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Sunday, April 14, 2024 


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Green Aircraft Contest Proclaimed By NASA and CAFE

August 2: The NASA Innovative Partnerships Program as well as the Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency (CAFE) Foundation recently publicized the Green Flight Challenge. The competition is a flight competence contest for aircraft that can average no less than 100 mph on a 200-mile flight while attaining more than 200 passenger miles per gallon.

The award for the aircraft with the most excellent feat is $1.5 million. The contest is planned for July 2011 at the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa, Calif. A diversity of inventive new aircraft utilizing electrical, solar, bio-fuel or hybrid propulsion is anticipated to take part. Quite a few key universities as well as aircraft manufacturers have articulated their plans of sending teams to participate in the competition.

To emerge victorious, teams taking part in the contest must utilize advanced expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, structures, aerodynamics and thermodynamics. As a nationwide show piece of "green" technology, the anticipated contest is projected to facilitate the progress of all three of the key climate alleviation efforts: competence, maintenance and zero-carbon energy sources. These expertises will sustain progress in aviation and may have wider use in transport and energy conservation.

The Green Flight Challenge is managed by CAFE on behalf of NASA. Established in 1981, CAFE is a charitable association devoted to enhancing the knowledge of personal aircraft expertise by means of experimentation, surveys and education.

NASA is furnishing the money for the award as component of the Centennial Challenges agenda. The plan attempts to look for pioneering solutions to problems of concern to NASA and the country from varied and exceptional sources. Contestants may not get government financial support for their participation in this contest.

For particulars regarding CAFE and participating in this contest one may go to the following website:


For additional regarding Centennial Challenges one may refer to:


For facts relating to NASA and agency plans, one may refer to:

Source NASA

CyberKnife Access Remote Service Product Made Public By Accuray

August 2: Accuray Incorporated, a worldwide pioneer in the subject of radiosurgery, has recently proclaimed the introduction of the CyberKnife AccessRemote Service product, a synchronized client service and back up contribution to the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System.

This along with additional Accuray expertise has been showcased at the slated 51st Annual Meeting of The American Association of Physicists in Medicine from July 26 to 30, 2009 in Anaheim, Calif.

CyberKnife Access uses the Axeda ServiceLink expertise to offer a remote service solution for the gadget that comprises the CyberKnife Systems at client locations. This Remote Service solution allows Accuray's team of greatly skilled engineers as well as client back up technicians to analyze and meet the service requirements from a distant place by means of a safe internet link. The consequence is real-time back up, enabling a prompt client reaction without going to the location, thus augmenting operational capabilities.

"With CyberKnife Access a simple issue can be diagnosed remotely so that a replacement part can be ordered before the engineer even arrives on site," observed Jeff Snyder, manager of Radiation Oncology and CyberKnife at Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington, adding "It's reassuring to know that when you have a patient coming in for treatment and a service need arises, a lifeline exists so you can get their treatment going without delay."

"We strive to provide the highest level of service and support to our customers," affirmed Chris Raanes, senior vice president and chief operating officer at Accuray, further stating , "With CyberKnife Access, we're now able to provide faster and easier servicing to help our customers resume treatments with minimal interruptions to patient care."

Axeda has dispatched remote service solutions to over 20 of the world's top medical as well as life science producers. Axeda ServiceLink allows organizations to steadily supervise the health as well as performance of their products from everywhere in the globe, while assisting them to adhere to industry rules for example HIPAA as well as 21 CFR Part 11.

Wells Fargo in conjunction with John Hancock Financial key players in Solar Fund V

August 4: Renewable Ventures, a Fotowatio company, has proclaimed the conclusion of Solar Fund V to finance over $200 million of new solar energy projects all over the United States. The fund's opening project is a two-megawatt solar photovoltaic project situated in Ft. Collins, Colorado that will offer energy at a cost to Colorado State University as well as renewable energy loan to one of the state's organizations, Xcel Energy.

Solar Fund V, the fifth fund prepared by Renewable Ventures and the primary as Fotowatio's U.S.-anchored ancillary, strengthens the company's expansion tactic in the United States. The fund will concentrate on the creation and acquirement of business, public sector, and utility-scale solar ventures from one to 10 megawatts in size.

"With this new infusion of capital, we stand ready to work with businesses, utilities and others to immediately finance, develop, or acquire megawatts of large-scale solar projects in the U.S.," observed Renewable Ventures CEO Matt Cheney.

Solar Fund V is built to accept both debt from John Hancock, a component of Manulife Financial Corporation, and equity from Renewable Ventures as well as Wells Fargo, and will permit the creation and everlasting funding of nearly 35 megawatts in the subsequent year. The amalgamation of debt and equity allows the fund to look for a wider array of federal government encouragement, enhancing project finances for potential clients for example municipalities, universities, electric utilities as well as companies.

"Wells Fargo's and John Hancock's continued commitment to investing in renewable energy will allow us to replicate the success of our previous relationships," observed Mr. Cheney adding, “Solar Fund V has been designed to use capital and incentives available under the stimulus program in a way that can accelerate the development of more solar projects and quickly create jobs in the U.S. renewable energy sector."

"We are pleased to continue building our relationship through setting up this fund with Renewable Ventures," noted Barry Neal, director of Environmental Finance at Wells Fargo. "Wells Fargo's commitment to clean energy and Renewable Ventures' development and operating experience together will help our nation take advantage of clean, renewable energy."

"John Hancock is proud to be working once again with Renewable Ventures, extending our partnership by helping to finance, develop, and deliver clean, renewable energy projects making a difference globally and to the communities we serve," asserted Jerry Hanrahan, Managing Director, at John Hancock.

The fund's opening venture, to be situated at Colorado State University, will create adequate solar power to make available over 10% of the electricity requirements on the university's Foothills Campus. The 15-acre solar power factory is anticipated to be one of the leading solar networks at a U.S. university when it is concluded in 2009.

Fotowatio is one of the world's largest independent solar producers, and has financed, owns, and operates 130 megawatts of photovoltaic projects in the United States and Europe. The company recently began construction on a five-megawatt solar photovoltaic project in Italy and is developing over 1,000 megawatts of concentrating solar power and solar photovoltaic projects across Spain, Italy and the United States.

Renewable Ventures finances and operates solar projects of all sizes, from one to 50 megawatts and larger. The company's recent projects in the United States include the photovoltaic system at Denver International Airport, the largest solar PV project in North America at Nellis Air Force Base, and installations at Macy's, Roche, University of California-San Francisco, California State University-Fresno, Lowe's, and many others.

Fotowatio, one of the key solar power companies in the globe, is an autonomous renewable power manufacturer (IPP) with 130 megawatts of solar projects in function in the United States as well as Europe. Fotowatio has over 1,000 megawatts in expansion spread over the United States, Spain as well as Italy utilizing both PV as well as CSP expertise. A worldwide company, Fotowatio is under the control of GE Energy Financial Services, Landon Group, as well as Qualitas Venture Capital. Renewable Ventures is Fotowatio's U.S. worldwide business component with a special concentration on the expansion of commercial and utility-scale solar ventures all through the United States.

For additional facts, kindly visit www.fotowatio.com or www.renewableventures.com

For more facts regarding Wells Fargo, kindly log on to www.wellsfargo.com

For further particulars regarding John Hancock Financial, kindly refer to www.johnhancock.com

Cross Country Automotive Services Gifts 'Green' Fuel Card Program

August 5: Cross Country Automotive Services (Cross Country), the biggest contributor of driver as well as vehicle support services in North America, has proclaimed a novel plan for the members of its wayside support service contributor system that sustains ecological endeavor and assists providers with efficient control of their fuel purchases, which are frequently their biggest working expense.

The novel discount fuel fleet card program permits Cross Country's wayside support service contributors to attain Cross Country-branded credit cards from petroleum sales vendor 360FuelCard that can be utilized to buy economical gas and diesel fuel at over 30,000 sites in the U.S. as well as Canada. There are no charges that have to be paid monthly or yearly, and service contributors can acquire an unrestricted number of fleet cards. The cards can be allocated to vehicles, drivers or both, with the view to follow usage and limit expenses for Fuel Only, Fuel & Maintenance, or Fuel, Maintenance & Other Spending. Service contributors can fix pre-approved expenditure restrictions per card, or restrict them by day, week or month. The cards can entail electronic driver detection and odometer access to avert unlawful utilization.

The program is beneficial for the environment, as 360FuelCard will contribute 10 percent of all earnings from card sales to Carbonfund.org, a social organization that offers carbon counterbalancing together with greenhouse gas cutback alternatives to people, businesses as well as organizations. Carbonfund.org sustains certain ventures based on domestic as well as global renewable power, energy effectiveness and afforestation all over the globe. The carbon counterbalance ventures are third-party authorized to the top guarantee principles.

"In return for the immediate response and high quality service that we require from our network service providers, we continuously look for products and services that provide value and can help them to compete more efficiently in the market," observed Charles Cavolina, Cross Country's senior vice president of service delivery adding, "Moreover, this is a 'green' option that benefits our environment that we are proud to support and is particularly unique, given that it is tied to fuel consumption."

"We are excited about our new partnership with Cross Country Automotive Services and its decision to offer the 360FuelCard," noted Steve Fowler, 360FuelCard's vice president of business development and further asserting, "Our program allows Cross Country to offer its qualified service providers one of the most advanced online fleet card products available, while enabling them to also demonstrate their support for improving the environment."

Novel Portable Smart Card Readers From SCM Microsystems Augment Online Safety

SCM Microsystems, Inc. a top contributor of solutions for safe access, protected identity and safe exchange, is increasing its smart card reader product unit with three novel models that will lead to a novel age of condensed, moveable, individual gadgets. The novel handheld, USB or Near Field Communication (NFC) linked readers are created to be taken around - on key rings, in pockets or purses - and utilized daily with contact or contact less smart cards, not taking into consideration expertise or maker. In numerous cases, customers pop in the card and keep it in the reader – offering them solitary miniature gadgets for all smart card-linked requirements.

Smart cards are being utilized universally to make safe identities in numerous functions, for example bank payment cards, employee access badges, government identity cards as well as healthcare IDs. SCM's innovative readers facilitate cardholders to utilize their smart cards at all times and at all places with PCs, the Internet or additional terminals. Several types permit physical entrance to buildings, as well. Cardholders can make use of the reader to pay with greater safety or to validate their system identities with banks, employers, government agencies, or healthcare contributor. They can as well download concessions or endorsement connections from NFC smart posters, carry them to their residence and stack them into a PC.

"Our new readers address two important market drivers that are at the core of our strategy, the growth of contact less technology and the convergence of physical access and IT security systems," noted Felix Marx, chief executive officer of SCM Microsystems further noting "Organizations making large scale deployments need to provide their end users with ways to use smart cards for secure physical entry, as well as with PCs and over the Internet at home, at work or at school. We engineered these personal smart card readers to fill that gap. They are compact and ultra-portable, so people can carry them to use with their smart cards wherever they go."

The fresh smart card readers are the SCR3500 SmartFold, the SCT3511 as well as the @MAXX lite. SCM will make them obtainable in August by way of both OEM as well as delivery outlets.

Right away concessions on Epson’s products on offer

Epson America Inc. recently proclaimed that it is providing an immediate concession on its most trendy, reasonably priced all-in-ones - the Epson Stylus ((R)) NX415 as well as the Epson Stylus NX515 - for an even reduced cost to cope up with the requirements of customers promptly in time for back-to-school. The $40 reduction will cover right away at point-of-sale (POS) throughout the conclusion of August.

"At Epson, we know that many parents and students are looking for a high-quality printer with great features for a great value as they prepare to go back to school," observed Kristi Lanzit, product manager, Consumer Ink Jets, Epson America Inc further noting, "With the Epson Stylus NX415 or NX515, they will get the best combination of features for the price. The Epson Stylus NX515 with built-in Wi-Fi ((R)) and Ethernet networking is the perfect solution for students, teachers and families. It offers versatile printing, copying and scanning features, and it's extremely fast - up to two times faster than any comparable printer in its price range(1). The $40 discount increases its value and makes it ideal for any budget."

Not simply will customers welcome the price concessions on the Epson Stylus NX415 along with NX515, but they will also gain from the remarkable print excellence, quick print and copy rate, 2.5-inch color LCD screen as well as memory card slots for standalone photo printing, one-touch copy operation, manual two-sided printing and fast drying DURABrite ((R)) Ultra inks. Additionally, the Epson Stylus NX515 lets customers to scrutinize straight to e-mail with one touch, and provides integrated Wi-Fi as well as system competence, thus proving it best for college dorms or homes with numerous clients. Apart from utilizing the Epson Stylus NX415 as well as NX515 to produce homework, Web pages, photos, along with daily tasks, parents, students and teachers can gain from the free of charge school-oriented templates on Epson's CreativeZone Web site to simply generate as well as produce school calendars, book along with lunch bag labels, keychain recognition labels and excellent scrapbook pages. For those in search of further advancement, the CreativeZone as well provides free of charge templates for graduation-oriented requests, money cards along with acknowledgement cards for end-of-the-year tasks.

The $40 concession at POS on the Epson Stylus NX415 together with NX515, commonly worth $99.99* as well as $149.99* respectively, create the all-in-ones tremendously elegant option for back-to-school. The Epson Stylus NX415 as well as NX515 are presently obtainable via key computer, office as well as electronic supermarket, a diversity of retail stores countrywide, mail order, PC firms, the Internet, along with Epson's private retail site, www.epsonstore.com.

