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Exoticecho Self Help Group

Sunday, January 20, 2019     


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Exotic Echo


Editor of all facets of news of exoticecho.com is well known Kolkata based journalist Mr. ANJISHNU BISWAS who along with Project Director INDRANIL BISWAS is trying to unravel the activities undertaken by EXOTIC ECHO to bring smiles to the tribal folks of the mystic North East>
.Exotic Echo is a COMMON PLATFORM for people from multiple fields who have come together to make a difference to the rural population the world over. Exoticecho.com has been conceptualized with a vision to bring to its readers the social needs of the rural folk and the measures Exotic Echo has undertaken to ameliorate their hardships. The portal also adequately reflects the untiring and sincere endeavour of Supporting Self Help Groups rooted in rural India which are engaged in the social uplift of the underprivileged village folks.
To start with, the group has started initiatives for rural sustainability in the North Eastern States of Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur and Majuli in Assam, which is also the largest river island in the world. Exotic Echo has a clear cut focus to concentrate on four main fundamentals which it feels has the potential to bring in prosperity and stem the migration of rural population towards the urban areas the world over. These are issues of EMPLOYMENT, BASIC HEALTH CARE, SOCIAL SECURITY and MICRO FINANCE

GUARANTEED WORK FOR 365 DAYS FOR RURAL WEAVERS. Exotic Echoís present initiatives are in the field of creating rural employment. Exotic Echo is engaged in providing guaranteed employment to 20 Below Poverty Line (BPL) weavers in Nagaland and 05 in the Ukhrul District of Manipur. Plans are afoot to add 05 more weavers from the Ri Bhoi district of Meghalaya.

DIABETES SCREENING FOR RURAL POPULATION. Exotic Echo VOLUNTEERS are screening the rural population for diabetes in areas of Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam and Manipur. India unfortunately has been tipped to become the Diabetes Capital of the world in the next decade. Diabetes as an ailment is a silent killer and yet does not figure on the radar of the National Rural Health Mission because it is perceived to be a rich manís ailment. Our initial work in this field is breaking that myth as we are finding that nearly 18 % of the sample size in rural India needs to be educated and managed for the ailment.
Additionally, this portal also gives the visitors an insight into the work philosophy of all its supporting members and individually tries to showcase their multidimensional passion and enthusiasm in the fields of TRAVEL, DESIGN CONCEPTS and FILM PRODUCTION. Exoticecho.com is therefore an attempt to showcase FOUR MAJOR areas of interest that include SUPPORT FOR SELF HELP GROUPS, travel, design concepts as well as film production. The site apart from giving out the social initiatives being undertaken will also provide tips on travel, design and have a list of documentaries on North East India.


Indranil Biswas fondly known as Neel to his friends has conceptualized the travel theme and all other related information on travel. He has been able to offer the readers with a scintillating account of a large number of travel hot spots in India by virtue of his rich and diverse personal experiences that he has gained by exploring more than 1.82 million kilometers of land in India and other parts of S.E.Asia in the last 35 years.

Common Ground

Readers will find separate pages connected to each of these specialized activities. What binds these different people and their different interests together is their attempt to join hands with SONNIE KATH who heads the ECHO SELF HELP GROUP. Collectively, they are trying to make a difference to the lives of rural people by creating sustainable employment.

Anjishnu Biswas who has worked with a number of renowned portals in various capacities as reporter, sub-editor and special correspondent will assist us in his position as Editor for our team and will be in charge of the site connected with every aspect of news.

  Echo self help group is an association of rural weavers and Artisans. It was set up and nurtured by Ms Sonnie Kath since May 2006.The SELF HELP GROUP was doing its utmost to help the rural weavers and artisans but its sphere of influence was rather limited. Independently, Neel had an organization called Expressions Exotic which was promoting travel to offbeat tourist destinations in India from abroad and within the country mainly to infuse money into rural and semi urban areas. Neel met Sonnie through common friends in Jan 2008 and was inspired and motivated by Sonnie’s one woman army approach in trying to make a difference. Neel thereafter put together a network of like minded individuals’ from different fields but all committed to improvement of the HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX of the rural populace. Thus was born EXOTIC ECHO. The first project launched by Exotic Echo was to create sustainable employment for a group of 20 rural weavers from the Diezephe village in Nagaland. The work with the weavers commenced in JUL 2008.  

