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Friday, October 19, 2018 


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Fly.com gets rid of Airline Baggage Fee uncertainty

Fly.com™, the globe’s most easy to utilize airfare search engine, at present catalogs baggage fees for chief airlines. This is a major area of concern for tourists as millions of Americans prepare to confirm bags this holiday tour season. The new characteristic, coming into view within the search results of Fly.com, evidently catalogs fees for every flight, assisting vacationers review the right expenditure of their trip.

"Baggage fees are very confusing and costly. Travelers with bags should definitely research before they book if they want to save money," observed Justin Soffer, vice president and general manager of Fly.com, adding, "For example, non-stop flights from New York to Ft. Lauderdale this December on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways currently cost just $100 one way. On the surface, all prices are equal. But American charges $70 for two bags, Delta charges $55 and JetBlue charges $30. So the real prices for passengers with two bags can vary by as much as $40. That isn't so obvious when you take an initial look at the ticket price."

Soffer as well furthermore noted that tourists may be charged less if they pay the baggage fees online as an alternative to making the payment at the airport. Fly.com catalogs the difference in fee between advance and airport purchase.

Credit Suisse's 1st Annual Small Cap Conference To Feature SuccessFactors Chief Financial Officer

SuccessFactors, Inc. proclaimed that Bruce Felt, Chief Financial Officer of the company, will be present at Credit Suisse's 1st Annual Small Cap Conference on Wednesday, September 15 in Boston, MA.Mr. Felt will be there at 8:50 AM (EDT) / 5:50 AM (PDT). SuccessFactors' Investor Relations website http://www.successfactors.com/investor will offer a live audio webcast.

SuccessFactors is the worldwide expert in Business Execution Software. The SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite, which is made available via the cloud, augments trade configuration, group accomplishment together with people action to compel results for organizations of all kinds. Spread over 168 nations along with 34 languages, over 8 million customers as well as 3,000 companies leverage SuccessFactors on a daily basis, up from roughly 300,000 customers and 100 companies in 2003. BizX narrows the variance between tactic and achievement by permitting each person in an establishment to accomplish against their objectives enhanced and quicker. SuccessFactors' current acquirement of Inform and CubeTree supplement SuccessFactors' core BizX approach with integrated solutions that completely assists SuccessFactors' work of serving companies get job completed by offering sturdy trade insight and superior teamwork. To find out more, one may log on to www.successfactors.com

Tom Ridge Joins TPCS

September 8: Tamper Proof Container Systems (TPCS), a security expertise solutions contributor located in Massachusetts, focussing in the areas of port as well as container safety, pipeline along with infrastructure protection, and nuclear non-proliferation endeavor, has named Tom Ridge, president and CEO of Ridge Global, a global risk administration and security organization, to its Board of Directors. The two companies will merge Ridge Global's superlative knowledge in security and operational continuity with TPCS's novel expertise solution to alleviate security fear and augment cargo loss deterrence facility.

Ridge, the first U.S. secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and ex- governor of Pennsylvania, teams up with board members Dr. Gilbert D. Beinhocker, chairman and CEO of TPCS, and Leonard Phillips. Beinhocker as well as Phillips are the original creators of TPCS.

"We are delighted to welcome Secretary Ridge to the TPCS board," noted Beinhocker adding, "He and his expert team at Ridge Global have a deep, multi-disciplined knowledge base that will enable TPCS to accelerate commercial progress in the global security market."

"I am pleased to join the board of TPCS," observed Ridge asserting, "TPCS has made great inroads in the development and application of intrusion detection technologies, which are vital to meeting today's increasingly sophisticated security challenges. Ridge Global and TPCS look forward to working together to bring these end-to-end supply chain security innovations to market."

TPCS-UK, the operational wing of the Intrusion Detection System Manufacturing Group, has a security expertise range expanded with the support of a number of British security services, and obtained a Level 8 security grade on numerous tests, from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) in the United Kingdom.

"Our intrusion detection product received LPCB's highest security rating. Level 8 means, among other things, after a full day of testing, the LPCB could not defeat the TPCS intrusion detection solution," Beinhocker affirmed.

StopFraud.gov Started By Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

President Obama's Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force has revealed the commencement of StopFraud.gov. StopFraud.gov is a one-stop shop for the American populace to know how to safeguard them from fraud and to convey it anywhere and how it takes place. It will act as a center of information about the task force's actions.

President Obama founded the interagency Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force to launch forceful, synchronized and positive attempts to look into and act against financial offenses. The task force comprises representatives from a wide array of federal agencies, inspectors general, state and local law enforcement regulatory authorities, who, functioning together, offer an authoritative range of criminal and civil enforcement assets.

Robb Adkins, Executive Director of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force observed, "The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force is the broadest coalition of law enforcement, investigatory and regulatory agencies ever assembled to combat fraud, but one of our best partners in the fight is a vigilant, informed public," adding, "Throughout government there are resources to help hardworking, honest Americans protect themselves from fraud and report fraud, and StopFraud.gov will connect the public with those valuable tools."

2010 Digital Signage Expo to Showcase WEGENER’s Novel Digital Signage Solution

Wegener Corporation, a major contributor of gadgets for audio, television, as well as data allocation system globally, has proclaimed the launch of a novel Digital Signage solution customized to create and organize convincing, specialized messages. WEGENER® will exhibit the solution at the 2010 Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, stall #1957 and in the event’s new product exhibition area.

The launch fortifies WEGENER's assurance to customers within Digital Out-of-Home Networks, Banking, Advertising Agencies, Corporate Communications, , Healthcare, Houses of Worship, Retail and Systems Integration to sustain several customers, promotion areas and functions concurrently. Customers will be provided with novel gadgets to organize screen layouts as well as plan local video, text progression as well as graphics.

The end-to-end Digital Signage resolution comprises WEGENER's CompelConnect.com(TM) SaaS (software-as-service) system management as well as iPump® media players. CompelConnect.com progresses on a custom of administering carefully- aimed content allocation with sequencing numerous, free, connected panes of graphics and text facts. It makes available tough back up synchronizing flawless joining of high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video - both live as well as file-oriented - along with amalgamated techniques of content allocation. WEGENER iPump media players offer superior class, stable video as well as graphic output anchored on WEGENER's skill utilizing 100,000+ media gadgets and constant functions within digital signage, radio as well as television networks. WEGENER's digital signage resolution is probably going to be available all through the 1st half of 2010.