Platinum Protection Proclaims Home Safety iPhone along with BlackBerry

August 23: Platinum Protection a major contributor of home security in the US is currently extending a novel function for BlackBerry along with iPhone gadget, making it feasible for owners of residences to distantly equip and neutralize their safety network, over and above letting clients to keep an eye on their residences by means of live video run straight to their phone.

From the gadget, besides observing live camera inputs from one’s residence, one can as well distantly regulate pan-tilt cameras and evaluate accumulated video recording. If intrusion occurs, the network will routinely trace a video excerpt of the doer and right away dispatch the affected owner with a text communication warning that the alarm has been activated. When the owner of a residence obtains the warning, he or she can set off the gadget on their phone and observe the stored video footage immediately following an intrusion.

"Our goal is to provide peace of mind," observed Chance Allred, partner, Platinum Protection adding, "Using this advanced technology, customers can keep track of homes, vacation properties, and even view children and pets in real time. Users can program the system from their phone, turn it off for visiting relatives, or arm the system after leaving their home."

Allred further stated, "80 percent of new sales are tied to cellular lines rather than landlines which means in the event of an intruder, fire, flood or another event where a landline might not function, our wireless service will alert customers and the appropriate authorities."

The gadget functions in combination with Platinum's existing web-oriented service known as Platinum Interactive. Utilizing the online interface, clients can organize the kind of text communication and email warnings they want to obtain. For example, resident owners can place the network to notify them about floods, power cuts and also every occasion the front door unlocks.

"Those with elderly family members can set up notifications for medicine cabinets and be alerted if the cabinet doesn't open, or when a child returns home from school," noted Jeremy Pixton, associate, Platinum Protection further observing, "Our goal is to give customers a complete security solution for their home."

The gadget operates with a Platinum Protection safety network and can be downloaded at no cost from http://www.platinumprotect.com/PlatinumInteractive/. Platinum is at present making available benefits to fresh clients.

AT&T offers $250,000 in aid to fortify chances for Women of Color Entrepreneurs

August 23: AT&T California recently proclaimed that it has honored 10 Microenterprise Development Organizations (MDOs) each with $25,000 in financial support as component of its Microenterprise Technical Assistance Program (MTAP). Started in 2006, the program strengthens AT&T's constant loyalty to trader range and is calculated to assist in fortifying the venture and advance the feasibility of conventionally underserved, freelance and minor -business vendors in California. This year's financial support gave advantage to organizations that offer aid to women of color business owners.

"AT&T is committed to enhancing and strengthening opportunities for minority-owned businesses in California," noted Ken McNeely, President, AT&T California, further adding, “That's why we're proud to support this year's MTAP recipients and the outstanding work they are doing to ensure that small business owners - especially women of color - have the training, counseling and mentoring needed to be successful in today's competitive marketplace."

"It is so important right now to invest in programs that can stimulate jobs and economic growth in our communities," revealed United States Congresswoman Doris Matsui (D- Sacramento), further noting, "Organizations focused on providing training and mentoring for small businesses, especially for women and minority populations, can make a real impact because those businesses are the driving force behind our local economies."

The 10 organizations obtaining financial support have revealed a flourishing reputation of offering guidance and technological aid to varied, low- and moderate-income aspirant and reachable small business owners all over California.

The ten organizations that received the honour were Asian Resources, Inc., Sacramento, Central California Small Business Development Center, Fresno
CHARO Community Development Corporation, Los Angeles, Institute for Women Entrepreneurs, Santa Ana, International Rescue Committee, San Diego, La Cocina, San Francisco, Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation, Santa Ana, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, San Francisco Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, Los Angeles, Women's Initiative for Self Employment, San Francisco

LDK Solar Collaborates with Suqian City on PV Ventures

August 31: LDK Solar Co., Ltd. a pioneer in the field of multicrystalline solar wafers has proclaimed that it has agreed a contract with Suqian City of Jiangsu Province for the expansion of PV power ventures. As per the contract, LDK Solar will expand PV power ventures in residential units, plants as assimilation networks, equivalent to 300 MW by 2015. The conditions, that include funding, plan and precise site of all the ventures, will necessitate a viability survey together with final sanction from appropriate governmental quarters before commencement.

"Suqian City has unique advantages in developing PV projects, with average annual sunshine of up to 3,000 hours as well as strong support from the government for growing the solar energy industry," observed Xu Huiming, Vice Mayor of Suqian City further noting, "Suqian City has become a leading area for the development of the solar PV industry and we hope that our partnership with LDK Solar will further increase our solar resources and promote the expansion of the local solar industry."

"We are very excited to partner with Suqian City and to support the development of its local economy and Chinese solar industry," observed Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman and CEO of LDK Solar adding, "We are encouraged by the continued support from our government for PV projects and pleased with the enthusiasm for this partnership demonstrated by Suqian City."

The PV appliance market has been quickly expanding in China this year and the Chinese government is sustaining the founding of the home PV market by means of the utilization of governmental fiscal funding grant.

Facts related to LDK Solar

LDK Solar Co., Ltd. is a top producer of multicrystalline solar wafers, which are the chief raw stuff utlised to create solar cells. LDK Solar vends multicrystalline wafers worldwide to makers of photovoltaic products, consisting of solar cells along with solar modules. Additionally, LDK Solar furnishes wafer processing assistance to monocrystalline as well as multicrystalline solar cell together with module producers. LDK Solar's head office and production units are situated in Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province in the People's Republic of China. LDK Solar's organization in the United States is positioned in Sunnyvale, California.

TradeBeam Chooses Savvis to Sustain IT Infrastructure

September 9: Fortifying its status as a top contributor of software-as-a-service (SaaS) IT infrastructure services, Savvis, Inc. has recently proclaimed a contract to offer hosting services to TradeBeam, a pioneer in SaaS-oriented worldwide business administration solutions.

TradeBeam's solutions make possible billions of dollars of worldwide business. As a quickly-developing organization that sustains top industry clients, TradeBeam needed a superior functional unit to host its venture type SaaS solutions.

TradeBeam's IT infrastructure is currently situated in one of Savvis' modern data units that copes up with the Statement of Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) Type II necessity, verifying that correct measures are in position to protect clients fiscal facts. SAS 70 reports also cope up with the prerequisite of Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for efficient internal regulations by public business.

"Faced with considerable growth, we realized we needed to expand our IT infrastructure capacity," noted Nasser Mirzai, vice president of IT at TradeBeam adding, "Savvis is an industry leader offering a global footprint of high performance SAS 70 certified data centers integrated with one of the world's largest Tier 1 networks. Extending our SaaS service delivery model into Savvis' data center will allow TradeBeam to focus on our core business rather than IT infrastructure."

"TradeBeam is at the forefront of global trade management solutions delivered in a SaaS business model," observed Brad Hokamp, Savvis Vice President, Hosting Business Unit furthermore stating, "As TradeBeam continues to grow, we look forward to building a long-term relationship as a trusted IT services provider."

Savvis at present runs 28 data units worldwide surrounding over 1.4 million square feet of elevated floor room planned to sustain IT venture functions. Additionally, Savvis was in recent times placed as a pioneer in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting along with Cloud Infrastructure (on Demand), 2009, and can be viewed at www.savvis.net/magicquadrantleader.

Tigo Energy Acknowledged as Global Cleantech 100 Clean Technology Company

September 21: Tigo Energy, (www.tigoenergy.com), the company whose exclusive solar expertise considerably augment competence in photovoltaic solar mechanism, recently proclaimed that it has been recognized as a Global Cleantech 100 company by Guardian News and Media and Cleantech Group LLC, contributors of top exploration, procedures and consultative services for the cleantech ecological unit.

The Global Cleantech 100 is the foremost catalogue showcasing the most talented private clean expertise organizations all over the globe. Sustained by the Carbon Trust, the Global Cleantech 100 acknowledges companies at the vanguard of cleantech novelty providing expertise to some of the globe’s most vital ecological tests.

The ultimate catalogue stands for the combined view of hundreds of top specialists from cleantech novelty along with project assets organizations in North America, EMEA, India as well as China, united with the precise contribution of a specialist board of 35, taken from greatly-admired organizations for example Crossover Advisors, Altira Group, Deloitte, New Enterprise Associates, Emerald Technology Ventures, Google, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, New York Stock Exchange, NGEN Partners, Nth Power, Sterling Communications, Tsing Capital as well as Vantage Point Venture Partners.

The board’s opinions were pooled with contributions from the Cleantech Network, effectively the industry association of worldwide clean technology sponsors, entrepreneurs, big firms as well as additional industry insiders. Approximately 3,500 companies were chosen and evaluated prior to the ultimate evaluation.

"The first ever Global Cleantech 100 shines a spotlight on which companies and which technology areas the global innovation community is most excited about from a commercial standpoint," observed Richard Youngman, managing associate at Cleantech Group.

"It's rewarding to know the industry experts recognize Tigo Energy's technology innovation as a game-changer. As we bring the Tigo Energy(TM) Maximizer system to market in high volume, we will make an important contribution to making solar more affordable and thus a larger percentage of the global energy mix," noted Ron Hadar, President of Tigo Energy. Tigo will be highlighting the expertise, while making vital proclamations regarding novel products, conformity guarantee, and sales outlets both at Power International in Anaheim, California, USA on 27-29 of October and the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (PVSEC) in Hamburg, Germany on 21-25 of September.

Tigo Energy obtained the acknowledgment as recognition of the viable effect of the Tigo Energy Maximizer System to photovoltaic solar ventures. This novel expertise make best use of power productivity in current PV arrangement, furnishing up to 20% enhancement from the similar PV collection by utilising expertise that give additional energy output, enhanced visibility into the individual arrangement mechanism, and extra arrangement protection. With a continuously mounting number of arrangements fitted all over the globe with several functioning for above 12 months, Tigo Energy has collected considerable facts on dependability, constancy and up time in actual world surroundings for enhanced energy yield.

Operations of Globetech Commences in North American Market

October 22: Founded in 1992, Globetech recently proclaimed the commencement of their venture in North America by way of creation of Globetech LLC. The Group president Mr Hardev Singh revealed that Globetech LLC would be one of the top producers and contributors of Agricultural Equipments, Components, Cast Iron Rolls, Metal Rolls, Forging Quality Ingots, Pre-Forged Ingots, and Structural Steels in North America. He as well proclaimed that they would accord chief precedence to client contentment, and pursue the top technological and moral principles in creating their goods. Revealing the commencement of their services in North America, company’s President as well vowed to continuously spend in the advancement of expertise to remain in front of contenders in the industry.

With the goal of fostering enduring commerce associations, Globetech shall firmly pursue fair commerce procedures and guarantee that doing business with them would be an enjoyable experience for their clients. Speaking at the event Group Operations President said “Our steel castings & components, Cast Iron Rolls Metal Rolls forging quality ingots, pre-forged ingots have created a mark in reveal the international market through their high durability, efficiency, ease-of-operation, and high quality that ensures smooth operations over a long period of time.”

Globetech’s upbeat and rigorous organization values sustain their product excellence at top standards. Their sourcing capability as well as quality control system is the basis of the company’s sustained expansion in global market. Globetech’s heritage is a major experience in offering Steel, Components, alloy Steel and Iron Castings and devoted to guarantying that goods are always advanced, contemporary, dependable, and distributed promptly.

The complicated and firm infrastructure of Globetech combined with advanced expertise has been the strength of character of the company. Globetech is backed by capable and devoted engineers as well as technicians who create superlative goods for varied use across various industries.

Additionally, Globetech at their Indian production services furthermore have a modern manufacturing unit boasting of contemporary and scientific machineries which generate outstanding consequences at little preservation expenditure. The company’s classy R&D lab functions for constant modernization and alteration.

Verizon Foundation makes available $50,000 to West Virginia Department of Education as contributions for online education program

Verizon Foundation has offered a funding of $50,000 that will allow the West Virginia Department of Education to accomplish teacher training on the utilization of Verizon Thinkfinity, a free of charge, learning Web service to sustain the progress of K-12 learning. With this funding, the Verizon Foundation has offered $175,000 for the plan.

West Virginia schools are utilizing Verizon Thinkfinity (www.thinkfinity.org) together with additional online services to combine functioning talents for example originality, novelty, verbal as well as written exchanges, puzzle resolving, as well as vital thoughts into the learning of fundamental subjects like language arts, math, science, along with social studies. Thinkfinity consists of a large number of standards-oriented K-12 lesson courses, student resources, interactive apparatus as well as suggestion resources. Apart from offering services from the country’s top learning association, Verizon Thinkfinity as well makes available a wide-ranging specialized expansion agenda.

Advancement of 21st-century talents is a key center of attention of West Virginia's Department of Education, which in recent times was recognized by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, a countrywide association paying attention on combing similar talents into learning.

"Using 21st-century learning tools like Verizon Thinkfinity is not an option; it is a necessity for students who must compete on a global level," noted Steve Paine, state superintendent of schools furthermore observing, "Students deserve it, and the world demands it."

B. Keith Fulton, President of Verizon, West Virginia, observed, “Our children are growing up in a world where they communicate, learn and share ideas digitally. Online technology has had a tremendous impact on our society, and its role will continue to grow with further advances. Verizon's business is centered on technology, and we believe it is our responsibility to help people understand how to use the Internet safely and effectively, particularly for learning,"

In 2008, the Verizon Foundation granted over $68 million in donations to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. as well as out of the country. It furthermore stayed in tune with the altruistic contributions of Verizon employees as well as those who had retired from the company, leading to an extra $26 million in collective donations to nonprofit agencies. By means of Verizon Volunteers, one of the country’s biggest employee volunteer agendas, employees of Verizon together with retired employees have volunteered over 3 million hours of social work since 2000. For gaining additional facts on the organization one may go to www.verizonfoundation.org.

