro Limited. “We are excited to partner with Intel to improve and enhance our AI solutions and extend their value to our customers.” Wipro is a member of the Intel® AI Builders program, an ecosystem of industry leading independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and enterprise end users with a shared objective to speed up the adoption of artificial intelligence across Intel platforms. About Wipro Limited Wipro Limited is a top worldwide information technology, consulting as well as business process services company. The organisation makes use of the capacity of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and advancing expertise to assist its customers adapt to the digital world and make them gain. A company acknowledged worldwide for its thirough portfolio of services, strong dedication to sustainability and excellent corporate citizenship, it has in excess of 175,000 devoted employees dealing with customers across six continents.


A Delhi Boy’s Effort to Link Contributors and NGOs Via His Online Platform Making Great Impression

New Delhi India has about 3.2 million registered Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) – that is more NGOs per capita than hospital beds in the nation. They organise numerous programs to deal with issues such as progress and well being of children, youth, young girls, women, people with disabilities and inassisted members of the geriatric population. Neil Verma, a student who resides in New Delhi, has been intimately functioning with several NGOs. Over a prolonged tenure of time that he has been engaged in such volunteer services, Neil noticed a breach in the network. He observed that though people were eager to contribute their extra household items, there was no technique in place that would make certain that the items securely the right sources. With a view to construct platform for contributing items such as clothes, books, toys, stationery, etc, he obtained a list of acknowledged and well known NGOs. Contributors may have the goodwill but frequently do not have the time or know-how on how to go about the conventionak procedure of contacting NGOs for their donations. With this objective, he created.propkaar.com, an online platform for NGOs to post their necessities. These necessities then can be accessed by donors who can then reach out to the particular NGO that are competent. Conversely, donors who have additional items that they would like to contribute for a better cause can post their availability on the website permitting NGOs to obtain them as per their requirements. Propkaar.com has already made a great impression on several NGOs in Delhi NCR who have reported of a rise of potential contributors reaching out to make donations. Ravi Kalra, founder of the Earth Saviours Foundation in Gurugram observed, “This was something which was truly required. There was no platform to link us with donors who want to help our cause. Neil’s platform has given us a chance to reach thousands of people who believe in us and want to do their bit for the betterment of society.” Sangita Mehra, founder of the ‘Spread A Smile’, an NGO for deprived children, said, “Neil’s initiative has been helpful to us and people have reached out to fulfil our requirements for books and stationery required at our schools. We hope he can keep up this good work.” For India’s numerous NGOs to be of real influence on the betterment of its social issues, the people of the nation require to be vigorously engaged with them. Thanks not only to Neil’s sympathy but also his capability to change it into action that there is surely more being achieved by the large numbers of community service centres in our nation. We now look ahead to Propkaar.com’s voyage, and a new brand of young philanthropists it is certainly to encourage. By ANJISHNU BISWAS


Khap Panchayats and their irrational diktats

The Supreme Court’s directive to khap panchayats also referred to as community or social groups that pass judgements on various subjects including marriages not to act like the conscience keepers of society is significant considering the fact that more often than not these so called kangaroo courts interfere in the in the marriage of two consenting adults. The Supreme Court’s ruling comes against the backdrop of a plea seeking a prohibition on the workings of khap panchayats as well as the necessary actions to be taken against honour killings that has resulted in the bizarre acts of violence by members of khap panchayats against individuals who have tried to defy the diktats of these groups with extreme views on marriages in which individuals belonging to different social strata are barred from entering into a wedding relationship.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is a welcome relief for those who have tried to defy resistance from society and tried to tie the wedding knot with the person of his or her choice. It is common knowledge that khap panchayats enjoy considerable clout in North India and have tried to impose their decision on marriages which is not in accordance with their desired social customs. At times khap panchayats have labelled marriages as null and void according to their perceptions.

It is a matter of great regret that in a country like India Khap Panchayats have been allowed to chalk out the dress code, especially of women, dissolving marriages, clamping a ban on cellphones and at times compelling victims of rape to marry their tormentors. The severe opposition of the khap panchayats to marriages have resulted in a number of murders that has seen an alarming rise in recent years.

The Supreme Courts stringent criticism of the Khap panchayats for their assault on those going for inter-caste marriage and terming the acts of the khap panchayats as illegal is the step in the right direction and needs to be greatly appreciated. Unless and until sanity prevails among these groups the Apex Court’s role is likely to be of momentous nature.



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