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The Northeastern region of India has largely remained unexplored and it will be our sincere endeavor to highlight the uniqueness of this region along with its rich and diverse cultural heritage. The main objective of our site will be to promote the aspects of the region which have largely remained beyond the general perception of our viewers. Apart from catering to the social and economic developments of the North East, the site will also highlight news and events taking place all over India. The site will not only bring to the fore news of the North East, it will also showcase the social requirements of the people and other related events. It will be our major effort to create awareness among the people that touches the basic necessities of life of the people in general. I along with Neel wish our readers a meaningful and happy experience through our site. We accord a warm welcome to all our viewers logging onto our site.


The North East Indian, an exclusive magazine aimed at meeting the aspirations of the people of the north eastern region of the country, has been conceived with the fundamental objective to highlight the mystic traditions, culture and boundless natural beauty of the region. It shall be our constant and honest endeavour to project the diversity of the region in all its varied and unique form. The North East has largely remained unexplored with the rest of the country viewing it as a harsh and inaccessible terrain characterized by the menace of insurgency.

We shall strive to the best of our ability to annihilate the misconceptions surrounding the region by portraying the socio-political set up in close conformity with the real state of affairs. The North East Indian will be the only magazine of its kind to cement a strong bond between the North East and the rest of the country. The idea to start the magazine emanated from the primary understanding to present a vivid and comprehensive portrayal of the state of affairs of this part of our great country so that people belonging to the other areas can connect to the region more constructively and effectively.

The North East has often been referred to as the “hidden jewel” of India. This can be attributed to the fact that the captivating and breathtaking magic of this scenic land has greatly remained unfamiliar to the rest of the country. North East is a land where the people attach a great deal of importance to the simple values of life. Their simplicity is remarkable and it is this virtue that has been their motivating force in their march towards progress.

I was associated with this region while working as a journalist and saw from close proximity the life of the ordinary folks. Their warmth and friendliness are the traits that make them special. Their boundless passion for life coupled with their enthusiasm to add vibrancy to their existence has greatly appealed to me. Neel Biswas has spent a considerable period of time in this region and it was he who mooted the plan of starting this magazine exclusively for the people of the North East. Neel has a profound knowledge about the region and his experience as a resident of the North East will enrich our purpose as well as our noble effort.

The inaugural issue of The North East Indian will be dedicated to Meghalaya, one of the most important states of this region. Meghalaya also referred to as the ‘Abode of the Clouds’ has contributed substantially to the development of the region. The state boasts of a rich cultural heritage and houses some of the premier educational institutions that have gone a long way in boosting the intellectual progress of this part of the country. Meghalaya is also considered as a paradise for travelers with some fascinating tourist destinations. We shall make an earnest attempt to unravel some of the enchanting tourist hubs of the state for the discerning traveler.

Message For The Student Community
The North East Indian will also concentrate in making the student community conscious about the significance that the North East holds for the progress and growth of the nation. Students are the future of the country and a great deal rests on them in shaping the future course of our nation. We are hopeful that by providing the students with an insight into the region with all its colour and vitality we will be able to successfully lead them to constructive nation building where the North East will find a pride of place in their scheme of things.



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