Verizon Communications Inc., based in New York, is a worldwide organizer in offering broadband as well as other wireless together with wireline communications functions to mass marketplace, commerce, government along with wholesale clients. Verizon Wireless runs America's most consistent wireless system, assisting over 89 million clients countrywide. Verizon as well offers assembled communications, information as well as entertainment functions on America's most sophisticated fiber-optic system, and offers novel, flawless commerce solutions to clients all over the globe. For additional facts one may go to www.verizon.com.

SkyWave Offers Satellite Terminal fitted with GLONASS/GPS

SkyWave Mobile Communications, a worldwide contributor of two-way satellite contact gadget and functions, recently proclaimed the accessibility to GLONASS navigation competence in its DMR-800L satellite data contact workstation.

The DMR-800L fitted with GLONASS offers the exclusive potential to figure its precise place with the help of either the GLONASS or GPS systems or utilizing both the functions. This twin navigation potential will be of enormous advantage to those who own fleet and are required to utilize GLONASS but are against the notion of additional expenses and consistency topics linked with the utilization of a peripheral GLONASS component.

Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development at SkyWave, David Sward observed, "The DMR-800L with GLONASS/GPS allows fleet and vessel owners to address current asset tracking and monitoring needs with a low cost, reliable and GLONASS-compliant solution."

"MVS welcomes SkyWave's GLONASS capable product as a very effective means of meeting Russia's requirements for vessel, rail car and truck tracking" noted Nadezhda Nesterenko, Deputy General Director "Morsviazsputnik", Russia's top contributor of Inmarsat functions.

For additional facts on SkyWave Mobile Communications, one may go to http://SkyWave.com.

World’s Top Hotel Brands Opt for Contextual Publicity with TripAdvisor

Recently, TripAdvisor®, the globally famed organization noted for its travel suggestions to tourists, proclaimed that the top hotel brands of the globe have opted for TripAdvisor as their associate for contextual promotion. The leading five hotel brands all over the world together with nine of the foremost, utilize the expertise of TripAdvisor for promoting their establishments.

TripAdvisor, is the globe’s biggest and most loyal online travel source boasting of over 25 million visitors every month, 11 million members who are enlisted, and 30 million appraisals and views,. TripAdvisor has earned the reputation as the unquestionable pioneer in voyage facts by offering its members with the most wide-ranging, neutral, and reliable facts on voyage on the web for holiday rentals, restaurants, hotels, and charming places of attractions all over the globe.

TripAdvisor offers exclusive opportunities to guarantee appropriate and flawless communication within allied facts on travel for those trying to promote their brands. Owners of hotels can select property explicit publicity together with tourist evaluation as well as photograph, or greater search objective. The Check Rates use, which permits synchronized cost evaluation across numerous booking sites, makes available superior guidance to advertisers. Leading hotel groups time and again select TripAdvisor to change travel researchers to visitors when they come across the extremely useful content offered by the site.

"We enjoy building creative solutions to help achieve our partners' online marketing goals and we're thrilled to deliver stellar results for the world's top hotel brands," observed senior vice president of advertising at TripAdvisor, Robin Ingle.

Business Listings is the most recent way out for hotel groups as well as other assets to promote themselves on TripAdvisor, permitting space to augment their listings with their e-mail address, URL, telephone number, to become visible on TripAdvisor sites commencing January 4, 2010. The listings for which fees are charged symbolize a novel prospect for asset organizers to promptly link with millions of research tourists, altering prospective clients to paying visitors. Those willing to utilize the exclusive opportunity can go to www.tripadvisor.com/businesslistings.

Volvo Offers Unique Touch Screen Rear Seat Entertainment System

The Chicago Auto Show on February 11, 2010 will feature the launch of the 2010 Volvo XC70 and will be the first of its kind in the sector boasting of Internet linked Rear Seat Entertainment System with Windows XP, WiFi as well as a 500G hard drive. This novel creation will permit clients to surf the Internet; download applications to customize their Volvo according to their way of life while benefiting from video as well as unrestricted music download utilizing a digital touch screen. The RSEi-500(TM) will as well permit clients to link their automobile to their computer at their residence thereby enabling video, audio as well as extra home data content to be relocated without difficulty to the vehicle's on board computer.

Volvo Cars of North America has teamed up with Azentek Corporation and Gracenote® to launch this groundbreaking creation. The Chicago Auto Show exhibition will try to optimize this novel expertise by adjusting the turbocharged speeds of Sprint 4G by means of its novel Overdrive(TM) 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot.

"The RSEi-500 has set a new standard for the Rear Seat Entertainment industry. This fully integrated Multimedia RSE allows customers to surf the Internet, enjoy Mobile TV and watch videos, while boasting the industry's first interactive audio library and video exploration experience enabled by Gracenote and its partners, all from the back seat of their Volvo XC70," revealed Jack Lawson, Product Manager at VCNA further observing, "These technological properties are what we know appeal to the discerning electronics buyers and owners of Volvo vehicles."

2010 Digital Signage Expo to Showcase WEGENER’s Novel Digital Signage Solution

Wegener Corporation, a major contributor of gadgets for audio, television, as well as data allocation system globally, has proclaimed the launch of a novel Digital Signage solution customized to create and organize convincing, specialized messages. WEGENER® will exhibit the solution at the 2010 Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, stall #1957 and in the event’s new product exhibition area.

The launch fortifies WEGENER's assurance to customers within Digital Out-of-Home Networks, Banking, Advertising Agencies, Corporate Communications, , Healthcare, Houses of Worship, Retail and Systems Integration to sustain several customers, promotion areas and functions concurrently. Customers will be provided with novel gadgets to organize screen layouts as well as plan local video, text progression as well as graphics.

The end-to-end Digital Signage resolution comprises WEGENER's CompelConnect.com(TM) SaaS (software-as-service) system management as well as iPump® media players. CompelConnect.com progresses on a custom of administering carefully- aimed content allocation with sequencing numerous, free, connected panes of graphics and text facts. It makes available tough back up synchronizing flawless joining of high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video - both live as well as file-oriented - along with amalgamated techniques of content allocation. WEGENER iPump media players offer superior class, stable video as well as graphic output anchored on WEGENER's skill utilizing 100,000+ media gadgets and constant functions within digital signage, radio as well as television networks. WEGENER's digital signage resolution is probably going to be available all through the 1st half of 2010.

StopFraud.gov Started By Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

President Obama's Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force has revealed the commencement of StopFraud.gov. StopFraud.gov is a one-stop shop for the American populace to know how to safeguard them from fraud and to convey it anywhere and how it takes place. It will act as a center of information about the task force's actions.

President Obama founded the interagency Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force to launch forceful, synchronized and positive attempts to look into and act against financial offenses. The task force comprises representatives from a wide array of federal agencies, inspectors general, state and local law enforcement regulatory authorities, who, functioning together, offer an authoritative range of criminal and civil enforcement assets.

Robb Adkins, Executive Director of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force observed, "The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force is the broadest coalition of law enforcement, investigatory and regulatory agencies ever assembled to combat fraud, but one of our best partners in the fight is a vigilant, informed public," adding, "Throughout government there are resources to help hardworking, honest Americans protect themselves from fraud and report fraud, and StopFraud.gov will connect the public with those valuable tools."

Tom Ridge Joins TPCS

September 8: Tamper Proof Container Systems (TPCS), a security expertise solutions contributor located in Massachusetts, focussing in the areas of port as well as container safety, pipeline along with infrastructure protection, and nuclear non-proliferation endeavor, has named Tom Ridge, president and CEO of Ridge Global, a global risk administration and security organization, to its Board of Directors. The two companies will merge Ridge Global's superlative knowledge in security and operational continuity with TPCS's novel expertise solution to alleviate security fear and augment cargo loss deterrence facility.

Ridge, the first U.S. secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and ex- governor of Pennsylvania, teams up with board members Dr. Gilbert D. Beinhocker, chairman and CEO of TPCS, and Leonard Phillips. Beinhocker as well as Phillips are the original creators of TPCS.

"We are delighted to welcome Secretary Ridge to the TPCS board," noted Beinhocker adding, "He and his expert team at Ridge Global have a deep, multi-disciplined knowledge base that will enable TPCS to accelerate commercial progress in the global security market."

"I am pleased to join the board of TPCS," observed Ridge asserting, "TPCS has made great inroads in the development and application of intrusion detection technologies, which are vital to meeting today's increasingly sophisticated security challenges. Ridge Global and TPCS look forward to working together to bring these end-to-end supply chain security innovations to market."

TPCS-UK, the operational wing of the Intrusion Detection System Manufacturing Group, has a security expertise range expanded with the support of a number of British security services, and obtained a Level 8 security grade on numerous tests, from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) in the United Kingdom.

"Our intrusion detection product received LPCB's highest security rating. Level 8 means, among other things, after a full day of testing, the LPCB could not defeat the TPCS intrusion detection solution," Beinhocker affirmed.

Credit Suisse's 1st Annual Small Cap Conference To Feature SuccessFactors Chief Financial Officer

SuccessFactors, Inc. proclaimed that Bruce Felt, Chief Financial Officer of the company, will be present at Credit Suisse's 1st Annual Small Cap Conference on Wednesday, September 15 in Boston, MA.Mr. Felt will be there at 8:50 AM (EDT) / 5:50 AM (PDT). SuccessFactors' Investor Relations website http://www.successfactors.com/investor will offer a live audio webcast.

SuccessFactors is the worldwide expert in Business Execution Software. The SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite, which is made available via the cloud, augments trade configuration, group accomplishment together with people action to compel results for organizations of all kinds. Spread over 168 nations along with 34 languages, over 8 million customers as well as 3,000 companies leverage SuccessFactors on a daily basis, up from roughly 300,000 customers and 100 companies in 2003. BizX narrows the variance between tactic and achievement by permitting each person in an establishment to accomplish against their objectives enhanced and quicker. SuccessFactors' current acquirement of Inform and CubeTree supplement SuccessFactors' core BizX approach with integrated solutions that completely assists SuccessFactors' work of serving companies get job completed by offering sturdy trade insight and superior teamwork. To find out more, one may log on to www.successfactors.com

Fly.com gets rid of Airline Baggage Fee uncertainty

Fly.com™, the globe’s most easy to utilize airfare search engine, at present catalogs baggage fees for chief airlines. This is a major area of concern for tourists as millions of Americans prepare to confirm bags this holiday tour season. The new characteristic, coming into view within the search results of Fly.com, evidently catalogs fees for every flight, assisting vacationers review the right expenditure of their trip.

"Baggage fees are very confusing and costly. Travelers with bags should definitely research before they book if they want to save money," observed Justin Soffer, vice president and general manager of Fly.com, adding, "For example, non-stop flights from New York to Ft. Lauderdale this December on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways currently cost just $100 one way. On the surface, all prices are equal. But American charges $70 for two bags, Delta charges $55 and JetBlue charges $30. So the real prices for passengers with two bags can vary by as much as $40. That isn't so obvious when you take an initial look at the ticket price."

Soffer as well furthermore noted that tourists may be charged less if they pay the baggage fees online as an alternative to making the payment at the airport. Fly.com catalogs the difference in fee between advance and airport purchase.

Bigpoint Appends Major Online Games to the Chrome Web Store

December 8: Bigpoint (http://www.bigpoint.com) - the worldwide pioneer in browser-anchored massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) – has proclaimed that its most well-liked free-to-play games are obtainable in the Chrome Web Store. Bigpoint has appended Farmerama, DarkOrbit, Seafight, along with Zoomumba to the online market, all Flash-based titles that jointly have acquired more than 100+ million registered users globally. In 2011, Bigpoint will append Unity-based titles to the Chrome Web Store, together with Ruined Online.

Heiko Hubertz, CEO and Founder, Bigpoint observed, "Since 2002, Bigpoint has grown quickly around the world by integrating our content into leading game portals, media networks, and online marketplaces." He furthermore stated, “Adding our most-popular games to the Chrome Web Store will further grow our diverse community of users in the US and beyond."

Bigpoint allocates its games via more than 1000 exclusive destinations worldwide. The company restricts its substance into over 30 languages, and earns profits from in-game micro-transactions in more than 180 countries. By means of its worldwide contact, Bigpoint appends approximately 250,000 fresh users each day.

The Chrome Web Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore) is an online market where users can look for, browse and utilize web-anchored functions as well as expansions. From efficiency equipment to research sites to interactive games, the Chrome Web Store assist customers locate the supreme function on the web. First unveiled in the fall of 2008, the Chrome web browser has become famous globally for its speed, effortlessness as well as safety. With a smooth customer interface, avant-garde speed enhancements along with novel safety construction, Chrome allows customers surf the modern web more rapidly and securely compared to earlier times.

Three Creative Bars & Restaurants to Be Awarded 500 Custom Magnets by Magnets.com

December 8: Bars, restaurants as well as pizza stores currently have the chance to win 500 custom tailored magnets to elevate their company by means of Magnets.com's most recent bargain.

The victor will get 500 free 4" x 6" custom promotional magnets, and two runners up will both be accorded 500 free of charge 2" x 3.5" custom magnets.