Volvo Offers Unique Touch Screen Rear Seat Entertainment System

The Chicago Auto Show on February 11, 2010 will feature the launch of the 2010 Volvo XC70 and will be the first of its kind in the sector boasting of Internet linked Rear Seat Entertainment System with Windows XP, WiFi as well as a 500G hard drive. This novel creation will permit clients to surf the Internet; download applications to customize their Volvo according to their way of life while benefiting from video as well as unrestricted music download utilizing a digital touch screen. The RSEi-500(TM) will as well permit clients to link their automobile to their computer at their residence thereby enabling video, audio as well as extra home data content to be relocated without difficulty to the vehicle's on board computer.

Volvo Cars of North America has teamed up with Azentek Corporation and Gracenote® to launch this groundbreaking creation. The Chicago Auto Show exhibition will try to optimize this novel expertise by adjusting the turbocharged speeds of Sprint 4G by means of its novel Overdrive(TM) 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot.

"The RSEi-500 has set a new standard for the Rear Seat Entertainment industry. This fully integrated Multimedia RSE allows customers to surf the Internet, enjoy Mobile TV and watch videos, while boasting the industry's first interactive audio library and video exploration experience enabled by Gracenote and its partners, all from the back seat of their Volvo XC70," revealed Jack Lawson, Product Manager at VCNA further observing, "These technological properties are what we know appeal to the discerning electronics buyers and owners of Volvo vehicles."

World’s Top Hotel Brands Opt for Contextual Publicity with TripAdvisor

Recently, TripAdvisor®, the globally famed organization noted for its travel suggestions to tourists, proclaimed that the top hotel brands of the globe have opted for TripAdvisor as their associate for contextual promotion. The leading five hotel brands all over the world together with nine of the foremost, utilize the expertise of TripAdvisor for promoting their establishments.

TripAdvisor, is the globe’s biggest and most loyal online travel source boasting of over 25 million visitors every month, 11 million members who are enlisted, and 30 million appraisals and views,. TripAdvisor has earned the reputation as the unquestionable pioneer in voyage facts by offering its members with the most wide-ranging, neutral, and reliable facts on voyage on the web for holiday rentals, restaurants, hotels, and charming places of attractions all over the globe.

TripAdvisor offers exclusive opportunities to guarantee appropriate and flawless communication within allied facts on travel for those trying to promote their brands. Owners of hotels can select property explicit publicity together with tourist evaluation as well as photograph, or greater search objective. The Check Rates use, which permits synchronized cost evaluation across numerous booking sites, makes available superior guidance to advertisers. Leading hotel groups time and again select TripAdvisor to change travel researchers to visitors when they come across the extremely useful content offered by the site.

"We enjoy building creative solutions to help achieve our partners' online marketing goals and we're thrilled to deliver stellar results for the world's top hotel brands," observed senior vice president of advertising at TripAdvisor, Robin Ingle.

Business Listings is the most recent way out for hotel groups as well as other assets to promote themselves on TripAdvisor, permitting space to augment their listings with their e-mail address, URL, telephone number, to become visible on TripAdvisor sites commencing January 4, 2010. The listings for which fees are charged symbolize a novel prospect for asset organizers to promptly link with millions of research tourists, altering prospective clients to paying visitors. Those willing to utilize the exclusive opportunity can go to www.tripadvisor.com/businesslistings.

SkyWave Offers Satellite Terminal fitted with GLONASS/GPS

SkyWave Mobile Communications, a worldwide contributor of two-way satellite contact gadget and functions, recently proclaimed the accessibility to GLONASS navigation competence in its DMR-800L satellite data contact workstation.

The DMR-800L fitted with GLONASS offers the exclusive potential to figure its precise place with the help of either the GLONASS or GPS systems or utilizing both the functions. This twin navigation potential will be of enormous advantage to those who own fleet and are required to utilize GLONASS but are against the notion of additional expenses and consistency topics linked with the utilization of a peripheral GLONASS component.

Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development at SkyWave, David Sward observed, "The DMR-800L with GLONASS/GPS allows fleet and vessel owners to address current asset tracking and monitoring needs with a low cost, reliable and GLONASS-compliant solution."

"MVS welcomes SkyWave's GLONASS capable product as a very effective means of meeting Russia's requirements for vessel, rail car and truck tracking" noted Nadezhda Nesterenko, Deputy General Director "Morsviazsputnik", Russia's top contributor of Inmarsat functions.

For additional facts on SkyWave Mobile Communications, one may go to http://SkyWave.com.

Verizon Foundation makes available $50,000 to West Virginia Department of Education as contributions for online education program

Verizon Foundation has offered a funding of $50,000 that will allow the West Virginia Department of Education to accomplish teacher training on the utilization of Verizon Thinkfinity, a free of charge, learning Web service to sustain the progress of K-12 learning. With this funding, the Verizon Foundation has offered $175,000 for the plan.

West Virginia schools are utilizing Verizon Thinkfinity (www.thinkfinity.org) together with additional online services to combine functioning talents for example originality, novelty, verbal as well as written exchanges, puzzle resolving, as well as vital thoughts into the learning of fundamental subjects like language arts, math, science, along with social studies. Thinkfinity consists of a large number of standards-oriented K-12 lesson courses, student resources, interactive apparatus as well as suggestion resources. Apart from offering services from the country’s top learning association, Verizon Thinkfinity as well makes available a wide-ranging specialized expansion agenda.

Advancement of 21st-century talents is a key center of attention of West Virginia's Department of Education, which in recent times was recognized by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, a countrywide association paying attention on combing similar talents into learning.

"Using 21st-century learning tools like Verizon Thinkfinity is not an option; it is a necessity for students who must compete on a global level," noted Steve Paine, state superintendent of schools furthermore observing, "Students deserve it, and the world demands it."

