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Sunday, January 20, 2019 


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Thai agitators throw own blood at PM's residence

Agitators wearing red-shirts flung plastic bags stuffing them with their own blood into the housing premises of Thailand's prime minister on Wednesday, anticipating that their bizarre strategy would force the government to quit. A large number of agitators afterward assembled in front of the US Embassy, telling they would like to convey to the global community that their government was unlawful.

The remarkable action, which came in the wake of comparable "blood sacrifices" on Tuesday at Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's office as well as the head offices of his Democrat Party, got attention , but did not assist the "Red Shirt" red shirt agitators move towards the objective of asking for fresh elections.

The agitators comprised of followers of Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Prime Minister who was removed by a 2006 military rebellion for suspected fraud, and pro-democracy supporters who resisted the actions of the army.

Netanyahu confronts US over Jerusalem colony

March 16: Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that there would be no restrictions on Jewish colony in the proximity of Jerusalem, challenging Washington in Israel's growing difficulties with US President Barack Obama's government.

Netanyahu made this observation while addressing the Parliament on Monday saying, ''For the past 40 years, no Israeli government ever limited construction in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem.'' Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to expanses in the West Bank that Israel seized in 1967 and made it a part of the city.

The United States criticized Israel's proposal to construct 1,600 new residences for Jews in Ramat Shlomo, a religious colony within the Israeli-designated boundaries of Jerusalem, whose potential standing is at the core of the West Asia skirmishes.

Israel's proclamation of the venture during a trip the previous week by US Vice President Joe Biden was a cause of discomfiture for the White House. In extraordinarily frank comments US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, termed it as rude.

United States Condemns Iran for religious harassment

March 14: The United States expressed major worries concerning Iran's ''ongoing persecution'' of people belonging to minority religions that included Baha'is and urged Tehran to safeguard human rights of the country.

A proclamation by State Department spokesman PJ Crowley revealed that no less than 25 Baha'is were apprehended in recent times and nearly 60 were currently jailed in Iran ''solely on the basis of their religious beliefs.'' Crowley stated that a number of Baha'i leaders on trial for spying were being deprived of the right to contact their legal experts.

He furthermore observed that Iranian establishment had apprehended over a dozen Christians, ''some of whom are being held in custody without substantiated charges.'' Crawley expressed his concern saying, ''The United States is increasingly concerned about Iran's ongoing persecution of Baha'is and other religious minority communities.''

State of the art laser-controlled bomb consignments from US to Pakistan

March 3: This month the US would dispatch 1,000 sophisticated laser-guided bomb kits to Pakistan that would facilitate the administration there to attack rebel position with greater accuracy.

The arms deal reveals that US bureaucrats are making an attempt to expand their rapport with Pakistan and augment military collaboration. The US has been making an endeavour to urge Pakistan to adopt a more robust position against Taliban rebels engaged in violent activities within its boundaries.

An Air Force spokesman Lt Col Jeffry Glenn revealed on Tuesday that the US had dispatched 1,000 MK-82 bombs to Pakistan the previous month. This month's consignment of arms that have been delivered would facilitate Pakistan to utilize advanced laser expertise to steer the bombs to precise locations.

Reports Point To Obama’s reassessment of US nuclear policy

March 2: President Barack Obama is reassessing the US nuclear strategy and is mulling over cutting the nation's armory by a significant number of weapons, as revealed by veteran aides in the White House.

According to reports in the media, Obama would chalk out his new strategy in a document the Nuclear Posture Review.

The fresh policy envisages that the US would not expand any additional nuclear arms. According to media reports aides observed that Obama would be settle these topics in the upcoming week.

A veteran bureaucrat in the US administration noted, "It will be clear in the document that there will be very dramatic reductions in the thousands as relates to the stockpile."

US Lauds India for Talks with Pakistan

Terming the Foreign Secretary-level deliberations as a bold move by the leaders of India as well as Pakistan, the US stated that the two nations have understood the fact that the countries themselves only could overcome their bilateral differences.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while addressing lawmakers at a Congressional hearing revealed that the United States would back the procedure of talks and the nation was optimistic that the result would be fruitful.

Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P J Crowley labeled the talks as an exceptionally optimistic move. Although there was little progress at the commencement of talks, Crowley observed that the scenario in which the key officials of the two nations assembled was in fact extremely positive.