 Vision Statement


 Methodology Adopted

  Vision Statement
  To develop into an organization to uplift the human development index of the rural populace with a global footprint stretching from Papua New Guinea to the Basins of the Amazon River
  • Rural Employment Sector Create Sustainable employment for handloom weavers and handicraft making artisans in the rural areas worldwide.
  • Health Care sector. Screen the population in the rural areas for Diabetic mapping and create an infrastructure to prevent diabetes and ultimately build on this experience to build and provide LOW COST MULTIPLE DIAGNOSTIC CENTRES in the rural areas world wide.
  • Insurance Sector. Low premium based Life and Health Insurance with group schemes for the rural population worldwide.
  • Education Sector. Providing linkages to wards of handloom weavers and artisans through scholarships.
  • Entrepreneurship Building. Encourage marginal entrepreneurs in rural areas by providing Micro Finance linkages.
  Methodology Adopted
  Create rural employment by introducing innovative marketing ideas which while adding to social equity, helps to create rural employment, improves the human development index of the population and at the same time results in better penetration and improvement of bottom lines for the companies supporting the various initiatives.  
  Weaving Initiative
  Diabetes Screening Initiative.
  Setting up of Training Infrastructure
  Weaving Initiatives
  Exotic Echo plans to create a platform of at least 500 weavers all over India in the next five years out to which 200 would be from the North Eastern states of INDIA. For more details please click here.
  Diabetes Screening Initiative
  The diabetes screening initiative of the organization has commenced on 06 Dec 2008 and is presently screening people in the two states of Nagaland and Meghalaya. The programme is still in its nascent stages of development and has been able to screen an average of 55.2 persons per day. For more details please click here.

Schedule of camp held till 31st July.

Diabetes control camp held at Paren(Nagaland) in April, Dimapur in May and Jaintia Hills Namdong village in Meghalaya in June.

24th July 09- First Diabetes Screening center opened in Konton-nmon, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.

  Setting up of Training Infrastructure
  • EXOTIC ECHO is one of the approved nodal agencies under the Department of Rural Development which has the mandate to train grass root level weavers and help them on the path of self employability. We have decided to create a NODAL TRAINING CENTRE for our weaving initiative of the organization in the Diezephe village,near Dimapur in Nagaland.
  • EXOTIC ECHO has also been designated as a preferred partner organization by BAYER HEALTHCARE to promote an awareness and screening programme for diabetes in North East India. We have decided to set up the NODAL TRAINING CENTRE for training the diabetes healthcare educator cum employees at the Konton–U-Mon hamlet of Nongkrem, near Shillong in Meghalaya.
  • EXOTIC ECHO has already created the basic infrastructure for computer based classroom teaching with internet connectivity with basic printers to support / take printouts at Diezephe. Although these are very rudimentary, even these rudimentary facilities are beyond the scope of imagination of the grass root level weavers.
    • We are in the process of reviving six Government installed “Fly Shuttle Looms” and now under the Women’s Society of Diezephe. These looms are in a state of disuse and need urgent repairs. We have taken up a programme not only to repair the looms, restore the shed where they are housed but also pay rentals for the looms to the Women’s Society.This infrastructure would be ready by Feb end 2009.
  • We are commencing work on the 01 March to set up a eco freindly temporary working shed to accommodate at least 20 weavers for their practical training and aim to complete the work before 31 March 2009.
  • We are also in the process of arranging for infrastructure to board and lodge upto 20 people in Diezephe at a time for our ever increasing members who have started coming to our project office for standardization, integration and new skill development programmes. We would be ready to handle a load of 20 trainees from the 15 April 2009.
  • Having completed all the above work by April, exotice has now embarked on creating an integrated complex where diabetes screening, sale and demonstration of handloom products and a new design weaving pattern will be developed. The work has commenced in June and is expected to be completed by October end
  To encourage our weavers and KEEP THE PROJECT SUSTAINABLE, please gift your near or dear ones our excellent and guaranteed handloom products. We can deliver the products anywhere in India. For details of how to buy a product please e mail us at biswas.indranil@yahoo.com  
( The credentials of the group will be ascertained before admittance)

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