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Thursday, December 14, 2017 


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Government order to restrict benefits to armed fotces personnel slammed

December 4:A section of army personnel are peeved by the decision of the centre to cap the educational aid to children of matyrs at Rs10,000 a month.Following the move,the government hopes to restrict the flow of funds from the government exchequer by Rs 400 crores, a sum considered a pittance againt the backdrop of the immense sa rifices of soldiers in safeguarding the country from malevolent forces.

Terming the order as draconian an officer who served in a senior position in the Indian Army observed that such a measure would have a demoralizing effect on the armed forces and discourage youth from joining the army.

Speaking to exoticecho.com from Delhi the veteran army personnel said that the defence ministry should immediately revoke the order so that the interest of soldiers are not compromised with.He slammed the bureacrats for misleading the government and appealed to the defence minister to reconsider the order

Sources close to the BJP leadership in New Delhi did not rule out the possibility of a rollback of the order if pressure kept on mounting from personnel of the armed forces.

Another top serving official explained that there existed a subtle covenant between the establishment and army personnel under which a soldier would lay down his life for the country under the assurance that the government would take sufficient care of his next of kith and kin in his absence.The government was violating the bond by this unfortunate step.

Ironically the government order comes at a time when the nation is observing a week devoted in highlighting the supreme sacrifices of armed forces personnel and creating public awareness about the need to stand by them.



Great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi snubs Rahul Gandhi on comments about RSS in open letter

Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

Gandhiji was my great grandfather. He was assassinated by Mr. Nathuram Godse.

Many inquiry commissions have researched the case and none has implicated the RSS.

My grandfather Ramdas Gandhi wrote to the then Home Minister, Sardar Patel to spare Mr. Godse the capital punishment.

Our family had moved on even then... but...just for your information..when Ramdas Gandhi lay dying in Mumbai (1969), Mr. Gopal Godse, the younger brother of Mr. Nathuram Godse did pay him a visit.

So as it stands, this issue is squarely in the past and my family has moved on........

My humble suggestion -- your folks who own Congress (I) and your goodself...should move on AND QUIT milking the name of Gandhi and this issue for YOUR SELFISH BENEFITS.

Have the magnanimity to accept the verdicts of the various commissions. To keep harping that the RSS killed Gandhi is akin to saying the Sikhs killed your GRANDMOTHER ... which would be such a petty falsehood is not it?

A couple of guys do not make for a community.... So please stop charade stop this opportunistic usage of the Gandhi name.


Feroze Gandhi was in reality Feroze Khan, son of a Gujarati Pathan Nawab Khan of Junagadh and his wife was a Parsi who had converted to Islam.

Your grandmother Indira was also a Muslim having converted to Islam to marry Feroze.

You are a mixture of Muslim and Christian.

There is no Rahul or Gandhi in you. YOU are nowhere close to being a HINDU but a combination of MUSLIM/CATHOLIC DNA - with due respect to all the communities.

I am putting this in the public domain as someone from the Gandhi family has to call your bluff. Stop fooling people, you are no Gandhi.

- Krishna Kulkarni


Big jolt to TMC; Veteran leader Mukul Roy Joins BJP

New Delhi, Nov 3: In a significant political development that could have considerable ramifications in the political scenario of West Bengal, Mukul Roy, once a close confidante of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee joined the saffron brigade on Thursday. Earlier Roy had resigned from the Trinamool party following a series of incidents that had reduced him to a virtual non entity in the political outfit.

Roy a founder member of the party was known for his organizational skills in mobilizing party workers and utilizing them to good effect during the time of electoral activities.

Roy joined the BJP at the party headquarters in New Delhi in the presence of Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and party general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya. Sources close to the top BJP leadership told exoticecho.com that the veteran’s inclusion in the party would give the much needed fillip to the West Bengal unit of the BJP.

Roy was suspended from the Trinamool for six years in the wake of his revelation that he would quit the party in October. After the TMC decided to strip Roy of the various positions he enjoyed, the veteran TMC leader relinquished his Rajya Sabha membership and resigned from the TMC earlier this month.