Clinton urges China to back restriction against Iran

United States has urged China to back the nation in clamping restrictions against Iran with connectio9n to r Tehran's contentious nuclear agenda as any tension in the area would have a direct effect on the source of oil and gas to the United States from the Gulf.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton noted,” We are making the argument in public that China's dependence on oil from the Gulf should cause it to make a strategic calculation to support sanctions because in the absence of pressure that changes the Iranian efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon, there will be an arms race in the Gulf and that will further destabilise the Gulf."

Several Afghan residents perish in NATO assault

Several civilians died in an air raid in southern Afghanistan on Sunday which the NATO has acknowledged.

The air strike in Uruzgan province in Southern Afghanistan resulted in the killing of twenty-seven people and causing wounds to ten others according to reports available in the media.

According to sources in the assault struck an alleged rebel group, but security forces positioned on ground afterwards discovered that several people died or suffered wounds and the victims comprised both women as well as children.

NATO air raids leading to deaths of commoners have created extensive bitterness in Afghanistan, and embarrassment to NATO.

Nepal: Seizure of authority by Maoist rebels will not be permitted

January6:Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has asserted that the government will not act as passive observers if Maoists launch efforts to seize authority while the ex radicals proclaimed "autonomous states" to establish corresponding powers in the nation.

The Prime Minister proclaimed, “If they move towards that direction, will the state remain silent? No, the government has the responsibility of protecting state and its nationals."

The Maoists have warned of bringing the nation to a standstill with a general strike from 24th January spanning for a non specified tenure, if the government did not make necessary corrections to the "unconstitutional" resolution of President Ram Baran Yadav, who recalled the then army chief Gen Rukmangad Katawal, sacked by Prachanda in May the previous year.

The Maoists have warned of seizing authority and proclaiming the new Constitution from the roads if the claims made by them were not entertained.

UN cautions of humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia

August 27: The United Nations has cautioned that Somalia is experiencing the most terrible humanitarian catastrophe in 18 years and half of the country could starve this year if urgent measures are not adopted.

In a fresh release of the recent state of affairs, UN Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit for Somalia has revealed that since January this year over half the populace of Somalia or approximately 3.76 million people have become reliant on humanitarian aid owing to the prevalent and relentless catastrophe in the nation.

UN Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit for Somalia, (FSNAU) is a component of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The greater part of those requiring urgent support were based in southern and central Somalia, the release observed.

The Chief Technical Advisor of the FSNAU, Cindy Holleman, cautioned that growing skirmishes and clashes in the disturbed regions keeps on making it tough for charitable aid to go to susceptible populace.

Pakistani forces detain 39 terrorists in NWFP

August 24: Pakistani security agencies have detained 39 ultras in tracking and purge actions in Swat and additional expanse of the volatile Malakand regions, where aggression has swelled in the previous seven day period in the middle of the arrival of people ousted by the actions launched against the Taliban.

Security forces seized thirty alleged terrorists all through an action at Tiligram along with Zind Wala in the Swat valley. The security forces as well unearthed an underground channel utilized by ultras as a place of escape, the military revealed in comments released today.

Troops detained three ultras from Muslim Baig Sar close to Derai while three additional terrorists were taken into custody all through an exploration at Nagwa, Dedawar as well as Dadhrah. Security forces also demolished three caverns and arrested three alleged ultras all through an action close to Bishban. A further 12 ultras gave up to the armed forces close to Fatehpur and Madyan.

Troops put on 'special alert' by North Korea

August 17: North Korea on Monday gave directives to its armed forces along with the citizens to be on vigilant as US together with South Korean forces launched a combined operation, and pledged to counter military aggravation with a nuclear assault.

The communist country’s armed forces made the proclamation on Monday on the very day that the nation revealed it was resuming key compromise ventures with South Korea, to connect alienated families as well as arrange combined sightseeing.

The North's army revealed its forces would go on "a special alert" commencing on Monday, when South Korean as well as US militaries premeditated to launch yearly computer-replicated battle exercises.

The proclamation, publicized by the nation’s official Korean Central News Agency, asserted that the North would strike back ruthlessly at the "slightest military provocation" from South Korea along with the US.