B. Keith Fulton, President of Verizon, West Virginia, observed, “Our children are growing up in a world where they communicate, learn and share ideas digitally. Online technology has had a tremendous impact on our society, and its role will continue to grow with further advances. Verizon's business is centered on technology, and we believe it is our responsibility to help people understand how to use the Internet safely and effectively, particularly for learning,"

In 2008, the Verizon Foundation granted over $68 million in donations to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. as well as out of the country. It furthermore stayed in tune with the altruistic contributions of Verizon employees as well as those who had retired from the company, leading to an extra $26 million in collective donations to nonprofit agencies. By means of Verizon Volunteers, one of the country’s biggest employee volunteer agendas, employees of Verizon together with retired employees have volunteered over 3 million hours of social work since 2000. For gaining additional facts on the organization one may go to www.verizonfoundation.org.

Verizon Communications Inc., based in New York, is a worldwide organizer in offering broadband as well as other wireless together with wireline communications functions to mass marketplace, commerce, government along with wholesale clients. Verizon Wireless runs America's most consistent wireless system, assisting over 89 million clients countrywide. Verizon as well offers assembled communications, information as well as entertainment functions on America's most sophisticated fiber-optic system, and offers novel, flawless commerce solutions to clients all over the globe. For additional facts one may go to www.verizon.com.

Operations of Globetech Commences in North American Market

October 22: Founded in 1992, Globetech recently proclaimed the commencement of their venture in North America by way of creation of Globetech LLC. The Group president Mr Hardev Singh revealed that Globetech LLC would be one of the top producers and contributors of Agricultural Equipments, Components, Cast Iron Rolls, Metal Rolls, Forging Quality Ingots, Pre-Forged Ingots, and Structural Steels in North America. He as well proclaimed that they would accord chief precedence to client contentment, and pursue the top technological and moral principles in creating their goods. Revealing the commencement of their services in North America, company’s President as well vowed to continuously spend in the advancement of expertise to remain in front of contenders in the industry.

With the goal of fostering enduring commerce associations, Globetech shall firmly pursue fair commerce procedures and guarantee that doing business with them would be an enjoyable experience for their clients. Speaking at the event Group Operations President said “Our steel castings & components, Cast Iron Rolls Metal Rolls forging quality ingots, pre-forged ingots have created a mark in reveal the international market through their high durability, efficiency, ease-of-operation, and high quality that ensures smooth operations over a long period of time.”

Globetech’s upbeat and rigorous organization values sustain their product excellence at top standards. Their sourcing capability as well as quality control system is the basis of the company’s sustained expansion in global market. Globetech’s heritage is a major experience in offering Steel, Components, alloy Steel and Iron Castings and devoted to guarantying that goods are always advanced, contemporary, dependable, and distributed promptly.

The complicated and firm infrastructure of Globetech combined with advanced expertise has been the strength of character of the company. Globetech is backed by capable and devoted engineers as well as technicians who create superlative goods for varied use across various industries.

Additionally, Globetech at their Indian production services furthermore have a modern manufacturing unit boasting of contemporary and scientific machineries which generate outstanding consequences at little preservation expenditure. The company’s classy R&D lab functions for constant modernization and alteration.

Tigo Energy Acknowledged as Global Cleantech 100 Clean Technology Company

September 21: Tigo Energy, (www.tigoenergy.com), the company whose exclusive solar expertise considerably augment competence in photovoltaic solar mechanism, recently proclaimed that it has been recognized as a Global Cleantech 100 company by Guardian News and Media and Cleantech Group LLC, contributors of top exploration, procedures and consultative services for the cleantech ecological unit.

The Global Cleantech 100 is the foremost catalogue showcasing the most talented private clean expertise organizations all over the globe. Sustained by the Carbon Trust, the Global Cleantech 100 acknowledges companies at the vanguard of cleantech novelty providing expertise to some of the globe’s most vital ecological tests.

The ultimate catalogue stands for the combined view of hundreds of top specialists from cleantech novelty along with project assets organizations in North America, EMEA, India as well as China, united with the precise contribution of a specialist board of 35, taken from greatly-admired organizations for example Crossover Advisors, Altira Group, Deloitte, New Enterprise Associates, Emerald Technology Ventures, Google, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, New York Stock Exchange, NGEN Partners, Nth Power, Sterling Communications, Tsing Capital as well as Vantage Point Venture Partners.

The board’s opinions were pooled with contributions from the Cleantech Network, effectively the industry association of worldwide clean technology sponsors, entrepreneurs, big firms as well as additional industry insiders. Approximately 3,500 companies were chosen and evaluated prior to the ultimate evaluation.

"The first ever Global Cleantech 100 shines a spotlight on which companies and which technology areas the global innovation community is most excited about from a commercial standpoint," observed Richard Youngman, managing associate at Cleantech Group.

"It's rewarding to know the industry experts recognize Tigo Energy's technology innovation as a game-changer. As we bring the Tigo Energy(TM) Maximizer system to market in high volume, we will make an important contribution to making solar more affordable and thus a larger percentage of the global energy mix," noted Ron Hadar, President of Tigo Energy. Tigo will be highlighting the expertise, while making vital proclamations regarding novel products, conformity guarantee, and sales outlets both at Power International in Anaheim, California, USA on 27-29 of October and the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (PVSEC) in Hamburg, Germany on 21-25 of September.

Tigo Energy obtained the acknowledgment as recognition of the viable effect of the Tigo Energy Maximizer System to photovoltaic solar ventures. This novel expertise make best use of power productivity in current PV arrangement, furnishing up to 20% enhancement from the similar PV collection by utilising expertise that give additional energy output, enhanced visibility into the individual arrangement mechanism, and extra arrangement protection. With a continuously mounting number of arrangements fitted all over the globe with several functioning for above 12 months, Tigo Energy has collected considerable facts on dependability, constancy and up time in actual world surroundings for enhanced energy yield.

TradeBeam Chooses Savvis to Sustain IT Infrastructure

September 9: Fortifying its status as a top contributor of software-as-a-service (SaaS) IT infrastructure services, Savvis, Inc. has recently proclaimed a contract to offer hosting services to TradeBeam, a pioneer in SaaS-oriented worldwide business administration solutions.

TradeBeam's solutions make possible billions of dollars of worldwide business. As a quickly-developing organization that sustains top industry clients, TradeBeam needed a superior functional unit to host its venture type SaaS solutions.