Bars, restaurants as well as pizza stores only have to reply to one query – "What would you do with 500 magnets?" Contestants should reply in 250 words or above and send it to their Web site or blog.

Applications will be received from December 15, 2010 to February 15, 2011 and the three victors will be revealed on February 28th. One may long on to http://www.magnets.com/magnets_giveaway for further details.

Real estate agents, can search for Real Estate Magnets bargains to be listed in the spring of 2011. For additional facts on realtor magnets one may visit http://www.magnets.com/Real-Estate-Magnets_c_335.

About Magnets.com Since 1997 Magnets.com, based in Jersey City, NJ has ostentatiously created the premier quality, custom American made promotional refrigerator magnets together with business card magnets, real estate magnets, shape magnets, as well as save the date wedding magnets .With industry foremost client oriented service and viable, affordable costs, it's no surprise 50,000 global clients rely on Magnets.com for all their custom promotional magnet requirements. For additional facts one may go to t http://www.magnets.com.

GTEC obtains Revolving Credit Facility Of $100 Million

Global Defense Technology & Systems, a contributor of mission-critical expertise-oriented networks, resolutions and usages for countrywide security agencies as well as programs of the U.S. government, agreed to a $100 million revolving credit facility on December 10, 2010 with a group of banks controlled by SunTrust Bank and Wells Fargo. The facility matures on December 10, 2013 and offers GTEC with the liberty to implement the acquirement of Signature Government Solutions, LLC, which is anticipated to end prior to the conclusion of the fourth quarter of 2010. The new revolving credit facility boasts of $40 million accordion trait to make allowances for further growth as required in the future and substitutes the earlier $50 million contract entered into in February 2010. The new revolving credit facility will facilitate GTEC to finance sustained organic expansion as well as accomplish prospective future tactical acquirement corresponding to its expansion tactic.

Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc. offers mission-critical expertise-oriented networks, resolutions and usages for countrywide security agencies and programs of the US government. The activities and resolutions are vital components of mission-critical programs administered by the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Department of Homeland Security, federal law enforcement agencies and supplementary components of the federal government entrusted with countrywide security tasks. For additional facts on GTEC one may go to www.gtec-inc.com.

Carfax Reports Offered by GetAuto.com to Online Shoppers

February6:GetAuto.com is augmenting its well-liked automotive consumer portal with Carfax Vehicle History Reports. Online shoppers will get free of charge Carfax Reports connected to vehicles catalogued by Carfax-subscribing dealers. Encompassing a Carfax Report assists in dealer list stand out from the contest and significantly affects an online shopper's dealer choice. "Our partnership with Carfax is in line with our overall strategy to provide a full set of services and tools for the visitors to our web site," noted Owen Griffin, general manager of GetAuto.com further stating, "Carfax Reports help shoppers make better decisions and help attract more customers to the dealers we support." When a dealer buys a Carfax Report, GetAuto.com makes it easily-obtainable straight from the catalogue on both the vehicle exploration results and details pages. Vehicle account showcases from Carfax as well become visible on these pages, offering prospective purchasers a concise outline of vital facts for example possession account as well as reported disaster. With a lone mouse click, the complete Carfax Report can be seen for at no cost. "Buyers today expect to find Carfax Reports available wherever they shop," observed Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax adding.” Providing this information up front is proven to build buyer confidence and help cars sell faster. GetAuto.com is giving dealers the resources they need to sell more successfully online."

Mobile Website Free to Every Franchised Dealership in U.S Being Offered by Reynolds

February 6: The Reynolds together with Reynolds Company revealed that Reynolds Web Solutions will give its primary mobile website solution free of charge to all U.S. franchised dealers, not considering their dealership management system (DMS) or website contributor. The fundamental mobile website allows dealers to effortlessly allocate significant characteristics of their conventional website, comprising novel as well as used vehicle account along with dealership contact details, with clients utilizing mobile equipment to browse the Web. Mobile websites from Reynolds Web Solutions are specifically created to exhibit optimally on any Web-enabled mobile gadget, on any cell phone carrier.

This scheme enlarges on the company’s previous statement to offer a free of charge mobile website to all Reynolds Web Solutions WebMakerX® clients.

“In the past 12 months, the ‘mobile revolution’ has really continued to take shape with more and more consumers choosing mobile as their preferred method for browsing the Web, in addition to their preferred method of communication,” observed Trey Hiers, vice president of Marketing for Reynolds furthering noting, “By offering a no-charge mobile website to every franchised dealer in the U.S., we’re helping dealers quickly and easily expand their digital presence by extending their online showroom from desktop PCs to mobile devices, and in turn, making it easier for consumers to learn about the dealer’s products and services anytime, anywhere.”

A mobile website is one of the basic edifice of a dealer’s digital marketing tactic. For dealerships who desire to enlarge their mobile existence further than the free mobile site, Reynolds Web Solutions gives several automotive digital marketing solutions as well as functions to assist dealers in coming into close contact with a greater number of clients and get the most excellent business advantage from their digital incidence.

“The free mobile website offering from Reynolds is one more example of the momentum we have in applying our programming capabilities, technology know-how, and retail automotive experience to make the Web an even more productive extension of every dealership in reaching consumers, building customer relationships, and delivering results for dealers,” stated Hiers.

Reynolds Web Solutions gives the gadgets that assist dealerships form as well as administer their total digital marketing tactic. These gadgets comprise award-winning car mobile marketing, dealer websites, paid search, inventory management, as well as service department solutions, as well as optimized SEO, social marketing, and digital reputation management services – all of which are targeted at assisting dealers take the best possible advantage of their digital existence.

For further details one may go to http://reynoldswebsolutions.com

PerkinElmer Unveils Sophisticated in Vivo Imaging Facility at IISER ,Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India PerkinElmer, Inc., a worldwide pioneer dedicated to innovating for a healthier world, has revealed PerkinElmer Indias unveiling of an Advanced In Vivo Imaging Facility at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune. Boasting of novel testing and analysis solutions, the laboratory will assist in enlightening the present and future scientists of the region on progressive small animal imaging expertise which can aid propel findings in oncology, toxicology, infectious disease and more. This unique facility, which will also host an India-wide event yearly, joins the established PerkinElmer Centre of Excellence at IISER Pune which encompasses content analysis and automated liquid handling workstations, multispectral imaging and DNA/RNA analysis expertise. The novel In Vivo facility will comprise PerkinElmer’s: QuantumTM GX2 microCT imaging system for longitudinal studies, used with AccuCT™ software to conduct bone, pulomary and soft tissue analysis. IVIS® SpectrumTM in vivo imaging system, for high throughput with full tomographic optical imaging, plus Imaging Wizard oftware for 3D data analysis, visualization and reporting. VICTOR® NIVO™ multimode microplate reader. As stated by Jayashree Thacker, President India, South Asia and Emerging Markets, PerkinElmer, In Vivo imaging plays a profound role in advancing molecular and physiological research across disease models. Our latest collaboration with IISER Pune helps expose more researchers to it and is another step in supporting the scientific goals of the Skill India campaign. She further observed, This latest effort also continues to expand PerkinElmer’s presence as a strong innovator in India and to further grow our important relationships with leading in-country research organizations. Addressing the guests at the facilitys inaugural event, Prof. Jayant B. Udgaonkar, Director, IISER Pune observed, This newest facility further enhances the institute’s efforts towards strengthening academic-industry collaborations. This in vivo imaging facility is a great addition to our ongoing partnership with PerkinElmer and will aid in expanding the scope of our research focus to physiological relevance. About PerkinElmer and PerkinElmer in India With an objective aimed at innovating for a healthier world, PerkinElmer allows scientists, researchers and clinicians to cope up with their most crucial problems in science and health by offering exclusive instrument, informatics and service solutions for sophisticated testing and analysis. Since 1981, PerkinElmer has worked with clients in India, covering a broad array of markets consisting of pharmaceutical, food, life science, diagnostics and applied markets. PerkinElmer started direct operations in India in 2004 and presently has over 10,000 clients and over 550 employees in India. Worldwide, its devoted squad consists of 13,000 workers across 180 nations. Further facts are obtainable at www.perkinelmer.com. About IISER Pune The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune is a teaching and research institute founded in 2006 by the MHRD, Govt of India with the fundamental objective of integrating high quality research with undergraduate teaching to enhance science education in India and to improve the number and quality of future researchers of the nation. The institute offers a 5-year BS-MS dual degree programme, Integrated-PhD programmes for bachelor level students, and PhD programmes for Masters level students in several branches of science and mathematics. Positioned 23 in the 2019 National Institutional Ranking Framework, IISER Pune is among the key research and teaching organisations in India. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

Kantar and VTION™ Reveal Association to Provide India’s First Nonstop ‘OTT Audience Measurement’ Solution

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Kantar, the top data, insights and consulting company of the globe has entered into an association with VTIONTM to roll out ‘OTT Audience Measurement’, India’s First, Real-Time Audience Measurement Solution that reshape audience measurement. The combined, go-to-market offering merges Kantar’s specialisation in media measurement and Consumer insights with VTIONTM’s proprietary audience measurement expertise and data management framework to furnish an exclusive, thorough comprehension of audience behaviour, vision for communication planning as well evaluation of ROI for media investments across OTT Video platforms, OTT Audio Streaming & Podcasting and Broadcast Radio FM Platforms. Speaking about the new association, Hemant Mehta, Managing Director, Insights Division, Kantar observed, “With consumers moving seamlessly across screens, it is imperative that their behaviour across different media platforms is tracked comprehensively. The explosion in smart phone ownership, availability of affordable data plans and launch of multiple OTT based media options, have resulted in consumers increasingly spending time on their phones and seek their entertainment solutions. OTT platforms have broken the shackles of linear broadcasting and are changing consumers’ entertainment and media consumption habits. With the launch of OTT Audience Measurement solution, we hope to provide rich insights into audience profiles, their content and platform preferences as well as give guidelines for communication planning and activation. We are confident that our partnership with VTIONTM will bring immense value for all the constituents of the industry – content creators, platforms, brand owners and media planners.” Giving his views on the engagement, Manoj Dawane, Founder & CEO of VTIONTM revealed, “Today, more than half of the world’s population has the power of smartphones. This is profoundly changing the way in which consumers are satisfying their entertainment needs by using their devices to discover and consume content of their choice as per their convenience. At VTIONTM, we, are utilising this power to study their entertainment consumption habits. Our mission is to bring to the market a real-time audience measurement powered by latest technology. Our partnership with Kantar and our proprietary data management framework, which utilizes advanced Machine Learning algorithms, will significantly enhance consumer understanding and add new layer of intelligence for the industry.” About Kantar Kantar is the key data, insights and consulting company of the globe.The organisation comprehends more about how people think, feel, shop, share, vote and view than anyone else. Merging its technology in human understanding with sophisticated expertise, Kantar’s 30,000 people assists the the top organizations flourish and expand. About VTION VTIONTM is an Audience Measurement & Analytics company which utilizes patent applied expertise to evaluate and review consumption of OTT Video, OTT Audio, Podcasting & Broadcast Radio FM on smart devices. The ubiquitous smartphone has become the chosen screen for infotainment and content consumption worldwide. VTION’s SDK/App, once downloaded and installed post consent on their smart devices by clients, evaluates and reviews data which is published on a modern Analytics & Business Intelligence Dashboard in Real Time.

L&T Technology Services Ltd Creates the World’s Foremost Economic Robotic Endo-training Kit

LTTS commended at 8th Foundation Day of Global Innovation & Technology Alliance Bangalore, Karnataka, India L&T Technology Services Limited, India’s top pure-play engineering services company, was lauded for its Robotic Endo-training Kit at the 8th Foundation Day of Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA) recently at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi. Hon’ble Minister of Science & Technology, Health and Family Welfare and Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan was the Chief Guest, Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Government of India and Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, were the Guests of Honour. LTTS was acknowledged for creating the globe's first economic Robotic Endo-training Kit, in collaboration with GITA and Department of Science and Technology (DST). The research and development for the kit has been a combined endeavour between India and the Republic of Korea. LTTS’ Robotic Endo-training Kit is a futuristic surgical training robot that provides a high-definition vision of the patient’s anatomy and the instruments - Master Tool Manipulator, Patient Side Manipulator, Endoscopic Camera Arm, Liver VR Feed - have a seven-degree variety of movements to enhance the exactness of surgical expertises. This kit is produced at a low expense and hence it can be utilized by numerous hospitals or even in smaller clinics to train on inanimate material. Dr. Ramalingam, one of the nation's top Laparoscopic Urologists, has been a guide and mentor from the commencement of the scheme, and was instrumental in making it a success. Mr. Muralidhara Hosahalli, Global Head of Medical & Life Sciences at L&T Technology Services remarked, “LTTS’ Robotic Endo-training Kit is a state-of-the-art technology that offers superior vision, improved flexibility, greater accuracy and ergonomic support to surgeons. Through this association with GITA and the Department of Science and Technology we have been able to contribute towards the massive technological shift that is transforming the Indian healthcare industry. Evolving technology is the need of the hour and LTTS’ Robotic Endo-trainer kit helps surgeons to get trained in carrying out most of the complex operations with great precision, flexibility and power as compared to conventional methods.” Ms Ratika Jain, CEO, GITA commented, “One of our objectives is to analyze and promote evolving technologies available globally in partnership with global corporates who are leaders in technology. The strategic collaboration with L&T Technology Services on the Robotic Endo-Trainer is part of our vision to strengthen India’s innovation ecosystem. We believe such collaborations are the basis for a more sustainable, technologically advanced and economic development and thank LTTS for lending their rich domain expertise in engineering medical devices.” About L&T Technology Services Ltd L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a listed ancillary unit of Larsen & Toubro Limited concentrated on Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services. The company offers consultancy, design, advancement and testing services across the product and procedure development life cycle. The client base consists of 69 Fortune 500 companies and 51 of the globe's leading ER&D companies, across industrial products, medical gadgets, transportation, telecom & hi-tech, and the process industries. Headquartered in India, the company has in excess of 16,700 employees spread across 17 worldwide design centers, 28 worldwide sales offices and 49 innovation labs as of September 30, 2019. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