The two associates have asserted that their military exercises were entirely non-aggressive.

Polling in Jaffna and Vavuniya after a decade

August 10: Tamils in great numbers in north-eastern Sri Lankan towns of Jaffna and Vavuniya queued up outside polling booths on Saturday to cast their votes for the local body polls organized for the only time in a decade. The area was the stronghold of the extremist outfit LTTE before they were vanquished by the Lankan Army in the recent war featuring both the sides.

People eager to cast their voters stood patiently in long queues outside polling booths in Vavuniya and Jaffna, which was the political as well as the cultural hub of the Tamil Tigers prior to its seizure by the armed forces. Approximately 40 per cent of voters cast their votes in Jaffna, above 60 per cent of the electors exercised their franchise in both Vavuniya after following the conclusion of voting at 1600 hours.

Voting for councils in central Uva region was as well conducted without any major reports of violence, an election regulating group said. Both Jaffna as well as Vavuniya is situated right on the edges of Wanni which was recovered from the LTTE in May by the Sri Lankan Army leading to the extermination of the rebel group’s leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Police revealed that tranquility existed in all the regions where polls were conducted without any major trouble. The outcomes of the polls are anticipated subsequent to midnight tonight. The polls are being regarded as a test of recognition of President Mahinda Rajapaksa after his thumping triumph over the LTTE.

Red Cross Survey Reveals Parents Still Not Provided With H1N1 Facts By Schools

August 8: A survey carried out by the American Red Cross reveals that while most Americans are making arrangements to adopt safety measures against the H1N1 virus, over a third of parents (39%) have obtained no flu news from their children's school or daycare.

"With children going back to school and another flu season on the horizon, parents should talk with their children's school or daycare about what measures the school is taking to plan for a potential flu outbreak," observed Suzy DeFrancis, Chief Public Affairs Officer for the American Red Cross adding, "The spring H1N1 outbreak was a clear signal that everyone needs to prepare -- and that parents and schools should have plans in case the virus returns in the fall."

As component of a family's general crisis preparation, the Red Cross advises parents to gain facts energetically from schools concerning tactics for the H1N1 virus and educate children how to prevent the virus from contaminating others. Making children conscious easy things for example proper hand washing procedures or how to cover up their cough or sneeze can greatly help in diminishing the contamination of seasonal flu and H1N1.

The Red Cross makes available facts regarding H1N1 and the seasonal flu at www.redcross.org/pandemicflu. This site has video presentations, advice about preventive techniques and facts about how to reduce the augmentation of the influenza germ.

New Tamil Tiger leader detained: Sri Lanka

August 7: The new leader of the Tamil Tigers, the militant outfit vanquished by the Sri Lankan defence forces following a 25-year conflict, has been detained in Thailand, Sri Lanka's defence authorities revealed on Thursday. Selvarajah Pathmanathan who was sought after on two Interpol notifications took charge of the remaining part of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) following their rout in May.

"He has been arrested in Bangkok. That is all we know at the moment," military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara observed.

There was no instant remark from Thai authorities. Pathmanathan popularly referred to as KP throughout his tenure of operating the LTTE's weapons and smuggling activities, took charge as the communal head of the pro-autonomy outfit in the aftermath of Sri Lanka's military proclaiming success on May 18 following a 25-year war.

He was the foremost LTTE representative to confirm the casualty of Tiger originator and head Vellupillai Prabhakaran, who died in the concluding stages of Sri Lanka's aggression on a constricted site of northeastern shoreline where they had encircled the rebels. Security authorities had for a long time assumed that Pathmanathan was located at some place in Southeast Asia.

A Western envoy allocated to Sri Lanka visited him at a location in the area previously this year, component of an attempt to convince the LTTE to give up with an impending rout facing them and release civilians they were keeping forcibly in the combat region. Pathmanathan was thought to have gained millions of dollars obtaining arms for the Tigers and operating smuggling activities from locations all over the expanse comprising Thailand, Cambodia as well as Myanmar. Defence specialists revealed that he had numerous passports.

Rudd provides guarantee to Krishna on protection of Indian students

August 7: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd provided guarantees to External Affairs Minister S M Krishna that every action would be adopted to make certain the protection and safety of Indian students as they deliberated on the topic in the aftermath of assaults in recent times.