TradeBeam's IT infrastructure is currently situated in one of Savvis' modern data units that copes up with the Statement of Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) Type II necessity, verifying that correct measures are in position to protect clients fiscal facts. SAS 70 reports also cope up with the prerequisite of Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for efficient internal regulations by public business.

"Faced with considerable growth, we realized we needed to expand our IT infrastructure capacity," noted Nasser Mirzai, vice president of IT at TradeBeam adding, "Savvis is an industry leader offering a global footprint of high performance SAS 70 certified data centers integrated with one of the world's largest Tier 1 networks. Extending our SaaS service delivery model into Savvis' data center will allow TradeBeam to focus on our core business rather than IT infrastructure."

"TradeBeam is at the forefront of global trade management solutions delivered in a SaaS business model," observed Brad Hokamp, Savvis Vice President, Hosting Business Unit furthermore stating, "As TradeBeam continues to grow, we look forward to building a long-term relationship as a trusted IT services provider."

Savvis at present runs 28 data units worldwide surrounding over 1.4 million square feet of elevated floor room planned to sustain IT venture functions. Additionally, Savvis was in recent times placed as a pioneer in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting along with Cloud Infrastructure (on Demand), 2009, and can be viewed at www.savvis.net/magicquadrantleader.

LDK Solar Collaborates with Suqian City on PV Ventures

August 31: LDK Solar Co., Ltd. a pioneer in the field of multicrystalline solar wafers has proclaimed that it has agreed a contract with Suqian City of Jiangsu Province for the expansion of PV power ventures. As per the contract, LDK Solar will expand PV power ventures in residential units, plants as assimilation networks, equivalent to 300 MW by 2015. The conditions, that include funding, plan and precise site of all the ventures, will necessitate a viability survey together with final sanction from appropriate governmental quarters before commencement.

"Suqian City has unique advantages in developing PV projects, with average annual sunshine of up to 3,000 hours as well as strong support from the government for growing the solar energy industry," observed Xu Huiming, Vice Mayor of Suqian City further noting, "Suqian City has become a leading area for the development of the solar PV industry and we hope that our partnership with LDK Solar will further increase our solar resources and promote the expansion of the local solar industry."

"We are very excited to partner with Suqian City and to support the development of its local economy and Chinese solar industry," observed Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman and CEO of LDK Solar adding, "We are encouraged by the continued support from our government for PV projects and pleased with the enthusiasm for this partnership demonstrated by Suqian City."

The PV appliance market has been quickly expanding in China this year and the Chinese government is sustaining the founding of the home PV market by means of the utilization of governmental fiscal funding grant.

Facts related to LDK Solar

LDK Solar Co., Ltd. is a top producer of multicrystalline solar wafers, which are the chief raw stuff utlised to create solar cells. LDK Solar vends multicrystalline wafers worldwide to makers of photovoltaic products, consisting of solar cells along with solar modules. Additionally, LDK Solar furnishes wafer processing assistance to monocrystalline as well as multicrystalline solar cell together with module producers. LDK Solar's head office and production units are situated in Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province in the People's Republic of China. LDK Solar's organization in the United States is positioned in Sunnyvale, California.

AT&T offers $250,000 in aid to fortify chances for Women of Color Entrepreneurs

August 23: AT&T California recently proclaimed that it has honored 10 Microenterprise Development Organizations (MDOs) each with $25,000 in financial support as component of its Microenterprise Technical Assistance Program (MTAP). Started in 2006, the program strengthens AT&T's constant loyalty to trader range and is calculated to assist in fortifying the venture and advance the feasibility of conventionally underserved, freelance and minor -business vendors in California. This year's financial support gave advantage to organizations that offer aid to women of color business owners.

"AT&T is committed to enhancing and strengthening opportunities for minority-owned businesses in California," noted Ken McNeely, President, AT&T California, further adding, “That's why we're proud to support this year's MTAP recipients and the outstanding work they are doing to ensure that small business owners - especially women of color - have the training, counseling and mentoring needed to be successful in today's competitive marketplace."

"It is so important right now to invest in programs that can stimulate jobs and economic growth in our communities," revealed United States Congresswoman Doris Matsui (D- Sacramento), further noting, "Organizations focused on providing training and mentoring for small businesses, especially for women and minority populations, can make a real impact because those businesses are the driving force behind our local economies."

The 10 organizations obtaining financial support have revealed a flourishing reputation of offering guidance and technological aid to varied, low- and moderate-income aspirant and reachable small business owners all over California.

The ten organizations that received the honour were Asian Resources, Inc., Sacramento, Central California Small Business Development Center, Fresno
CHARO Community Development Corporation, Los Angeles, Institute for Women Entrepreneurs, Santa Ana, International Rescue Committee, San Diego, La Cocina, San Francisco, Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation, Santa Ana, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, San Francisco Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, Los Angeles, Women's Initiative for Self Employment, San Francisco

Platinum Protection Proclaims Home Safety iPhone along with BlackBerry

August 23: Platinum Protection a major contributor of home security in the US is currently extending a novel function for BlackBerry along with iPhone gadget, making it feasible for owners of residences to distantly equip and neutralize their safety network, over and above letting clients to keep an eye on their residences by means of live video run straight to their phone.

From the gadget, besides observing live camera inputs from one’s residence, one can as well distantly regulate pan-tilt cameras and evaluate accumulated video recording. If intrusion occurs, the network will routinely trace a video excerpt of the doer and right away dispatch the affected owner with a text communication warning that the alarm has been activated. When the owner of a residence obtains the warning, he or she can set off the gadget on their phone and observe the stored video footage immediately following an intrusion.

"Our goal is to provide peace of mind," observed Chance Allred, partner, Platinum Protection adding, "Using this advanced technology, customers can keep track of homes, vacation properties, and even view children and pets in real time. Users can program the system from their phone, turn it off for visiting relatives, or arm the system after leaving their home."

Allred further stated, "80 percent of new sales are tied to cellular lines rather than landlines which means in the event of an intruder, fire, flood or another event where a landline might not function, our wireless service will alert customers and the appropriate authorities."

The gadget functions in combination with Platinum's existing web-oriented service known as Platinum Interactive. Utilizing the online interface, clients can organize the kind of text communication and email warnings they want to obtain. For example, resident owners can place the network to notify them about floods, power cuts and also every occasion the front door unlocks.

