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Thursday, February 29, 2024 


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IHR enters into collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation

IndiaHotelReview.com a major Online Travel Agency as well as Travel Community Site belonging to India recently entered into a collaborative partnership with the JKTDC an organization owned by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir to vend its complete array of assets Online which was revealed by the Business Head and Cofounder of IHR Mr. Ankit Rastogi.

Giving his opinion with regard to the association Mr. Ankit Rastogi explained the foresight as well as rationale for this major action.

“IHR since its nascent days has endeavored to be at the forefront of providing value to its clients. IHR’s government affiliations have already included Uttar Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (UPSTDC) and Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) and now to top it all there is JKTDC as our new partner. This tie-up with the pioneer and market leaders of tourism in J& K is a step towards making “Brand Kashmir” as envisaged by the state more accessible to the general public. The good part is that the state government is proactive in trying to make this happen quickly” elucidate Mr. Rastogi.

“Kashmir has unparalleled tourism potential which needs to be fully explored now. The problems are gradually ebbing out and domestic tourists, albeit slowly have again started marking Kashmir in their travel plans. IHR with its reach and popularity wants to make Kashmir travel popular with the no frills traveler.” noted Mr. Rastogi

“Jammu and Kashmir is a state that has the potential for tourism round the year and this holds true for both the Jammu as well as the Srinagar circuit. We are already catering to a huge number of pilgrims that make their way to Vaishno Devi shrine and do the Amarnath Yatra during season. With J&K opening up to the tremendous scope of adventure sports along with its repertoire of traditional travel options we see a huge footfall in the state in the coming days. “he added.

“IHR wants its customers to think beyond the pristine valley of Srinagar and explore beauties like Kud, Sonamarg, Tangmarg, Yousmarg et al to appreciate the greatness of the state.” IHR plans to aggressively promote the state by putting in its website a series of informative Travel Guides, Visual Tourist circuits, engaging itineraries to enthuse the budget travelers, “affirmed Mr.Rastogi.

Mr. Rastogi concluded by saying that at the outset IHR would reserve all the assets of JKTDC and comprising the Cottages, Huts, Tourist Establishments, Bungalows, and Hotels existing all over the state consisting of exceptionally admired locations such as Jammu, Katra, Patnitop as well as Srinagar. Step by step IHR would like to incorporate up-and-coming visitors’ locations such as Gurez, Dodhpathari, and Bungus once they become operational.


Aviation Regulatory Error Considerably Plummeting Security Levels

Notwithstanding all the assurances as well as promotional videos, the European Union's guidelines of the aviation industry has currently reached an all time slump putting travellers at an objectionable stage of danger. With 2009 swiftly turning out to be one of the most awful mishap phases for several years together with the fresh catastrophic events leading to loss of lives, any flaw inside the European Aviation Authorities as well as the EU simply aids to endorse insecure performances.

Consequently, acknowledged proof corroborates that commercially run aircraft are, on a day by day basis, airborne with blemishes that have not been correctly gauged. The outcome is to calculatingly forward the augmented threat aspect to the unsuspecting fare paying passenger. AEI thinks nevertheless that a traveller buying an airline ticket does so in the conviction that airline's take their security tasks sincerely.

With repair funds coming second only to fuel, airlines are turning out to be ever more reckless to slash expenses. This frequently entails divergence from maintenance rules when away from a repairs base frequently by putting flight crews under stress to analyze unserviceable aircraft themselves even though totally untrained to do so.

Aircraft, certainly, can be allowed to take off with specific flaws, but only after adhering to stringent measures which includes apt flaw analysis by a competent engineer before conferring with the manufacturers dispatch deviation guide, the purported Minimum Equipment List (MEL).


Arab World New Hub Of Hospitality Industry

Jeffrey Ornstein, CEO of J/Brice Design International conveyed to hotel investors in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in recent times that the Arabian Gulf has established a luxury brand distinctiveness for the area that is as potent as Bulgari, Ferragamo and Mont Blanc.

Ornstein, is at the forefront of present-day hotel design in Saudi Arabia, Qatar as well as the United Arab Emirates where he is trying to create a novel luxury hotel experience for tourists.

While presenting the keynote lecture at the NESEBA hospitality industry global summit in Riyadh, KSA he observed, "The Arabian Peninsula used to be dominated by neo-modernist, international-style architecture. With the Arab World's identity growing stronger, Islamic themes are now being interpreted in the architecture and interior design of the Gulf's new signature hotels."

Ornstein observed that even as Islamic designs have robust two-dimensional models, modern hotel designers have added extra texture as well as depth. His company is planning the Khalifa Hotel as well as Aspire Tower in Doha, Qatar along with the $300 million Al-Kohbar Hotel and Towers in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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