Following the close door deliberations that lasted for 20-minutes, Krishna articulated his contentment at the measures adopted by the Australian government to prevent assaults on Indian students.

"I am satisfied with the assurances give to me by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd," Krishna made these comments to a news agency after the conclusion of the meeting.

"Prime Minister Rudd is fully aware of the sensitivity of the issues concerning students. He informed about the remedial measures already taken by the government. I am satisfied that Australian government at Federal and state levels are fully geared to meet the situation," he observed.

Krishna affirmed that "Rudd described India as emerging power and I am convinced that Indian students coming here will be safe and taken care off."

Australian PM furthermore told Krishna that students from India were greeted by the people in his country. Besides topic student related topic, Krishna and Rudd mulled over an array of bilateral issues that consisted of trade as well. Subjects concerning militancy were as well cropped up during the discussions, but deliberations on export of uranium did not feature in the talks.

Bangladesh to strengthen border protection

August 6: In a significant attempt to curb incursion of insurgents and lawbreakers, Bangladesh government on Wednesday said it plans to strengthen the nation’s border safety network as well as reinforcements of troops.

"Foolproof security of the borders will be ensured by reorganising the police and the border forces to prevent the intrusion of such elements," State Minister for Home Affairs Shamsul Haque Tuku observed.

The minister's comments gain importance against reports of insurgent outfits from the North-East establishing camps in Bangladesh. India has repeatedly expressed doubts that outfits such as ULFA have set up camps in Bangladesh.

Interacting with veteran police officials at Metropolitan Police headquarters, Tuku said: "if it can be done, they (militants, criminals) will not be able to stay here, even after their intrusion".

Two detained US scribes get special pardon

August 5: Two arrested US scribes Laura Ling along with Euna Lee has been granted special pardon by North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

Laura Ling and Euna Lee were detained following their unlawful entry in March. The special pardon was granted in the aftermath of ex US President Bill Clinton’s unrevealed private trip to Pyongyang.

Clinton is now traveling aboard a plane with the two scribes to Los Angeles, according to his spokesman. Clinton is the most celebrated American to undertake a trip to North Korea since ex-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in 2000 journeyed to the country.

In comments surfacing on a website, they expressed their gratitude to Clinton together with ex Vice-President Al Gore for their attempts to free the women from detention. Washington had made no official proclamation of Clinton's visit before he reached the country on Tuesday, but afterwards emphasized that it was a personal tour.

Ahmadinejad’s induction commences in Iran

August 5: The official induction procedure of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president of Iran commenced in Parliament on Wednesday, with a number of seat remaining unattended the Assembly. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani, who conducted the proceedings, censured Western nation for their "hasty" response to the controversial June election that reinstated Ahmadinejad to his former position.

"Some Western powers ridiculed themselves by their hasty behaviour and absurd imagination," he observed. However Iran's authoritative cleric and ex- President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was conspicuous by his absence from the proceedings. Riot police were deployed all around the Parliament fearing agitations.

Ahmadinejad's election has been greatly contested by his key vanquished opponents Mir Hossein Mousavi as well as Mehdi Karroubi, who have declined to accept his triumph and made claims for a repeat of the election.
Iran's topmost commander Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday certified Ahmadinejad as president for a second four-year tenure.

WHO: New virus may contaminate more than 1 billion people in 2 yrs

August 5: The key World Health Organization administrator entrusted with the task of monitoring the H1N1 flu virus suggest that the virus could contaminate nearly 20 to 40 percent of the worldwide populace, or over 1 billion people, in a year or two. The worldwide total of established and known H1N1 cases of the virus was 175,785, comprising 1,116 deaths, as said by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

In an interaction with a television news channel recently, Keiji Fukuda, stand-in assistant director general of the UN agency, revealed that it was impracticable to offer a specific number but past pandemics displayed that no less than a third of the populace may become contaminated in a year and it would not matter much if the figure was 20 percent or 40 percent.

"It is reasonable to make a summary that in past pandemics, over a one-year period, approximately a third, perhaps more, of the population will become infected," he observed, saying that keeping a watch on the topic above two-year tenure was realistic. "The final infection levels in different countries will probably vary...But I think that really, the difference between 20 percent, 30 percent or 40 percent is not so different. They are high percentages and they just tell us that in a pandemic situation, you can expect large numbers of people to develop infection," he noted.