"Those with elderly family members can set up notifications for medicine cabinets and be alerted if the cabinet doesn't open, or when a child returns home from school," noted Jeremy Pixton, associate, Platinum Protection further observing, "Our goal is to give customers a complete security solution for their home."

The gadget operates with a Platinum Protection safety network and can be downloaded at no cost from http://www.platinumprotect.com/PlatinumInteractive/. Platinum is at present making available benefits to fresh clients.

Right away concessions on Epson’s products on offer

Epson America Inc. recently proclaimed that it is providing an immediate concession on its most trendy, reasonably priced all-in-ones - the Epson Stylus ((R)) NX415 as well as the Epson Stylus NX515 - for an even reduced cost to cope up with the requirements of customers promptly in time for back-to-school. The $40 reduction will cover right away at point-of-sale (POS) throughout the conclusion of August.

"At Epson, we know that many parents and students are looking for a high-quality printer with great features for a great value as they prepare to go back to school," observed Kristi Lanzit, product manager, Consumer Ink Jets, Epson America Inc further noting, "With the Epson Stylus NX415 or NX515, they will get the best combination of features for the price. The Epson Stylus NX515 with built-in Wi-Fi ((R)) and Ethernet networking is the perfect solution for students, teachers and families. It offers versatile printing, copying and scanning features, and it's extremely fast - up to two times faster than any comparable printer in its price range(1). The $40 discount increases its value and makes it ideal for any budget."

Not simply will customers welcome the price concessions on the Epson Stylus NX415 along with NX515, but they will also gain from the remarkable print excellence, quick print and copy rate, 2.5-inch color LCD screen as well as memory card slots for standalone photo printing, one-touch copy operation, manual two-sided printing and fast drying DURABrite ((R)) Ultra inks. Additionally, the Epson Stylus NX515 lets customers to scrutinize straight to e-mail with one touch, and provides integrated Wi-Fi as well as system competence, thus proving it best for college dorms or homes with numerous clients. Apart from utilizing the Epson Stylus NX415 as well as NX515 to produce homework, Web pages, photos, along with daily tasks, parents, students and teachers can gain from the free of charge school-oriented templates on Epson's CreativeZone Web site to simply generate as well as produce school calendars, book along with lunch bag labels, keychain recognition labels and excellent scrapbook pages. For those in search of further advancement, the CreativeZone as well provides free of charge templates for graduation-oriented requests, money cards along with acknowledgement cards for end-of-the-year tasks.

The $40 concession at POS on the Epson Stylus NX415 together with NX515, commonly worth $99.99* as well as $149.99* respectively, create the all-in-ones tremendously elegant option for back-to-school. The Epson Stylus NX415 as well as NX515 are presently obtainable via key computer, office as well as electronic supermarket, a diversity of retail stores countrywide, mail order, PC firms, the Internet, along with Epson's private retail site, www.epsonstore.com.

Novel Portable Smart Card Readers From SCM Microsystems Augment Online Safety

SCM Microsystems, Inc. a top contributor of solutions for safe access, protected identity and safe exchange, is increasing its smart card reader product unit with three novel models that will lead to a novel age of condensed, moveable, individual gadgets. The novel handheld, USB or Near Field Communication (NFC) linked readers are created to be taken around - on key rings, in pockets or purses - and utilized daily with contact or contact less smart cards, not taking into consideration expertise or maker. In numerous cases, customers pop in the card and keep it in the reader – offering them solitary miniature gadgets for all smart card-linked requirements.

Smart cards are being utilized universally to make safe identities in numerous functions, for example bank payment cards, employee access badges, government identity cards as well as healthcare IDs. SCM's innovative readers facilitate cardholders to utilize their smart cards at all times and at all places with PCs, the Internet or additional terminals. Several types permit physical entrance to buildings, as well. Cardholders can make use of the reader to pay with greater safety or to validate their system identities with banks, employers, government agencies, or healthcare contributor. They can as well download concessions or endorsement connections from NFC smart posters, carry them to their residence and stack them into a PC.

"Our new readers address two important market drivers that are at the core of our strategy, the growth of contact less technology and the convergence of physical access and IT security systems," noted Felix Marx, chief executive officer of SCM Microsystems further noting "Organizations making large scale deployments need to provide their end users with ways to use smart cards for secure physical entry, as well as with PCs and over the Internet at home, at work or at school. We engineered these personal smart card readers to fill that gap. They are compact and ultra-portable, so people can carry them to use with their smart cards wherever they go."

The fresh smart card readers are the SCR3500 SmartFold, the SCT3511 as well as the @MAXX lite. SCM will make them obtainable in August by way of both OEM as well as delivery outlets.

Cross Country Automotive Services Gifts 'Green' Fuel Card Program

August 5: Cross Country Automotive Services (Cross Country), the biggest contributor of driver as well as vehicle support services in North America, has proclaimed a novel plan for the members of its wayside support service contributor system that sustains ecological endeavor and assists providers with efficient control of their fuel purchases, which are frequently their biggest working expense.

The novel discount fuel fleet card program permits Cross Country's wayside support service contributors to attain Cross Country-branded credit cards from petroleum sales vendor 360FuelCard that can be utilized to buy economical gas and diesel fuel at over 30,000 sites in the U.S. as well as Canada. There are no charges that have to be paid monthly or yearly, and service contributors can acquire an unrestricted number of fleet cards. The cards can be allocated to vehicles, drivers or both, with the view to follow usage and limit expenses for Fuel Only, Fuel & Maintenance, or Fuel, Maintenance & Other Spending. Service contributors can fix pre-approved expenditure restrictions per card, or restrict them by day, week or month. The cards can entail electronic driver detection and odometer access to avert unlawful utilization.

The program is beneficial for the environment, as 360FuelCard will contribute 10 percent of all earnings from card sales to Carbonfund.org, a social organization that offers carbon counterbalancing together with greenhouse gas cutback alternatives to people, businesses as well as organizations. Carbonfund.org sustains certain ventures based on domestic as well as global renewable power, energy effectiveness and afforestation all over the globe. The carbon counterbalance ventures are third-party authorized to the top guarantee principles.