Cloud4C Acknowledged as Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Contributor

The acknowledgement endorses Cloud4C’s end-to-end Cloud Managed Services expertise in assisting customers by designing, migrating, operating, and optimizing their Azure investments. Singapore Cloud4C, a Global Cloud Managed Services Provider revealed that it has obtained Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider status from Microsoft. Cloud4C is one of the most recent Cloud Managed Services Providers worldwide to be acknowledged as an Azure Expert MSP. The Azure Expert MSP acknowledgement credits a cloud solution provider who has proven technology and differentiation in the marketplace highlighting competencies across Azure services in assisting clients navigate cloud landscape competently. Cloud4C was acknowledged as an Azure Expert MSP based on the company’s company's technology across datacenter advancement services, cloud migration and managed services, SAP hosting services, business continuity, advisory services, enhanced security management methods, and continuous enhancement methodologies for Azure customers. Cloud4C will persist to fortify its association with Microsoft to provide end-to-end services to permit enterprises to migrate and manage workloads on Azure. With this association, Cloud4C’s Migration factory built for Azure will assist enterprises in enhancing their applications and Databases flawlessly to the cloud. With expert capabilities for OpenSource databases like PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, etc., and tailor made commercial database management services are permitting enterprises to change on a economic model while giving flexibility and agility to the clients' IT's ecosystem. Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder & CEO at Cloud4C, observed, "Our latest achievement is a testament to the depth of our Microsoft expertise and capabilities. We are committed to delivering value-based business outcomes by staying true to our ‘Total Ownership Philosophy’ and helping enterprises seamlessly deploy and manage workloads on Microsoft Azure. Our deep technical expertise as a certified Azure Expert MSP allows customers to focus on their core business functions and trust us with managing the intricacies of cloud.” Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp. commented, “We developed the Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider program to validate and recognize our most accomplished and qualified partners to drive growth for customers. With this recognition, Cloud4C has demonstrated their expertise and commitment to deliver premium managed services on Azure.” With 600+ Azure Certified experts and serving 3500+ enterprises on cloud, Cloud4C is allowing clients to obtain flawless digital cloud journeys with exclusive solution presentng across SAP core Banking, E-commerce, Big Data & analytics, Cyber security, Open Source Databases, AI/ML, Hybrid Cloud, Devops, Automation, IOT, Blockchain and App Modernization on Azure. ABOUT CLOUD4C Cloud4C is a chosen Cloud Evolution Partner to 3500 enterprises consisting of 60 of Fortune 500 companies’. Cloud4C has in excess of 1800 certified specialists with presence across 25 nations managing mission vital workloads across public, private and hybrid cloud platforms. Cloud4C has furnished 1 billion managed services hours with experience in migrating and managing over 25000 applications and databases on to cloud driven by AIOps and 24X7 ML enabled monitoring. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

Wipro acknowledged as Leading Recruiter 2020 in Australia

Sydney, Australia & Bangalore, Karnataka, India Wipro Limited, a top worldwide information technology, consulting and business procedure services company, revealed that it has been acknowledged by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer in Australia, for 2020. The Top Employers Institute Global Certification Programme is a premier certification in the region and has acknowledged over 1500 Top Employers in 118 nations across five continents. The evaluation is anchored on an HR Best Practice Survey that includes more than 100 questions covering 600 ‘People Development’ practices across 10 subjects. These consist of: Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition, On-boarding, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Career & Succession Management, Compensation & Benefits and Culture. Organizations certified as Top Employers furnish the very best working environment for employees by means of their advanced ‘people-first’ HR practices. David Plink, CEO, Top Employers Institute observed, “To become recognised as a Top Employer, an organisation will have to prove that the implementation of their people strategies enriches the world of work of their employees. The certified participants are a shining example of a dedication to people practices as they continuously commit to empowering their employees for a better world of work. Congratulations!” Manoj Nagpaul, Senior Vice President, Head Asia Pacific and Japan, Wipro Limited remarked, “At Wipro, we believe our biggest asset is our people. We are committed to provide the best employee experience and foster a culture that nurtures talent. It is our continuous endeavour to adopt people practices that are innovative, human centric and help our people realise their potential. This is a great moment for us and I would like to congratulate all our partners, clients and employees who made this journey possible for us.” About Top Employers Institute Top Employers Institute is the worldwide authority on acknowledging brilliance in people practices. The company assists in expediting these practices to enhance the sphere of work. By means of the Top Employers Institute certification programme, participating companies can be authenticated, certified and acknowledged as an employer of preference. Founded over 28 years ago, Top Employers Institute has certified over 1500 organisations in 118 nations. These certified Top Employers positively influence the lives of over 6,000,000 employees worldwide. About Wipro Limited Wipro Limited, is a top worldwide information technology, consulting and business procedure services company. The company utilizes the strength of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and developing expertise to assist its customers adjust to the digital world and make them successful. A company acknowledged worldwide for its thorough range of services, robust dedication to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, it has more than 175,000 devoted employees serving customers across six continents. Together, the company discover ideas and links the dots to create a superior and a strong new future. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

Kantar Unveils the Commencement of #PlanetY, a Thorough Research on Youth Furnishing Actionable Visions to Engage With Centennials & Gen Z

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Kantar, the globe's top data, insights and consulting company has in recent times started #PlanetY, a study giving a thorough understanding of the behaviours, values and approaches of present day youth. The research reveals enhanced visions of two generations – Centennials and Millennials; based on comprehensive interviews with over 7500 upmarket youngsters (15-29-year olds) across metros and mini metros. Foremost client segmentation and communication planning gadget that will assist marketers to design focused communication plans while reaching out to the Youth Marketers can flawlessly comprehend the lifestyle, behaviours and the digital life of present day Youth which will assist in engaging with this segment of clients in their own language #PlanetY deals with numerous aspects of their personality varying from their approaches & behavior, digital talent, shopping behaviour, leisure & lifestyle, entertainment alternatives, food habits & media consumption patterns. The study gives enhanced and actionable visions to marketers to comprehend their clients better as well as to find out ways for marketing tactics for this lucrative consumer sector. The research explores their views, values and mindsets across over 200 subjects which assists to comprehend their psyche. To the marketers, these would give stimulations to develop and custom craft communication proposals for their brands. Another vital sphere that has been explored is the youngsters’ fiscal literacy and orientation to towards money and wealth generation via an in-depth scanning of their investment patterns across several financial instruments, utilisation of online wallets, saving vs. spending acumen, etc. #PlanetY also comprehensively deals with client attitudes spanning over 50 types consisting of categories like automobiles including urban mobility solutions. A big part of the study is devoted to comprehending the digital life of these clients. It as well attempts to decode the function of digital influencers as well as undertakes a deep dive into usage of online entertainment alternatives for example OTT, music, gaming, etc. Speaking about the research, Hemant Mehta, MD, Insights Division, South Asia, Kantar, observed, “Centennials and GenZ are increasingly becoming key consumer segments for the marketers. Selling to the youth is a challenge faced by every brand today. With youth leading their lives online and through their smart phones, it is imperative that marketers understand the various touch points in their target consumers’ lives as well as decode the distinct roles that different digital properties play. This led us to design a comprehensive study like #PlanetY which tries to decode this consumer segment in a never before seen level of granularity. We are confident that this will help marketers understand their young consumers better and connect with them innovatively.” By ANJISHNU BISWAS

L&T Technology Services Unveils Aerospace & Defense Engineering Design Center in Rockford, Illinois

Rockford, Ill., United States & Bangalore, Karnataka, India L&T Technology Services Limited , a top worldwide pure-play engineering utility company, revealed it has unveiled a design engineering center in Rockford, Illinois (USA) to cope up with new age digital necessity of the aerospace and defense markets. The most recent endeavour will permit LTTS to further build on the space attained by the company in the aerospace sector all over the world. This center of brilliance will deal with the development of high-performance engineering solutions for worldwide aerospace and defense expertise players. The facility will have a squad of more than 100 engineers with technology in digital engineering, systems engineering and avionics design. The center was unveiled by Mr. Stan Kottke, Vice President of Electric Power Systems, Collins Aerospace, Senator Dave Syverson and Mr. Tom McNamara, Mayor, Rockford City, IL, in the presence of Dr. Keshab Panda, CEO & Managing Director, L&T Technology Services and other top industry officials. The 130-seater center of excellence is LTTS’ sixth design center in the United States. In July this year, LTTS was chosen by Collins Aerospace to furnish enhanced aerospace and defense service requirements. LTTS’ clear advantages in the aerospace landscape consist of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms) Compliance, certified cutting-edge, robust worldwide client base, powerful lab & testing infrastructure and tactical collaborations with Fortune 500 companies. The company’s offerings to the aerospace segment includes a broad range consisting of aero engine, aero structure & systems, avionics, air traffic management and new-age disruptive digital transformation solutions which cope up with the requirements of all stages of the Aircraft Lifecycle- design, generation and aftermarket services. “The new center of excellence serves as a testament to LTTS’ commitment to continued innovation and advanced capabilities in the aerospace and defense realms,” observed, Keshab Panda, CEO & Managing Director at L&T Technology Services Limited, adding "Through this investment, we will leverage our expertise in systems engineering and deliver differentiated value to our customers,” he said. Mr. Tom McNamara, Mayor, City of Rockford, commented, “Rockford has always been at the forefront of manufacturing and aerospace. We’re thrilled that L&T Technology Services will continue to build on that legacy by creating a hub for new digital opportunities for the aero and defense industries and further bolstering the business environment in this region.” About L&T Technology Services Ltd L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a listed ancillary unit of Larsen & Toubro Limited concentrated on Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services. The company provides consultancy, design, development and testing services across the product and process development life cycle. The client base of the company consists of 69 Fortune 500 companies and 51 of the globe's leading ER&D companies, across industrial products, medical gadgets, transportation, telecom & hi-tech, and the process industries. With its headquarters in India, the company has in excess of 15,900 employees spread across 17 worldwide design centers, 28 worldwide sales offices and 49 innovation labs as of June 30, 2019. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

JICA Guides Young Leaders of India in Renewable Energy Development Via Its Knowledge Co-Creation Program; Developing green energy solutions by empowering pioneers of the future

TOKYO, Japan JICA is mentoring Young Leaders of India in Renewable Energy Development via its Knowledge Co-Creation Program in Japan. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is functioning in the direction of building capacities of India’s renewable energy segment by coaching young pioneers via its Knowledge Co-Creation Program, which enhances human resource advancement in developing nations across segments. Under the program, 6 aspiring leaders, who will become country's expansion propellers of the future, were invited to Japan for 17 days (November 17, 2019– December 3, 2019) to learn fundamental expertises and systems in the sphere of renewable energy, which contribute to future problem-solving endeavours and enhance their familiarity of development topics in their own nation for example decrease of air pollution, resulting in superior living environment. The program was organized in Kitakyusyu, which is one of the most developed zones to develop clean energy in Japan with the historical backdrop and the city also attempts to create a “smart community.” Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Katsuo Matsumoto, Chief Representative, JICA India Office observed, “We recognize the need for clean energy solutions and thus promote construction of social systems to make effective use of green resources. Our aim is to lend expertise in renewable energy and find sustainable substitutes for energy production in India. As part of KCC program, we need to encourage and sensitize future young leader to minimize the effects of polluting energy resources.” This program includes fundamental lectures and field visits of each renewable energy expertise for solar power generation, solar heat usage, wind power generation, small hydropower generation, biomass power generation, and geothermal generation. The lectures will showcase, efficient utilization expertise of renewable energy by storage battery and smart grid, creation of social systems to make efficient utilisation of hydrogen, Japan's problems in low carbon societies and renewable energy, policy case study on revitalizing local communities utilizing renewable energy and binary cycle generation. Apart fromt the Knowledge Co-Creation program, In the energy segment, JICA has also extended Official Development Assistance loan of 1,559 billion Japanese Yen (approx. 1,040 Crores) cumulatively since 1958 to improve energy availability in India and is backing Energy Projects in India across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Meghalaya, West Bengal and various other cities. JICA has provided concessional loans to Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) to cover in excess of 36 sub-projects in wind, solar and small hydro segments. In excess of 90 billion Yen (approx. INR. 6,000 crore) loan in financing Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), to cover over 5,000 sub-projects for enhancing energy competencies in SME segment. An aid to IIFCL of 50 billion JPY (approx. INR 3,300 crore) has been by JICA to strengthen Public-Private Partnership based infrastructure development made for infrastructure development chiefly in the sphere of non-fossil power schemes. About JICA Founded, by a particular law, as an incorporated administrative institution under the Government of Japan, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) targets to contribute to the improvement of international cooperation, as a sole Japanese governmental agency in control of ODA execution. JICA is the world's largest bilateral donor agency. JICA functions as a link between Japan and emerging countries, and gives aid in forms of loan, grant and technical cooperation so that the emerging nations can fotify their abilities. JICA has 27 forestry and natural resource management schemes in India and has provided an ODA loan of 270 billion Japanese Yen since 1991/92 towards the Sector. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