It was Fukuda's maiden elite discussion with Japanese media organization since the outbreak of new virus in April. The WHO proclaimed the condition as a worldwide scourge, in June by enhancing the warning stage to the uppermost point 6. He forecast that contaminations will keep on extending in the following period that could last for a number of months "not just from country to country ...but within countries."

With regard to areas of contamination, North America as well as South America has been badly affected than all the regions all over the globe, and the trend "persists to be real," he said. Contrary to seasonal influenza, contaminations have extended even in summer in the Northern Hemisphere, partially as people are not resistant to the new virus, he observed.

Miliband: Pak stability essential for peace in Afghanistan

July 29: Emphasizing that a secure Pakistan is necessary for Afghanistan’s stability, British Foreign Secretary David commended the Obama administration's attempt to re-balance US-Pak ties."We need a more stable Pakistan to get a more stable Afghanistan. That's why I really applaud what President Obama and Secretary Clinton are doing in terms of re-balancing the US relationship with Pakistan as well," Miliband said while speaking at a news interview.

Stressing on the fact that a long-term military "solution" to the trouble in the area is not feasible, Miliband said the military can only make room for sustainable politics as well as sustainable authority.” We are not trying to create a colony in Afghanistan. We are trying to ensure that Afghan government is legitimate and, on August the 20th, elected Afghan government is able to defend its own country," he asserted.

Mahatma Gandhi Peace honor conferred on Suu Kyi

July 29: Amidst pleas by the Burmese Prime Minister in-exile Thien Win urging India as well as South Africa to provide enthusiastic support to their great effort for liberation, Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Peace and Reconciliation in was awarded to the pro-democracy Myanmar leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Dubbing Suu Kyi as a dedicated admirer of Gandhi's philosophy and ethical principles, Win said India as well as South Africa should sustain Myanmar’s constant endeavour for liberation. Win’s observation came while he accepted the honour for incarcerated Suu Kyi from the South Africa's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ebrahim Ismail at a programme at the Durban City Hall on Monday night. The honour has been started by the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation.

Win's plea stirred up instantaneous reaction with the Premier of the KwaZulu-Natal province Zweli Mkhize, who was the chief guest affirming, "The people and government of South Africa fully supported the struggles of Aung San Suu Kyi and the people of Burma," adding "We will work with UN Secretary General and the UN to ensure that the elections in Myanmar next year is credible."

Hearing of Aung San Suu Kyi case recommences

The hearing of Myanmar's incarcerated pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi recommenced on Friday with her lawyers ready to put forward an ultimate reasoning in their attempts to bail out the Nobel laureate from a probable five-year jail period.

Suu Kyi, 64, is accused of breaching the conditions of her house detention by giving shelter to an unwelcome American person who swam to her lakeside residence and remained there for two days.

"We are very optimistic because our arguments are based on solid legal points," Suu Kyi's chief legal representative Kyi Win said, adding "We have the law on our side, but we don't know if the judges are on our side."

The prosecutors will also put forward their concluding case all through the extensively censured trials. The judgment is anticipated at some point in time next month.

The defense has not challenged the reality of the case but maintains that the appropriate regulation has not been correctly applied by the establishment and that Suu Kyi was accused under a constitution eliminated two decades in the past. They as well emphasized that the sentinels who were present to make certain Suu Kyi stayed within her premises should be held accountable for any invasion on her home.

Security was beefed up in the vicinity of Insein prison where Suu Kyi is being detained and the hearing is proceeding, with roads put off limits with barbed wire fortification controlled by police.

Envoys from Britain, France, Germany, Norway as well as Italy who had previously appealed for entry would be permitted into the courtroom for today's session, according to a diplomat who did not wish to be named in accordance with protocol

Racist Assault Kills Andhra Native in South Africa

In an alleged racist assault, a software engineer from Andhra Pradesh who was injured after unidentified gunmen shot at him in South Africa on Tuesday died as a result of the wounds he sustained during the attack, while another professional belonging to the same state Andhra Pradesh sustained injuries in the racist attack but survived.