"In return for the immediate response and high quality service that we require from our network service providers, we continuously look for products and services that provide value and can help them to compete more efficiently in the market," observed Charles Cavolina, Cross Country's senior vice president of service delivery adding, "Moreover, this is a 'green' option that benefits our environment that we are proud to support and is particularly unique, given that it is tied to fuel consumption."

"We are excited about our new partnership with Cross Country Automotive Services and its decision to offer the 360FuelCard," noted Steve Fowler, 360FuelCard's vice president of business development and further asserting, "Our program allows Cross Country to offer its qualified service providers one of the most advanced online fleet card products available, while enabling them to also demonstrate their support for improving the environment."

Wells Fargo in conjunction with John Hancock Financial key players in Solar Fund V

August 4: Renewable Ventures, a Fotowatio company, has proclaimed the conclusion of Solar Fund V to finance over $200 million of new solar energy projects all over the United States. The fund's opening project is a two-megawatt solar photovoltaic project situated in Ft. Collins, Colorado that will offer energy at a cost to Colorado State University as well as renewable energy loan to one of the state's organizations, Xcel Energy.

Solar Fund V, the fifth fund prepared by Renewable Ventures and the primary as Fotowatio's U.S.-anchored ancillary, strengthens the company's expansion tactic in the United States. The fund will concentrate on the creation and acquirement of business, public sector, and utility-scale solar ventures from one to 10 megawatts in size.

"With this new infusion of capital, we stand ready to work with businesses, utilities and others to immediately finance, develop, or acquire megawatts of large-scale solar projects in the U.S.," observed Renewable Ventures CEO Matt Cheney.

Solar Fund V is built to accept both debt from John Hancock, a component of Manulife Financial Corporation, and equity from Renewable Ventures as well as Wells Fargo, and will permit the creation and everlasting funding of nearly 35 megawatts in the subsequent year. The amalgamation of debt and equity allows the fund to look for a wider array of federal government encouragement, enhancing project finances for potential clients for example municipalities, universities, electric utilities as well as companies.

"Wells Fargo's and John Hancock's continued commitment to investing in renewable energy will allow us to replicate the success of our previous relationships," observed Mr. Cheney adding, “Solar Fund V has been designed to use capital and incentives available under the stimulus program in a way that can accelerate the development of more solar projects and quickly create jobs in the U.S. renewable energy sector."

"We are pleased to continue building our relationship through setting up this fund with Renewable Ventures," noted Barry Neal, director of Environmental Finance at Wells Fargo. "Wells Fargo's commitment to clean energy and Renewable Ventures' development and operating experience together will help our nation take advantage of clean, renewable energy."

"John Hancock is proud to be working once again with Renewable Ventures, extending our partnership by helping to finance, develop, and deliver clean, renewable energy projects making a difference globally and to the communities we serve," asserted Jerry Hanrahan, Managing Director, at John Hancock.

The fund's opening venture, to be situated at Colorado State University, will create adequate solar power to make available over 10% of the electricity requirements on the university's Foothills Campus. The 15-acre solar power factory is anticipated to be one of the leading solar networks at a U.S. university when it is concluded in 2009.

Fotowatio is one of the world's largest independent solar producers, and has financed, owns, and operates 130 megawatts of photovoltaic projects in the United States and Europe. The company recently began construction on a five-megawatt solar photovoltaic project in Italy and is developing over 1,000 megawatts of concentrating solar power and solar photovoltaic projects across Spain, Italy and the United States.

Renewable Ventures finances and operates solar projects of all sizes, from one to 50 megawatts and larger. The company's recent projects in the United States include the photovoltaic system at Denver International Airport, the largest solar PV project in North America at Nellis Air Force Base, and installations at Macy's, Roche, University of California-San Francisco, California State University-Fresno, Lowe's, and many others.

Fotowatio, one of the key solar power companies in the globe, is an autonomous renewable power manufacturer (IPP) with 130 megawatts of solar projects in function in the United States as well as Europe. Fotowatio has over 1,000 megawatts in expansion spread over the United States, Spain as well as Italy utilizing both PV as well as CSP expertise. A worldwide company, Fotowatio is under the control of GE Energy Financial Services, Landon Group, as well as Qualitas Venture Capital. Renewable Ventures is Fotowatio's U.S. worldwide business component with a special concentration on the expansion of commercial and utility-scale solar ventures all through the United States.

For additional facts, kindly visit www.fotowatio.com or www.renewableventures.com

For more facts regarding Wells Fargo, kindly log on to www.wellsfargo.com

For further particulars regarding John Hancock Financial, kindly refer to www.johnhancock.com

CyberKnife Access Remote Service Product Made Public By Accuray

August 2: Accuray Incorporated, a worldwide pioneer in the subject of radiosurgery, has recently proclaimed the introduction of the CyberKnife AccessRemote Service product, a synchronized client service and back up contribution to the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System.

This along with additional Accuray expertise has been showcased at the slated 51st Annual Meeting of The American Association of Physicists in Medicine from July 26 to 30, 2009 in Anaheim, Calif.

CyberKnife Access uses the Axeda ServiceLink expertise to offer a remote service solution for the gadget that comprises the CyberKnife Systems at client locations. This Remote Service solution allows Accuray's team of greatly skilled engineers as well as client back up technicians to analyze and meet the service requirements from a distant place by means of a safe internet link. The consequence is real-time back up, enabling a prompt client reaction without going to the location, thus augmenting operational capabilities.

"With CyberKnife Access a simple issue can be diagnosed remotely so that a replacement part can be ordered before the engineer even arrives on site," observed Jeff Snyder, manager of Radiation Oncology and CyberKnife at Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington, adding "It's reassuring to know that when you have a patient coming in for treatment and a service need arises, a lifeline exists so you can get their treatment going without delay."

"We strive to provide the highest level of service and support to our customers," affirmed Chris Raanes, senior vice president and chief operating officer at Accuray, further stating , "With CyberKnife Access, we're now able to provide faster and easier servicing to help our customers resume treatments with minimal interruptions to patient care."

Axeda has dispatched remote service solutions to over 20 of the world's top medical as well as life science producers. Axeda ServiceLink allows organizations to steadily supervise the health as well as performance of their products from everywhere in the globe, while assisting them to adhere to industry rules for example HIPAA as well as 21 CFR Part 11.