ServiceNow Enhances DxSherpa Expertise to Premier Collaboration Level, Augments Capability and Efficiency

Pune, Maharashtra, India DxSherpa Technologies, one of the swiftest-expanding and chosen ServiceNow associates has revealed that it has obtained a Premier level collaboration within a month after becoming a Specialist Partner of ServiceNow. This has become possible because of the company's devoted, novel and experienced team attitude which has now reached 200+ skilled consultants in ServiceNow space. DxSherpa Technologies is an Enterprise Service Management Consulting and Outsourcing services company that furnishes its services in nearly all the quadrants of the ServiceNow wheel and also Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services to its clients worldwide. The ServiceNow collaboration has permitted DxSherpa Technologies to furnish clients with cloud-based progressive automation and procedure workflow competencies in a single platform for managing service relationships not only within IT but also all over the enterprise. “We have experienced tremendous success with ServiceNow cloud solution in providing customers with an efficient service management solution. We are excited about the new partnership which brings new opportunities for us to serve customers”, observed Rachna Barsagade, Director – DxSherpa Technologies. DxSherpa Technologies is presently catering to the needs 60+ clients on four continents. The company's concentration on client gratification and giving high-quality service furnishes an advantage over other associates that propelled the expansion from two to 200+ consultants in just 2 years. DxSherpa Technologies has a team of ServiceNow experts in a number spheres of the ServiceNow platform consisting of ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, CSM and Custom App Development. It gives both depth and breadth of technology which assists in tactically positioning DxSherpa Technologies to provide instant worth and influence to its customers. About DxSherpa Technologies DxSherpa is a Premier Partner of ServiceNow with its Leadership squad boasting 15+ years of combined experience in the IT and Automation Industry. The company assists customers design and implement services with quicker gains in all stages. The company is devoted in Furnishing Enterprise Service Management Services specific to ServiceNow solutions. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

Triton Solar Unveils First Thorough and Compact Solar Battery With Inverter - Triton Pandora Box in the World

New Jersey, United States & New Delhi, Delhi, India Triton Solar, global pioneer of solar cells, solar batteries and energy management solutions has unveiled the revolutionary alternate energy management solution -the transformer-less Triton Pandora Box in a worldwide launch. Key Points: Triton Pandora Box is now obtainable on Triton Solar’s website for pre-order reservations at a lucrative discount of 1500 USD. As per ESA rules for residential applications, the Triton Pandora Box can function competently at a maximum input voltage of 600 V from solar PV & wind turbines. Industry-leading traits now come standard with the Triton Pandora Box, consisting of inbuilt wireless monitoring (GSM/Wi-Fi) via Triton CMS online and mobile platform. Triton Pandora Box is the perfect compact single-phase inverter for residential and small-scale business applications with a power type of 5 kW. As per ESA regulations for residential usages, the Triton Pandora Box can function competently at a maximum input voltage of 600 V from solar PV & wind turbines. Industry-leading characteristics presently come standard with the Triton Pandora Box, comprising of inbuilt wireless monitoring (GSM/Wi-Fi) via Triton CMS online and mobile platform. With this global commencement, Triton Solar also takes pride in making this product obtainable for pre-order reservations for global clients consisting of clients from India. Triton Pandora Box is a single gadget and comes with the following: Smart Inverter Inbuilt Energy Management System Integrated IoT Talking about this vital development, Himanshu B Patel, Founder and MD of Triton Solar observed, “This new introduction is great innovation and getting considered as a path breaking product for alternate energy management. This is not only cost effective and extremely user friendly. The IoT integration in this product makes it even more useful as with this feature users can be able to learn to optimize their energy consumption. Other features such as Intelligent energy management, interactive interfaces makes the new Triton Pandora Box an Interactive Hybrid Inverter for its users. In addition the inbuild Smart Metering Enablement also makes it exclusive in the market.” This product is obtainable on Triton Solar’s website for pre-order reservations at a lucrative concession of 1500 USD. Besides being competent for Predictive Maintenance, Triton Pandora Box will solve the problems (inappropriate savings, high processing time, delayed payments, installation nightmares, etc.) of all the involved stakeholders (house/industry owner, solar PV / wind turbine installation company (EPC), grid distribution company (DISCOM)) and make rooftop solar PV & wind turbine win-win situation for all.” Triton Pandora Box is a single gadget that takes care of not only energy generation but also energy usage and transmission at micro level via single hardware. Additional Enhanced Traits of Triton Pandora Box Inbuild communication package included as standard with GSM (2G, 3G &4G), WIFI & LAN Modular PCB design for effortless on-site maintenance Wide input voltage range Enclosure for unlimited utilisation under any environmental settings (Outdoor certified) Enhanced closed-loop grid integration (optimum functioning even in high grid fluctuation scenario) Low High Voltage Ride Through – LHVRT Low High-Frequency Drive Through – LHFRT About Triton Solar Triton Solar, LLC is the creator of high quality and greatly competent printable solar cells, printed lighting, and printed batteries. Triton Solar has become a global organization with its headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Triton is presently the only supplier in the globe to present flexible and printed solar panels, lighting, and batteries. This unique expertise permits for all of the company's products to be printed onto a flexible medium, creating innumerable applications for its products. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

L&T Technology Services Bags multi-million-dollar EPCM project in Europe

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India L&T Technology Services Limited , a top worldwide pure-play engineering services company, bagged a multi-million dollar project from one of the globe's leading plastics, chemicals and refining manufacturers, to distribute the total range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services for the enhancement of an existing site in Europe. With more a decade of engineering, manufacturing and construction skill, LTTS assists clients obtain functionable brilliance and maximize competencies by providing a total Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management services package. The enhancement scheme will be executed at the clients brownfield plant in Germany over a tenure of 30 months. As the tactical engineering associate, LTTS will play a vital function in implementing the total project via an EPCM model, from acquisition and supply chain management support to security traits and competent design. The project implementation from LTTS will assist the client deliver quality products to end-clients and widen its reach to meet the increasing requirements of the worldwide chemical and polymers market. Mr. Amit Chadha, President, Sales & Business Development and Board Member at L&T Technology Services observed, “As the leading services provider to the Process Industry, LTTS carries with it impeccable credentials. With 7 of the top 10 customers in the Process Industry and a demonstrated track record in end-to-end EPCM and manufacturing expertise, this deal win from an industry leader is a reaffirmation of LTTS' strong position in Plant Engineering. LTTS has already carried out successful brownfield projects in the USA and we are privileged to extend our engagement with an important customer to the European markets.” About L&T Technology Services Ltd L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a listed ancillary unit of Larsen & Toubro Limited concentrated on Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services. The company provides consultancy, design, development and testing services across the product and process development life cycle. The client base consists of 69 Fortune 500 companies and 51 of the globe's top ER&D companies, across industrial products, medical gadgets, transportation, telecom & hi-tech, and the process industries. Headquartered in India, the company has in excess of 16,700 employees spread across 17 worldwide design centers, 28 worldwide sales offices and 49 innovation labs as of September 30, 2019. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

egomonk Unveils Podcast Series Business Beyond 2030 Featuring Industry Pioneers

World leaders share their vision ranging from business secrets to future technology tendencies Bengaluru, Karnataka, India egomonk, a worldwide intelligence platform, unveiled Business Beyond 2030, a novel podcast series featuring founders and thought pioneers of worldwide organisations. The weekly line up comprises business stalwarts sharing their views varying from issues for example the influence of fourth industrial revolution expertises, innovation mapping, building organizational strength, guiding purpose-led businesses to furnishing valuable work to digital natives. Business Beyond 2030 is customized with an objective to study the socio-economic and technological revolutions shaping the globe and the function of businesses in realizing the future. The launch season includes 12 1:1 audio interviews published weekly. The first season of Business Beyond 2030 will feature stalwarts such as Sanket Atal, Managing Director at Intuit, Guru Bhat, VP Engineering and GM Technology at PayPal and Ravi Machani, Managing Director at Machani Group among others. Articulating his expressions at the commencement, Sartaj Anand – Founder of egomonk and host of Business Beyond 2030, observed, “In today’s world, technologies and businesses are transforming lives at a rapid pace. Many organisations are currently helping us move towards a better tomorrow by enabling our lives in meaningful ways. Business Beyond 2030 is an initiative that will help the audience tackle complex issues by instantaneously accessing thoughts of decision makers who are delivering on their promise of abundance. This is a platform to share knowledge with those who are working towards changing the world.” Guru Bhat, VP of Engineering and GM, PayPal India remarked, “As we gear up for the next decade, technological advancements in AI and ML will play a significant role in redefining the digital payments ecosystem. In addition to a renewed focus on driving innovation, organisations will also need to ensure enhanced security, personalisation and convenience to provide an enriched consumer experience.” “Technology is disrupting our lives at an exponential rate. Businesses are serving as enablers that power prosperity around the world. Starting from chips that augment the brain to sensors that track a drug traveling inside our body, one can be certain that the time to establish presence is now ripe for both start-ups and MNCs. Technologies such as AI, ML and cloud are building blocks that can be leveraged by organisations to make meaningful impacts on our society. Business Beyond 2030 is a great platform for innovators to engage with disruptors and we are delighted to be a part of it,” commented Sanket Atal, Managing Director, Intuit. The podcasts can be accessed at Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud. About egomonk egomonk is a worldwide intelligence platform offering asymmetric results by bringing organizations closer to the communities they want to serve and the leaders they desire to impact. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

CSS Corp Launches its New Center at Austin To Lead Technical Innovation and Customer Experience

Austin, Texas, United States & Bangalore, Karnataka, India CSS Corp, an advanced IT services and expertise support company, revealed the unveiling of its recent delivery center at Austin, Texas. With the new center in Austin, CSS Corp is spreading its existence in the US, in accordance with the company’s company's objective of offering world-class infrastructure and tech support services to customers across the world. It is the company’s fifth delivery center in the nation, apart from the prevailing centers in Milpitas, Dallas, Utah, and New Jersey. The company targets to tap into the talents and local skilled people obtainable in Austin to expand its business in the region. Service delivery for its first client from this location, BlueJeans Network, a worldwide pioneer in interoperable video partnership services, has already commenced. CSS Corp will present level 1 technical support, sophisticated support, and technical account management services for BlueJeans’ clients, along with numerous back-office services, via this center. “We are delighted that CSS Corp is the partner of choice for BlueJeans Network in Austin. The new center aligns with our ethos of driving impact without any geographical limitations. It is a strategic expansion for us that will enable us to deliver best-in-class technical support services for clients across industries looking to target the rapidly growing Texas market. Austin is a great location for our new site, considering the availability of a good technology talent pool in the region. We plan to continue this growth momentum with expansion in key geographies across the globe in the near future,” observed Sunil Mittal, EVP & Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, CSS Corp, commenting about this development. “Through our partnership with CSS Corp, we are continuing to build on the great work we’ve done when it comes to transforming our delivery of technical support in order to optimize the customer experience for clients. We appreciate the nimbleness that CSS Corp displayed in scaling up quickly to meet our requirements, and we are confident of reaching more milestones in this journey together,” observed Nir Galpaz, VP, Technical Service and Support, BlueJeans Network. Austin ranks among the leading US metro areas for the amount of office space leased in the previous nine years by tech companies belonging to the San Francisco Bay Area. It has also become the swiftest-expanding job market in the previous ten years. About CSS Corp CSS Corp is a sophisticated IT services and expertise support company that utilizes the power of AI, automation, analytics, cloud and digital to tackle client requirements. The company collaborates with top organisations to assist in fulfilling their tactical business results. Its squad of 6,400 technology professionals across 18 worldwide locations are keen about assisting clients differentiate and succeed. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

Infosys Collaborates With ABN AMRO to Expedite its Cloud and DevOps Transformation Journey

AMSTERDAM and BENGALURU, India, Jan. 30- Infosys, a worldwide pioneer in next-generation Digital services and Consulting, has entered into a multi-year, multi-million agreement with ABN AMRO Bank to expedite its cloud and DevOps transformation journey. As component of this renewed agreement, Infosys will permit ABN AMRO Bank to obtain its business and functional objectives by aligning its IT transformation with its cloud platform tactics. Balancing its technology in cloud and data management services, Infosys will assist ABN AMRO Bank to navigate to a single public cloud to deliver rapidity and cost effectiveness in business functions. Infosys will deliver this transformation via sharp implementation. To build a culture of partnership, Infosys will train the workforce on Microsoft Azure, and other cloud native gadgets consisting of the ABN AMRO Bank specific toolset, to expedite CICD (continuous integration and continuous delivery), with a focus on security and code quality. Mohit Joshi, President and Segment Head – Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Infosys, observed, "Over the years, Infosys has significantly helped ABN AMRO bank streamline their digital transformation journey and enhance their overall business efficiency. ABN AMRO and Infosys's strategic joint venture in end-to-end mortgage administration services, Stater, has allowed us to deepen the relationship further with the bank. We will continue to leverage our investments in cloud, digital and DevOps to help the bank achieve agility and optimal business efficiency. As one of ABN AMRO's longest tenured partners, we are delighted to continue our strategic collaboration with them and will continue to set new digital benchmarks." Christian Bornfeld, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer (Group COO) and Executive Board Member at ABN AMRO Bank, remarked, "At ABN AMRO Bank, we're excited to be working with Infosys and accomplish our strategic goals and deliver this very key IT transformation in the coming years. Infosys' strategic investment in cloud, digital and DevOps has helped create best in class solutions and we are confident that this partnership will help us transform our IT environment in a timely and cost-effective way." About ABN AMRO Bank ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is a Dutch bank with headquarters in Amsterdam. ABN AMRO Bank is the third-leading bank in the Netherlands. About Infosys Ltd. Infosys is a worldwide pioneer in next-generation digital services and consulting.The company allows customers in 46 nations to navigate their digital transformation. With over three decades of experience in managing the systems and functioning of worldwide organisations, it professionally guides its customers via its digital journey. The company achieves it by permitting the organisation with an AI-propelled core that assists in prioritizing the implementation of change. The company also empowers the business with agile digital at scale to deliver brilliant levels of performance and client delight. The company's always-on learning agenda propels its constant enhancement via building and transferring digital talents, specialization, and ideas from its novel ecosystem. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