The attackers assaulted B Kiran, an inhabitant of Arepalli village close to Warangal, while he was on his way from work in Johannesburg last Thursday, according to his father B Sankaraiah. Kiran was struck by four bullets, with two hitting the stomach and two striking the thigh. He was taken to a government hospital at Park Town in Johannesburg where his condition worsened, he said. The assailants escaped after stealing Kiran's laptop as well as cell phone, he said.

"We came to know that he is no more. We are told that some black men attacked him," according to Satish, brother of Kiran.

UN Security Council Critical of North Korean Conduct

Terming the current missile tests conducted by North Korea as a peril to regional and global security, the U.N Security Council has strongly criticized the North Korean action. The council's Ugandan President maintained that the launch of seven ballistic missiles on Saturday dishonored three prevailing decrees. U.N resolutions prohibit North Korea from all ballistic missile-linked actions.

U.N ban was fortified in the wake of Pyongyang conducting a second underground nuclear test in May. North Korea is currently proscribed from selling abroad all armaments and bringing in all but small weapons. According to the conditions, North Korean ships are also prone to scrutiny.


Indian Trip For Clinton

There is a possibility of a visit by a powerful member of the US senate in the latter half of this month. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is anticipated to make a trip to India during the middle of this month.

But the period of her trip have not been confirmed yet as Ms Clinton is gradually recuperating from the operation on her right elbow which she had broken nearly two weeks back. This was revealed by State Department spokesperson Ian Kelly in an answer to a query at his every day press conference on Thursday.

Tragedy strikes Yemen airliner

In the most recent tragedy connected with an Airbus, a Yemeni passenger jet met with a disaster in the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Comoros on Tuesday. The ill-fated Airbus was carrying 153 people on board, officials said.

A spokesperson with the Yemeni national carrier Yemenia said "The plane crashed in the early hours of the morning several nautical miles off the Comoros islands, with 142 passengers and 11 crew aboard," an official with the Yemeni national carrier Yemenia said.

"Most of the passengers are French or from the Comoros," the spokesperson stated, and said that boats had been dispatched to the site of the crash to search for likely survivors and rescue them.

The airline's website proclaimed, "Yemenia regrets to announce the missing of its flight No IY626 from Sanaa to Moroni with 142 passengers and 11 crew onboard Airbus 310-300".

It is the most recent air catastrophe concerning Airbus ever since an Air France jet plummeted into the Atlantic approximately a month ago with 228 persons aboard.

Iran releases five detained British embassy staff

Iran on Monday revealed that it had set free five of the local British embassy staff who were detained on charges of provoking post-election strife, a development that further endangered stressed relations with London.

"Eight people were arrested. Five were freed and three are still being interrogated," ministry spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi made this statement at a press conference in Tehran.

Previously the state run English language television Press TV had said nine detentions had been made.

Ghashghavi in addition observed that Iran, which has blamed Western countries principally Britain as well as the United States of "meddling," has no present proposals to shut embassies or lower diplomatic relations with foreign countries.

"There is no plan at the moment to close any embassy or downgrade ties with them," Ghashghavi retorted when questioned if Tehran intended to shut the British embassy.

Al-Qaida back unit behind terror strikes in Pak: FBI

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has conveyed the reality to Pakistan that the Al Qaida-backed Al Kini group was responsible for the serial terror strikes in the country that comprised the suicide car attack in Marriott Hotel last year.

The FBI has told Pakistan's Federal Investigating Agency to communicate its conclusion on these terror attacks that were collected by means of questioning the detained terrorists to assist in tracking down the key members of the Al Kini faction.

In its most recent communiqué to the FIA, the FBI observed that the terror units of the Al Kini group were connected with the terror strike at the Marriott, the terror attack in Rawalpindi that resulted in the death of the army's surgeon general, Lt Gen Mushtaq Baig, and an explosion on a police station in Sargodha, according to reports in the media.

The Al Kini outfit is christened after Usama Al Kini alias Azmarai, who was the Al Qaida head in Pakistan until his death in a drone assault in North Waziristan last year.

It is unclear who controls the Al Qaida operations in Pakistan at present but the FBI's correspondence reveals terror units owing allegiance to Al Kini are still functioning as a distinct unit and implementing terror strikes in Pakistan.


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