Green Aircraft Contest Proclaimed By NASA and CAFE

August 2: The NASA Innovative Partnerships Program as well as the Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency (CAFE) Foundation recently publicized the Green Flight Challenge. The competition is a flight competence contest for aircraft that can average no less than 100 mph on a 200-mile flight while attaining more than 200 passenger miles per gallon.

The award for the aircraft with the most excellent feat is $1.5 million. The contest is planned for July 2011 at the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa, Calif. A diversity of inventive new aircraft utilizing electrical, solar, bio-fuel or hybrid propulsion is anticipated to take part. Quite a few key universities as well as aircraft manufacturers have articulated their plans of sending teams to participate in the competition.

To emerge victorious, teams taking part in the contest must utilize advanced expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, structures, aerodynamics and thermodynamics. As a nationwide show piece of "green" technology, the anticipated contest is projected to facilitate the progress of all three of the key climate alleviation efforts: competence, maintenance and zero-carbon energy sources. These expertises will sustain progress in aviation and may have wider use in transport and energy conservation.

The Green Flight Challenge is managed by CAFE on behalf of NASA. Established in 1981, CAFE is a charitable association devoted to enhancing the knowledge of personal aircraft expertise by means of experimentation, surveys and education.

NASA is furnishing the money for the award as component of the Centennial Challenges agenda. The plan attempts to look for pioneering solutions to problems of concern to NASA and the country from varied and exceptional sources. Contestants may not get government financial support for their participation in this contest.

For particulars regarding CAFE and participating in this contest one may go to the following website:


For additional regarding Centennial Challenges one may refer to:


For facts relating to NASA and agency plans, one may refer to:

Source NASA

Multitaskers on the move prefer to make use of voice than their hands while moving

July 29: A study has revealed that users of smartphone prefer to purchase a device that provides them with the facility to push a solitary button, utter what they feel like and obtain it, making them well-organized on the move. The survey carried out by Sanderson Studios for Tellme Networks Inc., a Microsoft unit, reveals that 75 percent of people would favour a smartphone that permits them to write a text message, surf Web or dial a call just by talking, instead of typing or utilizing a touch screen. The survey as well showed that cell phone propriety appears to be surfacing, with the greater part of respondents stating that they would feel at ease utilizing voice to complete jobs in locations for example restaurants and gyms.

The majority of people utilize smartphones while performing other jobs with the objective of utilizing their time more effectively. Those who took part in the study said that they utilized their smartphones at the time of shopping or performing odd jobs (88 percent), sitting at locations of appointments (80 percent), treading between locations (78 percent), meeting acquaintances (68 percent) and in numerous other locations, for example while having food at eateries, travelling, exercising or going to school. While typing as well as touching are not considered as troublesome, those surveyed concede that utilizing their smartphones in these locations can be disturbing. If provided with the alternative to just touch a button and talk to converse or text an acquaintance or look for information, for example the site of a restaurant, guidelines or stock quotes, the majority noted that they could achieve more and feel less abstracted.

"If you've ever tried typing or touching on your smartphone while walking down the street or paying at the checkout line, you know how distracting it can be," observed Anne Truscott, brand strategist at Sanderson Studios adding, "But using your voice while walking or checking out is like walking and chewing gum at the same time; it just comes naturally. And we were surprised how many people said they'd feel comfortable using their voices to interact with their smartphones while in public places as well."

Aqua-Therm, LLC Proclaims Effective Conclusion of the Willmar Municipal Utilities Wind Energy Project

Aqua-Therm, a New London, Minnesota based company has recently proclaimed that its Windations Division effectively concluded the first stage of the Willmar Municipal Utility (WMU) Wind Energy Project. Combining in unison with DeWind, a turbine producer, and WMU, Windations synchronized the delivery of two 2-megawatt wind turbines to the project. David Laursen, owner of Aqua-Therm and Spicer, MN resident observed, "From the outset this has been an exciting project for Aqua-Therm. Living and working in the area makes it even more meaningful and gives us an elevated sense of pride in the project. The large number of inquires Aqua-Therm received regarding the WMU project is indicative of the heightened level of interest in community wind energy throughout the country. The positive exposure our community received has really been wonderful."

Windations was established by David Laursen and Dwight Laursen in 2006 with the aim of making easy community wind projects akin to the WMU project. Dwight Laursen, President & CEO noted "We were constantly seeing larger wind energy projects, usually 25 megawatts to 100's of megawatts in size getting all the attention from key suppliers. When a smaller project was put out for bid, the turbine manufacturers literally wouldn't respond. It was a classic imbalance of supply and demand. If a wind energy project was designed for less than 10 megawatts, the manufacturers just didn't have the interest or ability to respond."

"Windations chose DeWind primarily for their superior technology over other turbine manufacturers," observed Bill Wright, Vice President of Engineering, adding "This couldn't have been a better opportunity for us. To bring together a turbine manufacturer offering advanced, superior technology, and the community we all live and work in, was pretty exciting for all of us. Everyone at Aqua-Therm has been involved in this project from the very beginning."

Govt sanctions GSAT-11 communication satellite

The Indian Government has given the go-ahead for a project connected with the expansion of a Rs 500 crore sophisticated communication satellite to offer telecom connections with minute Ku-band terminals functioning all over the nation. A congregation of the Union Cabinet on Thursday night gave the necessary clearance for the blueprint and progress of GSAT-11 communication satellite, which is anticipated to be completed within 30 months.

GSAT-11 is a state of the art communication satellite which will be an elevated capability multi-beam Ku/Ka-band spacecraft. The commencement of GSAT-11 will augment the Ku-band competence significantly for telecommunication services in the nation. With the utilization of 16 beams in Ku-band as well as rate reuse factor of 4, it can offer 10 GHz effectual bandwidth corresponding to approximately 220 transponders of 36 MHz.

Satellite Communication geared up to boost European Defence Strategic Communication Market

The prototype change in defence policy that witnessed the evolution of European defence into an expeditionary power has permitted satellite communication (SATCOM) to become the chief way of amalgamating platforms as well as forces underneath a single umbrella. European MODs are enthusiastically attaining SATCOM competence since it is more and more acknowledged as a strength multiplier in the new European defence stance. Consequently, the European defence tactical communication market is slated to develop at a compound yearly expansion rate of 8 per cent from 2009 to 2018, resisting the economic recession.