NIIT Technologies Acknowledged as a Leader for Agile and DevOps by NelsonHall NEAT Report

NOIDA , India, Jan. 30: NIIT Technologies Limited, a top worldwide global IT solutions company, revealed that NelsonHall has ranked it as a 'Leader' in the Agile and DevOps NEAT Report 2019. This NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) evaluates the performance of 14 top vendors providing expertise solutions. The NEAT gadget permits tactical sourcing managers to evaluate the capacities of vendors providing Agile, DevOps and Automated Development Services. It evaluates the scale and opportunity of Agile, DevOps and Automated Development Services capacities and the extent to which vendors are able to cope up with clients' present and future necessities. This evaluation demonstrates NIIT Technologies' vital concentration on investments in emerging technologies to permit business transformation of its customers. As a pioneer, NIIT Technologies shows both a high capability to provide instant advantage and a high capacity to cope up with customer future necessities linked to its peers. Arun Vardarajan, EVP & Global Head - Digital Business, NIIT Technologies, observed, "Having been recognized as a Leader in NelsonHall's Agile and DevOps in NEAT evaluation report is a feather in our cap. Agile and DevOps are default methodologies we adopt in driving digital and AI led transformation for our clients. Our expertise in Agile & DevOps is helping our clients' accelerate their digital transformation and in rapidly responding to market needs. This endorsement reiterates that we are well positioned to execute Agile and DevOps engagements for clients both new and experienced to these methodologies." David McIntire, IT Services Research Director, NelsonHall, commented; "NIIT Tech's agile and DevOps services have grown rapidly, driven by its scaled, distributed agile model and a portfolio of DevOps frameworks that combine flexibility to adapt to specific client needs and tailored frameworks for unique application environments." According to the report, The Company anticipates that over 80% of its application development presently utilizes agile development methodologies. Underpinning NIIT Tech's distributed agile model is its DevOps platform that integrates tools, functions, and processes across the application lifecycle. About NIIT Technologies NIIT Technologies is a top worldwide IT solutions organization, permitting its customers to transform at the intersect of unparalleled domain technology and emerging technologies to obtain real-world business influence. The Company concentrates on three crucial verticals: Banking and financial services, Insurance, Travel and Transportation. This domain fortification is combined with leading-edge competence in Data & Analytics, Automation, Cloud, and Digital, is allowing it customers to propel business transformation. With over 10,000 employees serving customers across Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, NIIT Technologies advances a culture that enhances innovation and continuously tries to discover novel yet easy ways to add worth for its customers. About NelsonHall NelsonHall is the top worldwide analyst firm committed to assist organizations in comprehending the 'art of the possible' in IT and business services. With analysts in the U.S., U.K., and Continental Europe, NelsonHall furnishes buy-side organizations with detailed, vital facts about markets and vendors (including NEAT assessments) that assists them in taking swift and highly informed sourcing decisions. And for vendors, NelsonHall furnishes comprehensive knowledge of market dynamics and user necessities to assist them in strengthening their go-to-market tactics. NelsonHall's research is based on thorough, all-original research, and is broadly acknowledged for the quality, depth, and insight of its analysis. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

Wipro and Smart Energy Water (SEW) Form Global Worldwide Collaboration to Expedite Digital Transformation for Enterprises

Irvine, Calif., United States & Bangalore, Karnataka, India Wipro Limited, a top worldwide information technology, consulting and business process services company and Smart Energy Water (SEW), has revealed a multi-year worldwide tactical collaboration. This collaboration targets to develop and provide combined solutions, which will expedite digital transformation for enterprise customers in the utilities space all over the world. With its headquarters in California, SEW is a worldwide energy and water cloud platform contributor coping up with the requirements of more than 200 Utilities globally. The combined offerings, built on SEW’s industry-top digital Customer Experience (CX), Workforce Engagement, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) and Big data analytics platforms will provide transformational advantages to both companies’ new and prevailing customers in this space. It will assist enterprise clients in adopting self-servicing capacities, obtain real-time analytics on peak load management, leakage and high-usage, and in accordance optimize workforce competencies. It will further permit them to transform their functions for superior competencies and client centricity. N.S. Bala, President and Global Head, Energy, Natural Resources, Utilities & Construction, Wipro Limited observed, “The Wipro-SEW partnership is key to our Utilities marketplace as clients seek to provide enhanced experience for their customers and workforce. We will leverage our rich industry expertise, domain-specific knowledge and SEW’s products with its analytics capabilities, to help fulfill the digital transformation agenda of our Utilities clients.” “We are excited to engage with Wipro as our global strategic partner,” commented Harman Sandhu, President, Smart Energy Water, adding, “The Utilities industry worldwide is going through a major transformation in customer experience and operations. This partnership will help us gain access to Wipro’s proven expertise and implementation experience with leading global Utilities. It will support and accelerate delivery of SEW platforms to our customers.” Wipro has invested over two decades aiding Electricity, Gas and Water Utilities across four continents, assisting them in creating rapid and competent transformations. The company is assisting Utilities all over the globe to create a more intelligent network that is powerful, not rigid and dynamic to the growth of distributed energy resources (DER), electric vehicles, and progressive metering and sensors. The company assists Utilities in utilizing and interpret their data to retain and expand client revenue and guarantee a more safe environment balancing expertise, analytics, and linked gadgets. With the company's established industry expertise as pioneers in propelling client experience and digital transformation endeavors, and is are at the forefront in assisting Utilities evolve towards digitization and innovation. About Smart Energy Water Smart Energy Water (SEW) is the #1 Global Energy and Water Cloud Platform that tackles the vital problems of energy competencies and water conservation with core concentration on Digital Customer Experience, Mobile Workforce Engagement, and Smart Analytics in the energy and utility industry. With established industry technology, SEW collaborate with worldwide energy and water utilities in their digital transformation voyage to form a sophisticated and sustainable environment. About Wipro Limited Wipro Limited is a top worldwide information expertise, consulting and business process services company. The company utilizes the strength of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging expertises to assist its customers in adjusting to the digital world and make them successful. A company acknowledged worldwide for its thorough range of services, powerful dedication to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, it has more than 175,000 devoted employees serving customers across six continents. Together, the company discover thoughts and links the dots to create a superior and a robust new future. By ANJISHNU BISWAS

Arcturus Becomes Go-To-Market Partner for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios Technology

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 7: Arcturus, a pioneer in volumetric video technology, today announced that it has been selected as go-to-market partner for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios (MRCS) solutions. Content creators looking to leverage the power of volumetric video will soon have access to a complete end-to-end capture solution through Arcturus, featuring one of the most advanced 3D capture and reconstruction systems in existence and paired with an award-winning editing and streaming tool, all overseen by the most experienced volumetric team in the world. MRCS software provides one of the highest-quality capture solutions on the market. Over 100 cameras work in unison to capture a subject in motion from multiple angles. The data is then processed by sophisticated reconstruction software to create high-quality, photorealistic 3D video for use in anything from VFX to live broadcasts to MR and beyond. In the coming months, the MRCS technology will integrate with Arcturus’ industry-leading HoloSuite tools to give users the ability to take the captured data and then edit it. From there, users can stream a compressed version to any device without loss of quality, all within the same pipeline. “Arcturus has obsessed over MR and volumetric video for a decade, and our primary goal has always been to advance the state of volumetric production as a whole,” said Kamal Mistry, Arcturus CEO. “The MRCS technology gives us the opportunity to work with some of the best creators and studios in the world. By partnering with them, we will find comprehensive solutions that can help make volumetric technology more accessible, while introducing more options for how to use it.” For content creators looking to take advantage of the power of volumetric video for a specific project or campaign, Arcturus will pair them with a licensed MRCS studio based on individual needs. Current license holders include some of the biggest capture studios in the world, with more expected to join in the future. Users can also work directly with Arcturus and take advantage of its own, in-house solution built around MRCS and HoloSuite technology. For the first time, the pioneers in editing and streaming volumetric video will begin to offer solutions for every aspect of the volumetric capture process, from initial recordings to final distribution. For studios looking to become an MRCS partner, Arcturus can provide both the license and the expertise to help them set up a full studio from scratch or adapt an existing studio. On-site consultants will be dispatched to walk the client through the installation and construction process. Once up and running, Arcturus will continue to offer on-demand support as needed. As a benefit of the ongoing support for MRCS licensees, along with producing its own projects, Arcturus will see an immediate boost to its R&D efforts focused on advancing volumetric video. Already considered one of the preeminent development teams in the industry, the addition of capture and reconstruction technologies will further accelerate its work, including the use of AI to improve capture quality while using fewer cameras. As Arcturus develops new capabilities for the MRCS technology, it remains committed to its work as a member of the Volumetric Format Association, supporting the volumetric video production ecosystem as a whole. Arcturus will continue developing and evolving tools that are capture-agnostic, including HoloSuite, which empowers creators working with volumetric data from any provider. About Arcturus Arcturus makes the tools needed for content creators to fully harness the power of volumetric video for multiple industries. Founded in 2016 by some of the leading storytellers and innovators from transformative organizations like Pixar, Netflix, Dreamworks, Autodesk, Google and YouTube, Arcturus was ideally suited to create “HoloSuite,” a SAAS post-production platform, featuring the industry-leading tools for editing, compressing and streaming volumetric video. HoloSuite is available now, and compatible with most major 3D creation tools. As part of its efforts to bring volumetric video to a wider audience, Arcturus is currently consulting with a wide range of customers working to bring volumetric humans to virtual production, mixed reality and more, while also helping broadcast partners introduce new options to help expand live events.

Cutting Edge Laser Technologies Celebrates Decade Long Partnership with Canine Rehabilitation Institute

ROCHESTER, NY, UNITED STATES, August 8: Cutting Edge Laser Technologies celebrates their 10th year partnering with the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI). This anniversary marks a significant milestone for both organizations and underscores their commitment to veterinary rehabilitation and continuing education. Through this partnership, Cutting Edge provides laser therapy equipment for CRI’s Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) program. “Canine Rehabilitation Institute has had a fantastic, long standing professional relationship with Cutting Edge Laser Technologies. We appreciate their dedication to educating our students as well as offering incentives to bring photobiomodulation into daily practice,” shares Kara Amstutz, DVM, DACVSMR, CEO of Canine Rehabilitation Institute. Based in Rochester, New York, Cutting Edge offers veterinary professionals throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico with a full family of Surgical and MLS Therapy Laser devices. With over 20 years of experience, their mission is to help practitioners improve quality of patient care while helping veterinary hospitals and clinics strengthen their bottom line with innovative technologies. “We are thrilled to reach this milestone in our relationship with CRI. Their expertise and dedication to continuing education paired with our world-class technologies has brought tremendous value to the veterinary community and the future of canine rehabilitation,” shared Mark Mollenkopf, President of Cutting Edge Laser Technologies. “It’s a testament to our shared vision.” As a premier institution for canine rehabilitation, CRI offers a challenging and collaborative learning environment where students gain hands-on experience learning state-of-the-art techniques and strategies to integrate them successfully into their practices. Over the past two decades, laser therapy has seen considerable growth in human and animal medicine providing a conservative approach to pain and inflammation. The MLS Therapy Laser, offered exclusively by Cutting Edge, is an advanced Class IV laser technology that uses a patented emission system to synchronize two specific wavelengths of photon energy known for their antiphlogistic, antiedemic, analgesic and regenerative/reparative effects. This therapy offers a solution to patients unable to tolerate conventional analgesic pharmacotherapy as well as those who did not see desired effects with medication alone. MLS Laser Therapy can also be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical analgesics as well as other therapeutic modalities common in veterinary medicine, such as electrotherapy and magnetotherapy, to further improve outcomes. Through this long-term partnership, Cutting Edge and CRI hope to leverage their unique strengths and competencies to provide comprehensive high-quality continuing education opportunities that elevate the field of canine rehabilitation. About Cutting Edge Laser Technologies is focused on providing non-pharmacological and non-invasive solutions for pain management, wound healing, post-surgical recovery, and tissue regeneration. Since their founding in 2021, the Cutting Edge mission has remained the same: provide high-value medical equipment to veterinary professionals that elevate the quality of care while improving their bottom line. If you’d like more information about Cutting Edge, please visit their website at celasers.com

UMBRA Technologies Sues Cisco and VMware

Umbra Technologies ("U.S./U.K./HK SAR”) has together filed separate Western District of Texas suits against Cisco and VMWare PROVIDENCE, RI, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Three “individual private companies in association with each other doing business collectively as Umbra Technologies” have together filed separate Western District of Texas suits against Cisco (1:23-cv-00903) and VMWare (1:23-cv-00904). The defendants are accused of infringing four network security patents through the provision of their respective network virtualization products and services. The complaints define “UMBRA” to be the three plaintiffs collectively, with the co-plaintiffs later pleading that “UMBRA” is “the assignee and owner of the right, title and interest in and to” each patent-in-suit. Plaintiff UMBRA Ltd. (UK) is a company organized under the laws of the United Kingdom for the British Virgin Islands with a place of business at OMC Chambers, Wickhams, Cay 1, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom. Case 1:23-cv-00903 Document 1 Filed 08/02/23 Page 1 of 23 Plaintiff UMBRA (US) is a company organized under the laws of the state of Delaware with a place of business at 155 Main Street, Suite 301, Providence, Rhode Island, 02903. Plaintiff UMBRA Limited (CN) is a company organized under the laws of the Hong Kong Basic Law for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China with a place of business at Suite 2006, 20th Floor, Hua Qin International Building, 340 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong 100015, People’s Republic of China.