Some political observers feel that Roy’s decision to join the BJP could put the TMC in an awkward position as he was once considered the second most important leader in the party next to Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee while others are of the opinion that Roy’s decision to join the saffron brigade could force Mamata to chalk out a strategy to offset this development.

A senior leader in the TMC told exoticecho.com that though the TMC is claiming that Mukul’s decision to quit the party could have little or no impact on the functioning of the TMC, it could in effect be jittery about this abrupt turn of events.

By Anjishnu BIswas


Congress MLA wants cow to be acknowledged as National Animal to prevent social misgivings

April 11: In a significant development a Congress MLA in Gujarat has urged that the cow ought to be acknowledged as a national animal and a law should be ordained to prohibit cow slaughter throughout the nation.

"What stops the BJP from bringing a law banning cow slaughter in states like Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, West Bengal and Goa?" a statement citing Dariyapur MLA Gyasuddin Shaikh revealed in Ahmedabad.

"As per the Hindu belief, 33 crore gods and goddesses reside in the body of a cow, and therefore the BJP government should declare it as a national animal," Shaikh asserted. He also censured the BJP’s tactics of taking advantage of the cow to divide society.

He observed that while the Congress government led by Chimanbhai Patel was the first to introduce the law prohibiting the slaughter of cow in Gujarat, the BJP government revised the act twice but has taken no measures to aid sustain cows.

"Gujarat BJP government sold off grazing land to industrialists, forcing cows to roam on the road and eat plastic garbage. BJP government gives no fund to cow shelter homes. BJP is only trying to polarise votes in the name of cows," he further stated.

Articulating his disgust over the means in which people are being slain in the name of cows, Gyasuddin revealed, "Muslims respect Hindu religious sentiments and do not indulge in slaughtering cows. But police declare they have seized beef even without FSL test which hurts Hindu religious sentiments. Police should understand the sensitive nature of the issue."

"The way people are killed by groups in the name of cows is a serious matter...even when our Constitution gives us right to food and follow our religion in our own way, but Muslims still do not indulge in cow slaughter in order not to hurt Hindu religious sentiments," he as well stated.

Shaikh disclosed there are numerous Muslims who are engaged in nurturing cows and have even been acknowneldged for their work by the state government as well as the Swaminarayan Gurukul.


Setback for Renowned Dairy Enterprise, Four Amul Stores Bulldozed in Vadodara

April 10; In a stunning event that has raised many an eyebrow the Vadodara civic body has bulldozed four milk stores of Amul, an action censured by the well-known dairy group which stated the action was conducted without prior warning and for strange causes.

Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which sells the Amul brand of milk and milk products, revealed the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) flattened its four stores without warning yesterday.

It revealed the Gujarat High Court gave a stay on the flattening of additional nine stores built by the GCMMF in public gardens throughout Vadodara after obtaining consent from VMC in 2015.

"A VMC committee had passed a resolution and thereafter permission was granted in 2015 to construct 21 Amul parlours in public gardens across Vadodara. We surveyed the sites and paid necessary deposits and constructed parlours at 13 locations," GCMMF Managing Director R S Sodhi stated.

"However, for reasons unknown to Amul, and without any prior notice or intimation, four parlours were demolished by VMC. This caused a loss of Rs 40 lakh to milk farmers who own these outlets and also to consumers," Sodhi furthermore commented.

"Today we moved the High Court against this act of VMC and it passed an order staying any further demolition," he remarked.

Nonetheless, Vinod Rao, VMC Commissioner, supported the act of the civic body.

In a speech in Vadodara, he told the Amul parlours were built without consent.

"Amul, to save its face, has unfortunately made gross misrepresentation of facts involving criminal breach of trust. No formal agreement was signed (between VMC and Amul) and many conditions of (space) allotment were violated," he revealed.

"They agreed to remove structures on their own to avoid confrontation with VMC. All four shops were vacated by franchisees on their own under instructions from Amul officials and not VMC officials," Rao stated.

"It is unfortunate that a prestigious brand like Amul has stooped so low as to grossly violate rules and regulations and then defend itself by making allegations against VMC," the civic commissioner asserted.

The demolished parlours were situated in Alkapuri, Badamadi Baug, Khanderao Market as well as Railway Station expanse.



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