Fresh scrutiny by Frost & Sullivan, European Defence Strategic Communication Market Assessment, reckons that the market will produce earning of $1.08 billion in 2009 and attain $2.37 billion by 2018. This augmentation is credited to the quickly expanding principle that SATCOM is a vital enabler of networked communication, which is basic to Network-centric Warfare (NCW).

"The market is showing signs of rising demand for higher frequencies and wider bandwidths," observes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Major Sabbir Ahmed (retd). He further maintains "Networking imperatives for far-flung deployments, improved sensors including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as personnel needs to communicate with their families back home, have all generated a massive increase in bandwidth demand for smooth transmission of voice, data, video and images. This can only be achieved with greater investment in higher frequencies like EHF and AEHF and related SATCOM terminals, among others."

The steady amalgamation of communication methods with components of situational alertness for example navigation, identification and sensors is the tendency of the contemporary times. Communications-on-the-move (COTM) terminals have previously confirmed the quintessence of integrated communication and navigation systems, and have the capability to amalgamate other components of situational alertness over time. "In the near future we can expect to see every mine-resistant-ambush-protected (MRAP) platform fitted with one such integrated COTM terminal," foresees Ahmed.

"From 2013 onward, the Ka band will rapidly acquire market share thanks to increasingly number of satellite launches carrying EHF payloads. Unlike the already widely used X and Ku bands, the sky remains relatively open for the Ka band," observes Ahmed stating “In the terminal market, multi-band terminals are replacing single bands to claim an increasing stake in procurement across platforms and are set to grow even more robustly with the onslaught of EHF and AEHF bands in the market from 2013 onwards. The COTM terminals should see significant penetration from 2016 onwards."

Mutual Contract Endorsed Between World Energy Research and Blue Energy Canada

World Energy Research as well as Blue Energy Canada have signed a mutual contract by virtue of which World Energy Research will fund the expansion of Blue Energy Canada's first 200 MW business tidal power mission at an expenditure of approximately half a billion dollars. World Energy Research, which concentrates in the growth and commercialization of green power expertise, opt for Blue Energy's resource-propelled tidal power design over other expertise in the up-and-coming tidal power segment.

"After exhaustive research, World Energy Research found several companies capable of producing small amounts of energy, but none on the scale of Blue Energy's Davis Tidal Turbine, which was developed specifically to harness tidal power on a large scale," observed Chad Willis, Managing Director of World Energy Research.

"The Blue Energy vertical-axis turbine represents two decades of Canadian research and development, which generates an inexpensive, non-exhaustible source of environmentally-safe electricity to power the world's energy needs," asserted Blue Energy Canada's CEO, Martin J. Burger.

The joint venture has the potential to enjoy a stimulating time in the forthcoming commercialization of this game altering expertise, utilizing the globe’s biggest unexploited renewable energy supply.

World Energy Research

World Energy Research is an autonomous energy investigation, study, management and operating company that focuses on low-threat, safe, private placement energy investments. Its task is to produce collaborations with major energy companies on the vanguard of expertise, making the most recent and most useful projects in the global energy market obtainable to its investors. Visit http://www.worldenergyresearch.com for additional facts.

Blue Energy Canada Inc.

Blue Energy Canada Inc. is a green energy expertise company commercializing the Davis Hydro Turbine, able to change tidal currents into electricity. With its scalable and established superior aerospace expertise, Blue Energy is a solution the world has been looking for. Visit http://www.bluenergy.com for additional facts.

Saudi Telecom :First Cisco WebEx Authorized Associate in Middle East

Cisco has proclaimed that it has entered into a contract with the Saudi Telecom Company to provide Cisco WebEx(TM) web and audio partnership expertise to businesses all through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This contract aspires to have a key effect on enhancing efficiency, reducing expenses and additionally restricting boundaries that make easy business and education.

WebEx is a simple technique to swap ideas and facts by linking people all over the globe. It mergers real-time desktop distribution with phone conferencing. Consequently, it is frequently known as web conferencing – because of the amalgamation of web plus phone communication -- or an online meeting – since everybody taking part in the meeting can observe a shared desktop presentation, giving the interaction the similar experience as in-person meetings.

WebEx is software as a service (SaaS). The consumer just subscribes to the service as well as can then log in and utilize WebEx from any computer with an Internet link, and from most smart phones.

Subscribers can request participants to take part in a WebEx meeting over email, instantaneous message, or by means of text messages. Partakers do not have to be subscribers themselves to take part. They just click a link in the invitation to link the online meeting, where they will get trouble-free gradual prompts to connect the web conference.

Airvana Throws Light on Planned Sale of Nortel's CDMA Business

Airvana, Inc. a principal contributor of mobile broadband network infrastructure products, has remarked on Nortel Networks Corporation’s proclaimed planned “stalking horse” asset sale of Nortel’s CDMA business to Nokia Siemens Networks B.V., a worldwide wireless system infrastructure contributor.

“Nortel’s proposed sale of its CDMA business is positive news for Airvana and for Nortel’s customers,” observed President and Chief Executive Officer Randy Battat, adding. “As a long-term partner and key supplier to Nortel, Airvana has played a vital role in serving the needs of these customers during the bankruptcy process.”

“The sale to Nokia Siemens Networks would place Nortel’s CDMA business in the hands of a global wireless infrastructure provider with outstanding customer support capabilities,” Battat noted. HE further observed “We expect to work in close partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks in the years ahead, investing in our EV-DO roadmap, supporting our product portfolio to fulfill customer needs, and continuing to deliver current and planned products and services to existing Nortel customers as well as new customers. We look forward to fulfilling the needs of wireless operators worldwide under this new relationship.”

From the time when Nortel’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection was filed on January 14, 2009, Airvana has been gathering receivables from Nortel in the normal path of business connected to products and services procured after that date. Compilation of invoices adding up to around $36.4 million for sales to Nortel before the insolvency filing is dependent on Nortel’s bankruptcy records and has been barred from Airvana’s delayed profits and Billings. This sum will be accounted for on a cash basis, if and when acknowledged.


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