Kantar unveils ad avoidance causes and correlation between viewer experience and purchase

NEW YORK, NY, USA, August 8: Mirriad, the leading in-content advertising company and 2022 AdExchanger Winner for Most Innovative TV Advertising Technology Award, today announced results of a groundbreaking study in partnership with Kantar which finds a direct correlation of the likeability of advertising and its ability to drive positive performance. In the newly released whitepaper ‘Hack to the Future: Understanding viewers’ attitudes and preferences to overcome ad avoidance’, Kantar found that a substantial 86% of all viewers are taking actions to avoid TV and video advertising across broadcast and network TV, streaming, and online video. In contrast, viewers feel much more positive about in-content advertising from Mirriad and take no steps to avoid this integrated ad format. The research proves that a viewer’s negative perception of an ad format leads to lower ad effectiveness and purchase activity. Viewers are so over-saturated by TV and video ads that they dislike and avoid the format and, when they actually see the ads, purchase the advertised products and services at a lower rate compared to when they’re exposed to highly favorable formats like in-content advertising from Mirriad. “Viewers feel positive about Mirriad’s ad formats and that directly drives an incredible increase in purchase, among other key performance metrics. At a time when traditional advertisements are skipped, blocked, and creating fatigue, our study proves that in-content advertising as spearheaded by Mirriad is a smart choice for advertisers,” said Sparsh Pandya, Client Director at Kantar. Favourable viewer experience drives better results: Mirriad’s strong performance in driving better results can be attributed to a favourable viewer perception especially due to the natural feel of the format (83%) and its non-intrusive nature (79%). The study found that on average, viewers who feel positive about their ad experience are much more likely to purchase an advertiser’s product, resulting in a 61% higher incidence of adding products to the shopping cart, and 40% higher online purchase and 27 % higher in-store purchase. Stephan Beringer, CEO at Mirriad, said: “Advertisers looking for ways to improve their performance on TV, CTV and video now have even more proof that in-content advertising is an indispensable new solution. Given the growing ad fatigue and the dramatic issue of ad escapism, in-content advertising is a format that is pivotal for brand equity and sales. In contrast to the traditional ad-break that today has a compounding negative effect, Mirriad operates with an experience-first solution in the content itself, maximizing a brand’s opportunity to leverage positive viewer perceptions to drive better results.” About Mirriad The leader in virtual product placement and in-content advertising, Mirriad’s multi-patented and award-winning platform dynamically inserts products and brands into Television, SVOD/AVOD, Music, and Influencer content. Mirriad creates net-new revenue opportunities for content owners with an ad format that virtually integrates brands in entertainment content, drives exceptional performance for advertisers and dramatically improves the viewing experience. Mirriad currently operates in the US, Europe, and India.

QVANTUM Expands into the US Market, Empowering Precise Workforce Planning with Customized Cost Solutions

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 21: QVANTUM, an innovator in agile corporate planning solutions, today announced that it is expanding further into global markets by introducing its service portfolio of customized workforce cost planning options to organizations across the United States. Collaborating with workforce planning and controlling specialist, Christian Fritz, QVANTUM has developed a practical use case that empowers businesses to engage in precise workforce planning. This expansion into the US market will accelerate QVANTUM’s growth as an industry innovator. An integral facet gaining prominence within agile corporate management is the strategic handling of personnel expenses. Through software-aided personnel cost planning, organizations can forecast existing and anticipated staffing levels and needs and simulate diverse scenarios. These simulations enable companies to adjust their workforce allocation in response to varying circumstances adeptly. Addressing the complexity of managing personnel expenses, Amit Mundra, QVANTUM's Head of Global Business Development, said: "The big challenge in planning and controlling personnel costs is the different perspectives on the topic. HR managers focus primarily on the professional and human aspects, and the costs tend to run alongside. From a controlling perspective, costs, in turn, play a central role. With the new personnel cost planning in QVANTUM, we close this gap. Both sides benefit because neither classic HR tools nor traditional controlling solutions have had such far-reaching HR cost data and analysis options. Our launch into the US market culminates several years of planning. We are excited to provide powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use software to organizations in this region.” Furthermore, the utilization of planned versus actual data brings tangible advantages. Consider the current situation where many businesses struggle with accurate workforce planning due to pandemic repercussions and skills shortages. Through QVANTUM's workforce planning, these companies can effortlessly track their personnel costs in real-time, proactively identifying potential shortages or surpluses to facilitate timely interventions. QVANTUM's operational personnel cost planning empowers HR managers and controllers to efficiently manage FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) and personnel expenses, incorporating insights from all organizational domains. Workforce planning expert Christian Fritz underscored the importance, "Personnel costs often constitute a substantial portion of total expenses in companies, exerting significant influence over overall profitability. QVANTUM's workforce planning provides a comprehensive view of all personnel cost components, including salaries, bonuses, social security contributions, and more, spanning existing staff and vacancies. The capability to directly plan personnel measures within QVANTUM facilitates precise control over personnel resources and the associated costs, optimizing overall corporate management." Agile workforce planning proves invaluable even in scenarios such as mergers, where the consolidation of HR applications is necessary. Interfaces enable seamless data transfer from platforms like DATEV or SAP to QVANTUM, streamlining detailed analysis. Amit Mundra explained, "Companies often resort to workarounds, such as Excel, for such use cases. However, these approaches frequently clash with compliance mandates or falter due to operational errors and complexity. QVANTUM offers automated data integration and calculations supported by robust authorization logic to uphold compliance standards. Moreover, our planning data, which incorporates historical company data, remains in real-time." When a company adopts QVANTUM's workforce planning, they receive customized personnel cost planning to align with the organization's specific needs, collaborating with responsible stakeholders. The outcome is a tailored planning model enabling centralized and/or decentralized calculation and planning of all personnel expenses, encompassing basic salaries, bonuses, capital-forming benefits, and more. This integration embeds workforce planning seamlessly into the holistic corporate planning process, ensuring a cohesive approach. Automation empowers the correlation of planning outcomes across different departments, illuminating interdependencies. Importantly, personal information confidentiality is upheld within cross-organizational planning data.

EverAware LLC partners with KUVA Systems to add Gas Cloud Imaging to its Continuous Emission Monitoring Solution

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 21: Continuous monitoring provider EverAware LLC has entered into an agreement with KUVA Systems to incorporate their methane cloud imaging technology into EverAware’s emission detection system. The agreement establishes a collaboration that leverages the continuous monitoring capabilities existing in both companies and creates a comprehensive IoT based emission detection system that addresses field automation, methane fee risk management, ESG, and regulatory requirements associated with methane mitigation. The addition of KUVA’s low-cost infrared camera and data analytics enables EverAware to offer solutions that allows clients to address methane emissions with existing field personnel. Images of emissions allow personnel to identify the location and volume of methane emissions originating within their site of operations, and to efficiently analyze the root cause without unnecessary truck rolls. Douglas Nester, co-founder, and CEO of EverAware said “Our partnership with KUVA creates an expansive suite of IoT emission and leak detection solutions that has few peers. KUVA and EverAware share the corporate vision of providing monitoring solutions that are cost effective and accessible by companies of all sizes.” Kuva’s Robert Ward, VP Business Development adds “Our collaboration with EverAware will enable both companies to accelerate the development and implementation of innovative monitoring technologies that enable the oil and gas industry to efficiently mitigate its impact to the environment.” EverAware also plans to utilize its strengths in the Asian and Middle Eastern regions to facilitate a future market entry into these markets. About EverAware LLC EverAware is a leading provider of continuous energy and environment monitoring solutions using IoT based sensors, meters, edge computing, wireless gateways, advanced data analytics and the cloud for detecting anomalous data patterns indicative of performance issues, imminent equipment failures, or fugitive leakage of emissions or liquids. The Company’s real time detection of potential problems and threats allows for taking immediate corrective actions to minimize downtime, optimize efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and mitigate damage to the environment. For more information, please visit https://everaware.io/solutions About Kuva Systems Kuva Systems' industrial IoT platform provides an image-based, continuous methane monitoring and quantification solution. It enables upstream and midstream oil and gas companies to improve their operations and meet ESG and methane intensity goals. The Kuva platform is based on the most cost-effective IR gas camera in the industry, and it pinpoints emission locations and quantifies flow rates based on minute-by-minute measurements. Leak analytics can be used to prioritize operational responses, quantify ongoing conditions, and confirm nominal performance.

Revolutionizing Video Platform Development: HCL VoltMX and Enveu Join Forces

NOIDA, INDIA, August 21: Get ready to witness the future of video platform development as HCL VoltMX and Enveu unite to create something extraordinary. This groundbreaking partnership brings together two industry leaders, combining the power of low-code technology to deliver seamless video experiences that set new industry standards. Enveu, a global provider of specialized OTT solutions, and HCL Volt MX, the industry-leading low-code platform, have come together to simplify the OTT platform and VOD development process. Their shared expertise empowers content owners to deliver immersive video experiences faster and more efficiently than ever before. Shalabh Agarwal, Enveu's Co-founder & CEO, shares his excitement about the partnership: "We are thrilled to partner with HCL Volt MX to redefine the way organizations approach video platform development. With this strategic move, we will empower customers with rapid OTT platform development solutions with our SaaS-based Cloud Platform capabilities, at the same time, eliminating complexities and allowing customers to focus on their core business objectives. We look forward to working closely with the HCL VoltMX team and leveraging their expertise in low-code development to deliver exceptional results for our customers." Francois Nasser, VP GTM, HCL Software, further emphasized the importance of the partnership: "As the demand for video content continues to grow, enterprises must adapt and innovate to stay competitive in the digital landscape. The partnership between Enveu and Volt MX addresses this growing need by enabling Enveu to deliver their enterprise platform in an accelerated method due to the combination of low code development and integration, saving an average of nine to 12 months in planning and development." "This partnership between HCL Volt MX and Enveu marks a thrilling step forward in the world of video platform development. With our low-code expertise and Enveu's cutting-edge solutions, we are set to revolutionize the way organizations deliver immersive video experiences. Together, we will empower businesses to stay ahead in the digital landscape and unleash their true potential. Get ready for an exciting journey of innovation and transformation!" - Pavaanjeet Singh, Global Director - HCL Volt MX Partnerships. Enveu's premier SaaS platform, the Experience Cloud, enables Media Publishers, Content Creators & Digital businesses to manage content in one central location, create intuitive OTT apps across multiple devices, engage users on a personal level, and monetize content on various models. Combined with HCL Volt MX's unified development experience and low-code principles, the possibilities are limitless. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations as HCL Volt MX and Enveu continue to revolutionize the world of video platform development. To learn more about this partnership and its potential, visit the official websites of HCL Volt MX (https://www.hcltechsw.com/volt-mx) and Enveu (www.enveu.com).


Multitaskers on the move prefer to make use of voice than their hands while moving

July 29: A study has revealed that users of smartphone prefer to purchase a device that provides them with the facility to push a solitary button, utter what they feel like and obtain it, making them well-organized on the move. The survey carried out by Sanderson Studios for Tellme Networks Inc., a Microsoft unit, reveals that 75 percent of people would favour a smartphone that permits them to write a text message, surf Web or dial a call just by talking, instead of typing or utilizing a touch screen. The survey as well showed that cell phone propriety appears to be surfacing, with the greater part of respondents stating that they would feel at ease utilizing voice to complete jobs in locations for example restaurants and gyms.

The majority of people utilize smartphones while performing other jobs with the objective of utilizing their time more effectively. Those who took part in the study said that they utilized their smartphones at the time of shopping or performing odd jobs (88 percent), sitting at locations of appointments (80 percent), treading between locations (78 percent), meeting acquaintances (68 percent) and in numerous other locations, for example while having food at eateries, travelling, exercising or going to school. While typing as well as touching are not considered as troublesome, those surveyed concede that utilizing their smartphones in these locations can be disturbing. If provided with the alternative to just touch a button and talk to converse or text an acquaintance or look for information, for example the site of a restaurant, guidelines or stock quotes, the majority noted that they could achieve more and feel less abstracted.

"If you've ever tried typing or touching on your smartphone while walking down the street or paying at the checkout line, you know how distracting it can be," observed Anne Truscott, brand strategist at Sanderson Studios adding, "But using your voice while walking or checking out is like walking and chewing gum at the same time; it just comes naturally. And we were surprised how many people said they'd feel comfortable using their voices to interact with their smartphones while in public places as well."



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